A minor game contest


ok i got this idea from lordirsh or whatever so i would like to do like a minor game contest thingy. so like winner deos not get any money and anyone can be a judge but a judge can’t put in a game of their own game in it. So its a chance for some less experienced writers like myself :P, so i think this will get some encouragement rushing through the writers and will force em to do their best. i don’t think many people will be interested in this but just post a comment if you are and some more rule:

no jimd, farside, notcural_stilness allowed… you guys are too good :stuck_out_tongue:

oh well i know many people won’t interested in this because i usually don’t have good ideas but it would be cool if you would like to join 3-2 judges depending on who wants to help and yeah a comment if you any questions or if you think this idea suck or whatever and just agree with me or disagree if you want to be a judge PM me


What would be the deadline and any story rules.

  1. simple writing no music, no pics

  2. if you have fancy coding you can use it, deosnt really matter might make a award about fanciest coding

  3. you work alone no partners allowed.

yeah that is pretty much it i need to know how many people want to do this before i post a deadline and i will be participating in this too so i do not choose deadline because that will make it kinda unfair so i will let one of the judge to choose it.


Well I’d be willing to give the contest a try.


ok so you are in i need 2-3 judges


Not as judge by the way. I probably should have said that.


anyways you have to start a new game. so if you have already made a game you would have to put it to hold for a while cause if you have already started a game and you are cotinuing it then you would have completed more than other who started a new game. uou understand right?


i know you are not i judge :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya, no worries though. I’m still working on the outline and character devolopment on mine, so I haven’t written much yet. Putting it on hold won’t be a big deal, and working on something else, maybe in another genre, will actually help.


you will have to restart the whole thing even if you have wrote one word just erase it and write it agian :stuck_out_tongue:


I would definitely see if nocturnal and the other ineligibles would be willing judges, as they’d be perfect.


through if they are experienced then its good


Ehem, no credit to Talon? Fine I see where I stand. *eyes grow big and drags backpack into the sunset sniffling*


???what do u mean???


I think he’s referring to the game awards thing of his.


So ok talon gets credit for something … whatever he did :stuck_out_tongue: jokes so wat do u mean talon?


Oh ok yeah credits to talon the super amazing megamind Albert einstein genius and mastermind of all worlds :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyways you can not start working on your game yet … I will start the contest on the last day of January until then no one even starts making a code for the game and talon would you like to be the main judge of this plz


How many more judges do you need? I might be game.


You want to join the game or be a judge??