A Mage Reborn (WIP) - UPDATED October 20th | now with character art!

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I absolutely love your work just kinda confused when the game was updated with new scenes and all. But do you perhaps ever consider using artbreeder to generate the characters to make it more lifelike and have 3D aspects to it? Instead of just a drawing not that it’s not great it’s fine if not. @Parivir

Now that I’ve had a few hoirs to mull over things…

There were some parts that confised me about the story and it would be awesome to discuss this with people who know more than I do. Might serve as constrictive feedback, too. Take it how you will.

First, after Sister attacks and kills Julius, MC passes out. When they wake up, they tell the rest of the White Fangs about Sister and some of their past, but afaik, no one asks about their Salantira connections. Which is weird since we go to war with them in the next chapter or so.

I would be suspicious of a mage who formerly masqueraded as a vagabond, openly hides their past, turns out to have a personal connection to the woman who killed the king, and is actually the last scion of a noble house from a country we’re going to war with.

Secondly, the war with Salantira. Was it a war or did we just fight Sister? I’m still not super clear on what went down, who held which territories (like Seinen for example?), and what Salantira did afterwards. Did the Duke die? Was everyone brainwashed? Is there still a country after Sister died?

Thirdly, why was MC chosen to be resurrected? And why now? I kinda get that we’re a Mateus, which is a big deal in Arcadia. But if they knew all this time, then why not approach MC after they escaped from Father?

Again, all of these are just personal opinions and the things I and my MC both were confused with. I’m not sure if these were explained in the very very awesome story I just read, but it may be helpful insight for @Parivir as well?


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How do you do that on mobile? Thanks

While typing a comment at the top toolbar 1st from the right you’ll see a small gear button , click it and select blur spoiler option , then type the text where they say “this text will be blurred” and you are good to go.


@Personaddict07 someone can correct me if I’m wrong lol but as I recall based from what I’ve seen it was a full fledge war and the sister managed it by essentially mind controlling the entire court at least the people that mattered most. Yes it’s still a country and they had to pay the bulk of the recovery cost.

As to who controlled what land don’t think there is a map? so kinda hard to say but in the story portion of the war it says how the border was overrun and much more territory was being taken over including the capital…if memory serves when leon and company start fighting back they reclaim what was lost capping it off with getting the capital back.

Also to the masquerading bit the spy master doesn’t trust the MC lol as to the other three they are friends and if your romancing one of them then you got love in the mix. As well ya got to figure in the fact they have been together for some time not sure just how long maybe @Parivir can help with that to lol. During that time they have been fighting together saving each other and helping people you come to learn a great deal about a person even if they are hiding the past.

Now to the resurrection bit well because the head of the Arcadians wanted the MC and I think it was stated somewhere the surface reasons why they did. Beyond just being a mateus there is more of course but remember this is where the story had left off more or less and no matter of the MC sides with them or not the Arcadians think they can control the MC to what they want. … But half to go for now but there is more nuances and what not.


Awesome, thanks!


Your welcome

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Wow! The story had come a long way since the 1st time I’ve read it! Congratulations on such job well done, although it’s far from being complete yet :joy:. Nevertheless, the arts added a beautiful feel on the “book”, from the characters, to those tidbits on the book. The progress of the demo gave us readers more things to look forward to.

Just a question, (you might already thought of it or someone else said it), will there be a stat bar for Arcana after resurrection? for Arcana mastery since it will MC most focused on in their magic, will there be a physical training too? since MC mana circuit is in a bad shape it might help?

That’s all for my thoughts for now, good luck author-nim!


While the core storyline of AMR predated FE:A’s release, I did consciously borrow certain elements from FE:A! King Julius and his storyline, in particular, was heavily inspired by Emmeryn, and so you’re right on the money there.

Glad to see that she’s had the intended effect. :sweat_smile: Though I’ve seen no shortage of individuals in my askbox asking if she’ll be made an RO…

Thank you! In case anyone missed it, Khutilust / harart is the person responsible for these!

This is caused due to loading a pre-demo ver 2.5 save! Unfortunately, you’ll have to start from the beginning to continue playing the game. :c

Thank you very much for your kind words! Literature in my native language very much rubs elbows with poetry, and so I imagine that carries over a fair bit into my writing in English. I’m also very fortunate to have wonderful beta testers with much better command over the language to make sure AMR remains grammatically legible!

Hi! Personally I’m not a big fan of how samey a lot of artbreeder pics can get, and so I’m disinclined from making them part of AMR’s official material. Sorry!

The biggest reason is that the trio kept their identities a secret from the mage during the entirety of the White Fangs arc, and the mage never pried. And so really what they’re trying to do is to return the favor, especially as the mage must have inadvertently given off the impression that their past is quite the thorny one.

But yes, these things definitely also play a factor!

It was a full-scale war. I don’t think this is information that will be found in-game, but the Archduke was deposed in the aftermath of the invasion as Sister’s spell still persisted after her death, and so robbed him of the faculties necessary for him to rule. The ones brainwashed were the Archduke and his inner circle of nobles, meaning that there was a huge shakeup in the Archduchy’s political structure in the aftermath of the Parami-Salantir war.

@Valixon explained this bit very well, though there are certainly other elements at play that have yet to be revealed. All in due time. ;D

I’m still going back and forth on the Arcana stat bar, mostly because there isn’t a competing stat with which to balance it against (compared to, say, Thaum vs. the other schools of magic). Right now, the most likely scenario is that arcana-related checks will have to do with selecting the correct options for the situation rather than clearing a stat threshold!

Physical training will not exist in the strictest sense, but there will be an opportunity for you to become a weapons-based combatant. You’ll see when we get there. ;D

Thank you everyone for the love! And now…


We’re at 124k views now, actually, but all the same it’s crazy to see how big this project has grown. Thank you very much for your love and support!

HQ individual pieces under these tags:











All commissioned from the incredibly talented Yesa!


this is so fcking good


I am a bit terrified by that exchange, because Gangrel is one of my favorite characters in all of Fire Emblem (and my number 1 in that specific game). He’s also my go-to “RO” for my PC in my replays… But if we go by parallels, then Mir would fill his role in your game, and I hate her so much… :rofl:

Follow up to my previous point :rofl:
I would never want to romance her, but I always romance Gangrel… this is so… weird to me!

Can’t help but thank you for that. ArtBreeder makes me have such a strong uncanny valley reaction I feel disgusted by the characters, to the point it can spoil a character to me forever. :face_vomiting:
Some authors are nice enough to spoiler tag them, but it happened so many time to me that I just outright stopped playing because of that… :pensive:

Thank you for the beautiful art though! More Leon art is always good!
Was it a conscious choice not to put the full versions of Yu’s art, or did you forget?

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I forgot x) They’ve been added now!


Congratulations on 124k views you fcking deserve it.


Deserved indeed, the story is so good and it makes me emotional every time I replay it. I just love the hero who sacrifices while people think them the villain.


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About to question my heterosexuality with this new arts :flushed:


i was scared to look at the character art since i thought it was artbreeder (i dont like how artbreeder looks like) but my good, hello? excuse me? its illegal to be that HOT :flushed: