A Mage Reborn (WIP) - UPDATED October 20th | now with character art!

Sure can! MC is 19 at the start of the flashbacks (Leaf End chapter), 20 when they join the White Fangs (Ilya: 20, Leon: 21, Saine: 15). 1 year until they get to Sienan, an additional 2 years until the execution, a year’s timeskip until MC is resurrected. So for the main story that puts our cast at ages:

MC: 24
Ilya: 24
Leon: 25
Saine: 20

As for the remaining ROs, whom you meet after the resurrection: Yu is 25, F is 20, and Eli is 27.

(So, um, if Saine being an RO squicks you out, F probably isn’t for you. :’) Saine not being an RO has more to do with (spoilers unless you did Saine’s option in the banquet) me wanting to have an aroace character as part of the core cast, than it does with the age gap.)


oh heck yeah aroace rep !

thanks for explaining darlin’
i look forward to whatever you have planned


Must protect Ilya at all costs


Hmm not sure if you’ve addressed this but can the big romance option gender be changed? Since it’s big and will be with you a lot and having it gender locked to a certain gender might not be great for everyone, idk just a suggestion. Also there’s 2 nbs which’s is cool and 1 female and 2 male LI maybe by making the big LI’s changeable you can balance it out?


Or just leave Ilya and Leon, since their pretty important and established characters now, so it’ll be equal with 1 male and 1 female and just have Eli be gender changeable since we haven’t really met them and know that much. If not it’s fine either way though.


Yeah that’s what I meant

Hahaha, does one year between resurrection and living really counts towards their age? Technically they didn’t live through it :joy: And I agree, it would be fun if the genders were swappable but if they are established and unswappable (for story or setting reasons for example) in your mind that’s perfectly ok :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you add purple eyes for the MC?


Hello hello! So for Ilya and Leon there’s not really a way to make them gender-flippable since how their gender interacts with Param’s patriarchal society is a core component of their respective backgrounds. So these two are definitely genderlocked.

As for Eli, I discussed this possibility a bit on tumblr. I’ll paste the answer here:

I received multiple questions asking this, and my answer right now is that I’ll try my best. There’s a story reason for Eli’s genderlock, and while it isn’t entirely uncircumventable I also don’t want making him gender-flippable to damage the story.

I have a fair bit of confidence that it can happen, but until I figure out a way to elegantly work it into the game, the answer is ‘maybe’. ;(

Hope that clears things up somewhat!

Sure can! The demo now includes options for violet eyes and red hair.


Wow loved the demo definetly got me hooked and wanting to see what comes next well done.


This story is a blast and now I can’t wait for it to be finished. Though I’m curious of what will happen next,I had to ask something though,but you can just say it if it’s to spoilery to explain. As the title said,we will be reborn. But what kind of reborn? They just recreate our body exactly as it were? Or we are reincarnated into someone else body? Because any of these will create a big drama either way. Keep up the good work,this story is amongst few I anticipated,I’m thoroughly hooked,sorry for the tag,:sweat_smile:

Thanks for adding the purple eyes!

Such a great demo l love it so much :heart:.
but the game Tumblr link isn’t working for me :persevere:.


The Tumblr name and the actual address didn’t really match up,here’s the real link. https://mage-parivir.tumblr.com/
Though you can still find it if you searching by search engine of Tumblr.


I took it upon myself to update it @Parivir, I hope that’s alright :slightly_smiling_face:


Really enjoyed the demo, absolutely ready to die (again). 10/10 gonna keep my eye on this WiP. I haven’t read through the thread, but I found some typos and other stuff that I put down below.

Some suggestions:

scene one

  • ls–i just can’t be → I
    scene four
  • You wished to speak to me, Your Majesty? → needs quotes
  • he servants obediently notes your selection and takes the garment → note and take OR the servant
  • few understands the burden of power → understand
  • instead of doing the q1 q2 thing with your choices, just use *disable_reuse. get rid of all the variables, and change the *selectable_if code to *disable_reuse.

Totally completely awesome can’t wait to read more


Really looking forward to playing a bitter asshole who is still good at heart, seems like the plot perfecty allows for that lol


Mild spoilers, I guess? I’ll tag it just in case.

Your body will be recreated exactly as it were, down to the last stat point! Such are the wonders of this mysterious group…

So sorry, this is my first time using tumblr and I had no idea changing usernames meant a change in url! :sweat_smile: Thank you for spotting it…

…thanks for pointing out the real address…

…and thanks for editing the OP! Much obliged.

Shoot, you peeked at the code? :flushed: I’m a little embarrassed because my coding skills are downright mortifying. But thank you for the tip, you’ve saved me tons of effort down the line!

And thank you for the grammatical corrections as well, I’ll make sure to have them implemented in my next run-through. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Definitely. This is also the archetype I’m most excited to write about~

Thank you everyone for your kind interest!


Your writing is just simply fascinating,deepening our relationships with The White Fangs didn’t take too much time to make us feel boring nor to fast to feel rush, just enough to make us care about them and enjoy the story, this is an incredible feat for someone like you - a new writer. Our skills are improve a little too fast but I think it is for the story so it isn’t a problem