A Mage Reborn (WIP) - UPDATED November 15th | now with character art!

You can’t. Your active arcana options are limited by your skill in magic - you need a certain % to be able to pick one. I EXPECT that percentage to be 75%, so that the existence of the specialty pick at the start ensures that when you get to arcana choice you always have at least one option available, even if you never raise a magic skill, ever (somehow).

I had two viable options at that point, Enchantment and Spirit, because I start with Ench specialty, then keep picking Spirit options until it’s at about 80%, and then go back to Enchantment picks, so I get my favourite magic (Enchantment) and I have a “punch people in the face” option if I happen to be alone (Fist of the Dark God) plus the awesomesauce that are spiritgates (incidentally, this route also lets me save all the kids at the start and enables me to pick the “save everyone” option at the village).



Hi, everyone! Demo ver 8.0 is officially live!

This update contains 26k words’ worth of new content, but the demo file has a technically higher wordcount due to the newly-added feature for Book I: achievements! I had a lot of fun creating them as well as attaching the associated flavor texts, and they should bring a breath of fresh air to replays for those who are so inclined. They are available in both the public and Patreon builds.

Other than that, the update focuses very heavily on arc setup and Yotai worldbuilding, and also on relationships with four members of the core cast. It is impossible to experience the entire update in one go, but the way to get the most bang out of your playthrough would be (mild spoilers!) to go to the festival when offered the choice, and when it ends either watch the fireworks with F or go back to the inn for a special scene.

In the current build, F has the most complete path comparatively at 2/3 scenes, with Yu at 1/3 and Eli at 0/3. The polyamory kick-off scene is also currently pending. The next update will bring Yu and Eli up to 2/3 at the very least, though hopefully there will be more to it than that.

Also in this update: fixes to the long-standing cave collapse bugs in Chapter 3! Hopefully. I’m pretty sure. Crossing my fingers.

Link is in the OP. Your old saves should still work! But please remember that if you get a game-breaking error relating to the evar variable, or if Eli is missing their pronouns, you will need to load a Post-Demo 2.5 save.

Thank you for your patience and support!

New in this update:

  • New story content (+26k words, now 295k words).
  • 50-something achievements for the entirety of Book I.
  • Various bug and grammar fixes.

Coming next:

DEMO ver 8.5

Release date: Late January (Patreon) / Mid-February (Public)

Planned features:

  • Anywhere between 10k-20k words of new content.
  • Progress in the Yotai festival scenes for Eli and Yu.
  • Hopefully more? It’s a bit of a break month, so please don’t expect too much aha.

As always, thank you for following the development of A Mage Reborn!


Yes, yes, YES, YYEEESSSSSS. TIME FOR SAINE, MORE SAINE. Saine keeps me sane, get it? Haha, haha, haha… Hah.


okay then


Yahoo an update DEFINTELY looking forward to seeing Saine and that extra time with F. Gonna start reading from beginning now muhahaha achievements here I come lol thx! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


How cruel of you to not let our MCs have the chance to hug him😭

Loved the update. SAINE <3

F and Eggnadoes scene makes me giggle. It only lasts a moment, but damn how can you be that cute my little Gremlin.

Joke aside though, it’s sad to see Saine’s state right now. It doesn’t help that you allow us to use The MC’s name he asks our name… Like. Damn.

Other than that, @Parivir some type and bugs;


And on this part, the scene keeps repeating until you choose the last option.

Blurred just in case, I don’t wanna spoil anyone. I dunno if there is anything else I missed, it’s 4 am here in Indonesia. My eyes are practically dying Lmao.

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There’s something super-weird in chapter 9, after the rest of the strike team picks me up at the Black Grail workshop, that was there in the previous version already:

Like, what viscountess is this? Why is she a body?

What wounds are these? Where did they come from? What chase? Foe?

I think the game thinks I was working for the Nightsaber instead of the Black Grail?

Btw, there’s a bunch of places throughout Book 2 where Eli’s pronouns aren’t missing but wrong.

Forgot to close the quotation after the MC’s name here:

What DO the reports say?


Saine, my baby :pleading_face:
Im so replaying it when the next update drops.


Wait, where do you meet Saine?

Thanks - found him by not meeting any of the Arcadians for the fireworks scene.


At the festival, drinking his sorrows


As @Parivir said, after the festival ends, and you are given the options to watch the fireworks or go back early to the inn, you choose the later.


Is Y the one who put the curses on the saintess ?

  • The proarcadia flavor text is reversed in the first few instances it appears in the new Archangel path. If you’re “pro” arcadia then you’re getting the “anti” text and vice versa.

  • Plot flow error – the Archangel route ends with the Archangel leaving with the imprisoned countess. F, Y, and Eli come in, they talk yadda yadda, then suddenly there’s a random viscountess’ body lying on the floor, the MC is wounded, and Mirage and someone named Catarina pop up as if they’d been there all along. I’m assuming that the routes are merging here and these are things slipping in from the other routes?

  • “What else were we supposed to think? Ten sentences in the Yotai tongue and they let us pass without issue,” you say. "And you [The text randomly cuts off here]

  • Watching the play with Y. and clicking on Act I ends up automatically skipping past Acts II and III (skips straight to *label river) Choosing to click on Act II instead will allow you to proceed to Act III as long as you don’t speak to Y. If you do speak to Y. then you’ll end up skipping past Act III (once again skipping straight to *label river). There appears to be no way to actual view the entire play (Act I, II, III)

  • When theorizing about the mana in the eggnados, the choices don’t disappear/gray-out once you’ve chosen them (thus you can choose the same option over & over again)

  • If you leave the festival early, then once the fireworks start the game starts acting as if you never went to the festival at all. (ie it goes through the whole garment & mask selection again and says it’s too late to join in Nightsaber’s scouting mission etc)

  • Also, I was wondering if we’re still wearing a mask during the Archangel route? Since the MC is rather (in)famous at this point, I’d be afraid that someone high ranking might recognize their face otherwise.

  • And another random suggestion-- for those playing their MCs as a completely different person post-BBQ, would it be possible for them to go by their codename all the time instead of their original name?

Finally, I’d like to request more manipulative options post resurrection (especially as it concerns the nobility/pragmatism and charming stats). That would be options where an MC is “playing nice” or seemingly being courteous/genial/charming but is actually doing so for entirely self-serving reasons.

I’m trying to do the whole 180° personality flip post-BBQ, and while things are going fine regarding charming/reserved, emotional/stoic, and optimist/cynical, no matter how many self serving/internally raging options I choose, his nobility stat keeps going up and up because he is still being superficially polite. Considering how precarious the MC’s position is, having to act so outwardly hostile instead of playing along does not seem smart nor “pragmatic” at all.

One of the big causes of this seems to be that there are a lot of *set noble %+ options where the MC is just being “polite” on the surface with no indications of any actual noble intentions. These options might better fit under “charming” rather than “noble”.

An example would be in the new Archangel path, if the MC chooses to bait the woman who came to him for help and politely dismisses her after wringing her for all she’s worth then his nobility goes up. (Of course, if the MC was actually being noble, he would have chosen the option of telling her to leave before she incriminated herself instead of fishing for info in the first place.)

Meanwhile directly asking her for compensation does not raise pragmatism at all but the magical gut punch out of nowhere does? This doesn’t seem like pragmatism but outright antagonism. (In counterpoint, the pragmatic options in Book 1 did seem actually pragmatic-- helping & joining the White Fangs because it benefited you etc)


The reunion is so so great man :pleading_face: just thinking how great it would be when we shall meet my RO Illya :heart_eyes:


I don’t know if the author addressed this or not yet because I’ve been so unbelievably busy. Work is not fun. But if there any room to fit could you add a route where you are on the Arcadians side to a certain extent. Like your good with killing Leon just not saine. A middle ground so to speak. But I completely understand if this is not possible you have so much on your plate already. Feel free to ignore this.


Is it just me or is there a lack of surprise from the nightsabers on how the MC suddenly got earthborn powers. Just felt unusual to me.


damn it XD

i couldnt resist playing through the update even though i promised myself to not spoil the events any more and wait for the official release

that Scene with Saine actually brought me to tears once again ! im gonna need to start a tears counter on this game once its officially out from how book 1 ended i thought Saine would go on to hate / despise the king

loved the cruel act of throwing the MC real name in that scene as well :smiley: gimme more of this for the eventual encounter with the treacherous King !

once again this game is already among my top 3 choice games and im certain it would be number one once its done


i give up, how do you do spoiler tags on this site XD