A Mage Reborn (WIP) - Updated May 18

True, personally I would want echo, or shadow because that’s all my mc feels he is now, a pale shadow or dull echo of a person and past that is dead and gone.


After I decided to ask Tahlia more about Arcadia, the third option seems a little out of place to me, and I can’t help but slightly gaped at that, I, I mean, I asked, didn’t I? Though Tahlia’s response is brilliant.

Part of me has the same thought, but another part of me is still bewildered.

My first MC in first play-through is always too kind for his own good. :rofl:

hey guys! I'm a time traveler!

Hopefully will earns you a laugh.


I think it has good chances on that. I really HOPE for that since Google Play don’t have local prices.

It makes sense to me? :thinking:
MC asked, sure, but it would have made sense for her not to reveal so much since she doesn’t truly know if MC will side with her.
Like, my MC is 100% anti-Arcadia, so it seems weird for him that she told him so much just like that.


Just found this story and I am in love with it. Cant wait to see what’ll happen next.

@Konoi yeah it would be weird lol only two immediate reasons for her doing it that I can think of is. One trying to earn the MCs trust and loyality second reason being believes that the MC can’t do anything to stop what’s coming at least that’s the feeling I get from her.

Thank you for the kind words, everyone!

Thanks for the catch! This should be fixed with the next update. :smiley:

Could’ve been a real heroic self-sacrificial moment, too…alas, the plot demands what it demands!

It’s definitely something that’s meant to be more explicitly discussed in the game’s final version, but I haven’t been able to summon the strength to write it for a long while now. I mean damn if it isn’t awkward!

Really happy to see there’s something in there for everyone! I did try to strike very different moods between the two pre-execution romance paths, and so there being a heavy preference for one over the other is pretty expected. Regardless, I’m happy both have seem to find their audience. :smiley:

Crow looks awesome! Very apt choice of bird for one who’s come back from the dead x)

Interesting! I’ll have to look into it and see what emotional elements I can graft onto this WIP. Thank you for the encouragement!

Aunt Bess has a good few years in her yet, and reuniting with her is definitely in the cards. My readership might break out the pitchforks otherwise xD

I’d really love for this to be the case, but the sheer variety of it makes this feature rather unwieldy to code! There are, however, custom passages built into the game based on your mask choice, and upcoming flavor texts will also make callbacks to your outfit design and potentially the color choices as well!

There’s something akin to this that I’m working on at the moment, though the trigger is during the victory ball rather than the dungeon scene. You’ll have the option to write a letter to Aunt Bess / Your RO / Saine–initially to attempt to convey your predicament with the collar, and then when that plan falls through (conveniently showing the readers that the collar’s powers extend beyond just the speech impediment!), to convey your gratitude / farewells.



@Parivir lmao that gif that made my morning thank you :smiley:

its such a good game btw will it also be out on steam?

When we write the letter will we have to choose between RO/Aunt Bess/Saine? Or will we be able to potentially write to them all?
Because while writing to the RO has the potential to be even more delicious angst both Aunt Bess and Best Boi Saine are my Mage’s found family who she loves very much.


will we ever get the explicit option to say to the arcadians that “I’ll go along with your plans until you go against Param?” because there was an option for “Param 100% I’m not cooperating with u” and “Arcadia 100% screw Param” and an “I’m not sure yet” situation, so I got curious whether there’ll be options for conditional alliances :0

my lad viscerion is cool with getting arcadians more rights and respect but heck if he was going to be toasted like a marshmallow for NOTHING


This is so perfect and I love you for that and CAN’T wait for it!

The authors don’t know that. HG decide which game they put on which platform, when they publish.


Maybe mc could have a nickname during the time spent with white fangs? Using that nickname as a codename could get a reaction from royals if it is mentioned in a report or something. This way you wouldn’t have to deal with variety.


Oh yeah that would be pretty clever unless your character decides to forget his past self or leave it behind.

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awesome game can’t wait for more.

I read through the first part today, and got a little into the second one as well and I genuinely teared up on multiple occasions, fantastic writing!


At the end of part one I was like

Definitely love this work! All the characters are, let’s say, well - written. Especially the flashback which showed up after you defeat your Sister(again let’s😭)… … Don’t mention the story after people find out about the truth(10000-words headcanon is on the way thanks chief)

And sincerely hope that this work can be published in steam as well… …


I will be so mad if its not gonna be on steam. I understand that most people here use mobile apps for that but I just can’t stand it.


I just played through the full demo and while I very much love it I also felt that it was a little emotionally discombobulating?

Prior to this playthrough I had tried on several occasions to play through the demo and I always stopped somewhere after meeting the white fangs and before learning they were princes. I think it was because of the pacing (fast) and depth of interactions (which I personally found shallow) and how I knew that the mc was gonna die - it seemed kind of pointless to have all the extra stuff beforehand. But then somewhere between the banquet and dying it seemed like all of a sudden the MC’s relationships with the others was super super strong. And maybe it’s because I didn’t do any romances - tbh I didn’t even realize that was an option - but mainly I feel like for me personally there wasn’t enough opportunity to have meaningful interactions with the others to where I felt like the emotional connection I felt and the emotional connection the MC felt were at the same level. I kind of felt like I didn’t even have a chance to get emotionally invested in them before the MC knew he was gonna die and I guess I felt like there was a big disconnect somewhere in the middle of the game.

I felt like most of the interactions I had with the other characters were during scenes that weren’t focused specifically on the character relationships - like most of it was on missions or while other big plot things were happening. Or when I could choose to seek out one of the others it seemed like I was very much making an either or choice where for example I could choose to get closer to Saine and in doing so was also choosing to not develop my relationship any further with Ilya or Leon. I’m not sure if any of this makes sense? - I did a quick quick skim through the thread and I didn’t see anyone echoing these sentiments so really take it all with a grain of salt, but ultimately after I finished the demo I was left thinking that it would’ve been best as two separate parts of a series, before death and after reincarnation. Which obviously isn’t very feasible given how far along the demo is!

Also with Eli I felt that he really wasn’t mentioned much and there were only a couple flashbacks and then all of a sudden it was like Eli everything and while I definitely love the character I also think I would’ve really really loved the chance to develop a relationship with him in the beginning section (through flashbacks of course).

Anyway like I said I did really enjoy the demo! You are definitely an amazing writer and the whole premise of the story feels very fresh and new, but that being said I was definitely left feeling quite unsatisfied with the development of the character relationships. But again, this could just be for me!