A Mage Reborn (WIP) - UPDATED Feb 15th | Happy Anniversary!

Kitty is a person of culture. I love the way you think and your brain is gigantic for this suggestion.
Someone needs to make a fanfic out of it now cause I’m yearning.




I haven’t read a WIP this good in awhile, you got me hooked, dreaming and needing for more, the rollercoaster of emotions I felt while playing this were surreal, your writing was, for most part, impecable, I eagerly wait for the full release, take your time and keep up the good work!


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The moderators already said not to continue that part of the discussion, you should back read to know the full story


It doesn’t matter what the argument was about. It was two weeks ago and shut down by a moderator. We were all told to cease and move on, everyone moved on. Bringing it back up again does nothing other than to try to reignite a debate that literally got this thread locked and put under review. So just stop.


I mean its not like we have anything else going on here at the moment. Author is having a break so we might aswell leave a bloodbath for them to find here later :joy:


Of course what the argument was about is important if people don’t know what the argument was about how can they avoid it? :rofl:

Arguing about arguing is real peak there buddy. If you want to rehash an argument that got the topic locked and reviewed with a moderator telling people to stop, by all means. :roll_eyes: Won’t be with me tho.


Yes, let’s not do that.


i think i would like for my mc to try out some hobbies. like learn to play guitar or draw or smth–they could use something outside of magic to find self-worth in i fear they have developed terrible flame-out child prodigy vibes

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I decided to reread the demo after like a month and the angst is as good as I remember and got me again :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ilya is the best and nothing will be able to convince me otherwise.


Where were all the Ilya stans when the demo first came out? :sob:


Probably didn’t know her existence 'cause that’s my case.
If I had known her sooner we would have a WIP with Ilya 2.0 since I’m just simp love her too much and created a character based on her
(I will late for school for writing this reply, bless me)


Again I can’t wait to meet ilya, alot of hugs and love to her, my mage still yearning :smiling_face_with_tear:


I honestly can’t say which of the trio I’m most looking forward to my mage seeing again… Ilya never stopped believing in them, cleared their name, Saine was their like, BFF nerd friend, seeing him again and not telling him was torture; both of them I’m expecting tears from them and me, cathartic sobbing kind of tears— and LEON, oooooo the angst I’m hoping for, they were in love with him, still are, they weren’t even upset with him for executing them and Leon’s emotional spiral after, but my mage is still on his side oooooommmmfffffffff


Will it be possible to bring peace between Param and Arcadia? If so which side will I need to side with to make it happen? Cheers.


Yeah…at this point don’t think there will be peace it’s just a question of how many will die before the end. Param doesn’t even know it’s fighting a war. Arcadia is fighting from the shadows and has been for some time. How it will all go remains to be seen personally would be good to have a path we could go to reconcile both nation / people’s.

Odds are I won’t see it in a first play through anything close lol more likely to have the. Going to snap and nuke everyone option path. Though eventually I think I will travel down all the potential paths.


Maybe, if you do EVERYTHING right, you can have some negotiations between Thalia and Leo (which also can go horribly wrong). I also remember author mentioning the possibility of there being a third party in conflict so maybe we will get a “enemy of my enemy is a friend” situation :thinking:
P.S I would also probably go for Nuke Ending on my first playthrough doe :joy:


Personally, I would prefer honest peace to destroying one or the other or both. War is such a pointless waste of life…