A Mage Reborn (WIP) - now with character art!

Ugh I don’t think all this meant to be that black and white situation, right or wrong, sorry or not isn’t that simple…

For those that think Arcadians deserves better they’re right and for those that think Leon and Parami people are good they’re correct.

After all IT’S A CHOICE, we can go either way or if lol I think it’s already hinted that there’s a third route or something like that.


sigh if only… If that is an available route, my poly heart would leap out with happiness.


Ah the tall flirty lady , what can i say my friend you are right , she have a lot of weight in the proverbial balance between param and arardia.

You actually bring up a great point in that it must’ve been a bad place for non Arcanists!
You are correct in that without the collar the BBQ would not have happened, BUT I believe Leon jumped the gun way too quickly. It was obvious to Saine and Ilya that something was sus. That might hurt MCs relationship with the kingdom. I hope to the author if we do go back to Param, it wont be a “all is forgiven” approach. Id actually like to see the MC being cold and less personal.


Unless plans have changed, it’s with tall, flirty Yu, and tiny, angry F. So, yeah, I’m hoping that third route you mentioned is a thing.

My only complaint is that she’s missing those 4 extra inches that her male counterpart has.


This might be more conjecture than fact, but I’d say that both the option for you to regard your executioners with disdain, and the ability to reset your character stats upon your rebirth speak to the set up for your MC to strike back against their former allies of the White Fang. So I don’t believe you have to worry there.

By the by, first time here, loved the story as it’s progressed so far and can’t wait to explore this world more.


Of course, nowhere I implied that it isn’t. That’s why I said “at the moment”. The information we are given at the moment leans heavily against the Arcadians because of their actions.

The Arcadians deserving better, sure, but indirectly mass murdering their way to achieve it? hmm


Saine and Ilya didn’t betray the MC. They believed the MC was innocent and tried to free them.


As do I, which is why I mentioned it.

Which could only be put on the mc so easily because of the parasites, which the Arcadians are not going to do anything at all about, so even using normal magic will remain unpleasant and painful for the mc while using Arcana will remain torture, no matter how much Eli “heals” the mc. :angry:


So, I’ve been having issues with the demo. Using the save feature results in me getting stuck in a stats screen with no way to leave it, and after I head of to save Eli, the demo stalls. I assume that last one was due to the demo ending, but based on some of the talk here, that’s not the case.

That’s usually happened If you saved the game, when you opened the Status screen. Cmiiw though.

It happened not only to this WIP.

You need to load different saves and see which one works , only solution so far for that problem.

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Dang. Is there much content after you decide to rescue Eli? And are their opportunities to flirt with F and Yu? If not, I may just wait.

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Unfortunately I don’t like both of them especially flirty Yu but I’d do a playthrough just for the poly route if it really is a thing by the end.

It ends after you saved Eli (and a bit of a reunion talks with them).

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Absolutely haha. If vengeance is concerned then that is the right choice!
Also, I always pictured the end of part 1 with Ilya finding out the truth in her chambers and writing and distributing the letters to Saine and Leon about the truth and with everyone in the square saying Hero of Sienan that it would go well with that song My Love Will Never Die - Claire Wyndham. It fits well with that scene I think. Kinda like that last scene from season 4 Lucifer. The song was perfect for that ambient!

Based on this, it won’t really come into effect until Book 2, so that’s time for them to win you over, or failing that, give you time to find a book that has something you do enjoy, poly-wise :slight_smile:. F had a bad first impression for me too, but it was the poly route that brought me here in the first place, so I feel obligated to give her a shot :stuck_out_tongue:

The big problem I’ve noticed with poly romance routes is that the games that include them all still seem to be development. There’s only like 2 or 3 that are finished.

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Actually no there are just a few panels of reunion with eli thats pretty much it.

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My MC Ysenna has fully adopted Param as her home and will remain loyal as such. She is a Parami mage first and foremost, albeit of Salantiran upbringing & heritage. She barely acknowledges the Arcadian ancestry in her.

Salantira was a life stolen. Torture and violation. Betrayal after betrayal. Salantira she fled.

Param is Aunt Bess’s homecooked soup. Saine’s bright laughter and Ilya’s soft smile. Warm and protected in Leon’s strong embrace. Param is home.

Arcadia is Sister. Arcadia her collar. Arcadia is another life stolen.


My mc is siding with Arcadia and the reason is simple param burned him alive and Arcadia brought him back to life