A Mage Reborn (WIP) - June 27 Update!

My MC is in the mood: “Stay away from me, all of you!” shows middle finger to Arcadia and Param :laughing:

But seriously. I’d rather try to reconcile two sides than choose to be loyal to one…


We’re doing this again? :rofl:

Well then, my MC is 100% Parami, and he supports his country. Not to mention, his only love is there.
He doesn’t resent the Parami or the country of Param for what happened to him - he considers the culprits were the circumstances, and Mir, so yeah. Seeing as he doesn’t consider Param did anything wrong to him, there is no question of “forgiveness or vengeance” for him whatsoever to begin with, basically.
Seeing how nice and gentle he is, I thought at first I’ll be going for the “peace route”, since I suspected my MC would still feel compassion for the Arcadians and would like an ending where nobody gets hurt. But 10 minutes with the Arcadians were enough for him to be really angry and to forget any budding idea of reconciliation. He is Parami, and he will support his country against anything or anyone who’d threaten it.
Honestly, he’d think that way even if he wasn’t in a relationship with Leon. But obviously said relationship only adds to the feeling.


How about just yeeted both side and live together with Eli instead.
They both could be a :sparkles: roomates :sparkles:


Yeah, the Arcadian’s make a pretty terrible first impression. If not for Yu, I probably would have written them off completely. If it was just F being an arsehole, I could have handled that, but Thalia seems like she’s masking a pretty awful side of herself to win us over.

I’ll still aim for piece, because there’s more Arcadian’s besides these three, but if forced to choose, I’m probably sticking with Param. I need to make sure our Param Fam haven’t changed for the worse though before I decide either way.


Ikr man Thalia seems sus af.
Not to mention i have a sneaking feeling Thalia will blackmail us with Eli’s safety should we refuse to cooperate , man i wish there will be a route to dethrone Thalia of her proverbial throne and lead arcadians ourselfs.


Not if Eli is to be the mc’s new torturer and is going to continue the experiments of Thaubal on the mc on behalf of Arcadia. That would be the one thing that could make my mc hate Eli.

Not with the Parasites inside of the mc and it seems that if anything Arcadia is maybe only going to add another parasite that would make the mc even weaker.

I don’t think my mc ever did but that is certainly one possible stance to have. Before his death my mc still used to be salty about that whole thing and would probably have wanted it back at some point.
After his resurrection he is more angry about being resurrected in the first place and any lingering claims would probably have died with him the first time, but that also goes for his ties to Param and the old White Fang gang. That all belongs to another life. This one is actually a life he didn’t want or chose at all.
Which is why I hope we can burn out the parasites near the end by deliberately overtaxing and collapsing those damned mana ducts. Probably has a high chance to kill him outright but my mc doesn’t consider that a bad outcome either if it means being rid of the parasites either in this world or the next.


Thing is, after one of Yu’s interactions, you have the option for MC to think that even among the Arcadians some are good people, and express the wish to try and make them change sides. I mean, that option is only avaible for anti-Arcadians, I believe (which makes sense). So I always go for that one.
Obviously I don’t know if that’ll work out - probably not - but it’s nice to have the option to express such a desire. And because my MC is set on that, he has literally no reasons at all to wish for reconciliation in this case, or to feel split about anything. It’s just a matter of “I hope I’ll be able to convince them!”


I know the author said that there will be more reasons to support Arcardia in the future but it will also show Param in good light. Won’t that make siding with Param seem like an even better choice . So far in the story Arcardians are indirectly responsible for Sister’s actions so they are already on the negative side of the spectrum so I wonder if there is a way that Arcardians can be shown in a better light without necessarily involving Param in any way?


Someone already mentioned that there will be a third side that both parties will fight united. Those two that we get the perspective of. I like that theory instead of a war between the two


What was explained is that in book 1 there will be a common danger, so MC’s tendencies of pro or anti Arcadia or undecided won’t have a huge impact for the time being.
I assume it means we’ll get more time to interact with both sides, and then decide if we go for one side or the other, or try and make a lasting peace (or some sort of neutrality) instead of merely the truce or whatever will happen in book 1.


A recent tumblr ask response suggests there are middle ground routes regarding the two factions. That’s good enough for me.


Directly, they are directly responsible for sister’s later actions, imho, as at that point she was in their service, albeit given a very wide leash, as opposed to mc’s virtual slavery. :unamused:
They are indirectly responsible for Thaubal and those tortures in that they knew what he was doing yet stood by and did nothing to prevent either the torture or the mc being stuck with three useless and one semi useless parasite(s). :angry:

Yep, and all this is before they are going to resume or even have Eli resume experimenting upon and torturing the mc. :worried:

My mc wants to be left alone, so he finds Yu annoying. In fact he might dislike them more than F and Thalia, at least F and Thalia don’t pretend the mc is anything more than a tool and slave.
The only one post resurrection my mc likes is Eli, though if Eli is going to take part in the further experimentation and torture of the mc even that could be subject to change.


That’s why I would like if there was a way to show the good side of Arcardians without involving Param otherwise Arcardians seem to be the villain even though both will join forces in the end against the real enemy.


Well, from the pov of the mc I don’t think it would make a whole lot of difference to know that there are the proverbial dogs the Arcadians pet when he is the one constantly getting proverbially kicked.

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@idonotlikeusernames I understand that you decided to make Arcadia a villain for yourself, but some of your points of view seem like all MCs should feel a certain way. It makes sense for your MC feel that way and not for other.
If possible can you please reel back torture talk please, you talking about it a little too much.


Its already been mentioned that Thaubal acted independently. Even the author said it himself.

I’m pretty sure they are trying to win back their country atm, they have problems of their own, they are not responsible for what happens on another country especially when Thaubal himself has no affiliations with Arcadia at all. They may have the power to stop it, sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are not morally obliged to do because they never claimed to be continental goody two shoes peacekeepers.

Yes it does. I mean I can argue that the Arcadians aside from Flyss is treating my mc well. My character is not your character.


My Mc, Zireal is indifferent to it all lmao. The way he sees it no one is truly a victim, everyone has committed a sin or two all that matters is how severe it was. Before he died he was very kind and though sarcastic he still was willing to give his all for the sake of his friends in Param, getting back at Sister for Eli was just icing on the cake lol. After his death he’s a lot less emotional, his whole thought process is that he died once and though he is angry Arcadia wanted to bring back the monster that is Sister and supported her to some degree in her rain of terror, on the whole he considers the world to not be his anymore. All that matters to Zireal now is Eli lmao, whatever Eli wants to do, Zireal will go along with it.


Quite similar to my MC. He will never be the person he was before and now all he cares about is Eli. Although I hope the author will not further force every MC to be so devoted to Eli. Personally, I’m not a big fan of this character :v


I kinda don’t wanna side with either, but would like to be able to find peace if possible

Although Arcadia may have been harmed by Param, the current reign did not do it; and my MC does not hate Leon for burning her- may have been a thoughtless/reckless decision, but also one that was a misunderstanding.

Currently, I’m finding Param better (not necessarily to side with tho)- Thalia blackmailing my MC to do this, do that, or else has tainted my MC’s view on Arcadia.


Haha, yeah, she totally killed her chances with my MC. He wouldn’t have betrayed Param anyway, but he would have wished to help the Arcadians anyway, initially… But because of how she acts…
He doesn’t really hate F though. I mean, he’s mad because of some thing they said, but at the end of the day they are not the one who decides so eh…