A Mage Reborn (WIP) - Demo Uploaded 2/19/21

The potential for puns…Leon is absolutely not going to hear the end of it.

MC: you set my heart on fire hahaha get it
Leon: :sob: yes
MC: but I guess you did give me a nice five minutes of flame huh?
Leon: -crying- please stop
MC: also I’m not coming back to work for some time, you know. Past incidents left me…burnt out.


Wow, you got me addicted to your story. It’s not many stories with mage protagonists that I get into, but your got me hooked from the start. Also, I really loved the names and lore of magic you put, the story told through flashback is interesting.
Something that got me confused is Ilya, is she related to Leon as well or is she just a noble? And is the story be all about those flashbacks or is there anything after that?


“Wow, that’s so embarrassing, I’m a little hot under the collar.”

:sob: MC…”

“Oh, Leon, it sounds like you can’t handle the heat. Are you sure it hasn’t sparked some inspiration for you? I guess that is what they say—give a man a fire, he’ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire—”


It’s maybe not the sign of a mature person that my first thought upon learning the MC was burned alive was “I can make so many jokes about this” but hey! who’s gonna tell the MC they can’t joke about their death, Leon? Is it gonna be Leon??? I didn’t think so. I adore him, but there will be no mercy :blush:


I hope you understand I’m trying my best to distill all this into actual dialogue for the game :sob:

Ilya isn’t directly related to Leon, though I imagine noble bloodlines being what they are there’s a familial relation somewhere in their ancestry. She’s a high-ranking noble (her father is a marquess, third highest landed title after king and duke), and was a childhood friend of Leon and Saine’s. Leon asked her to come along when he egressed from the palace, an offer to which she agreed largely because she was worried for Saine (who was 12-13 at the time!)

Definitely there’s a lot of things after that. The flashbacks are just a particularly long prologue hahah.


Found the time to check this out and lemme just say that I’m really loving this story a whole lot! The concept and plot of the MCs rise and inevitable fall has kept me on the edge of my seat hehe. I’m so excited (and nervous) as to what will happen next!

Also the magic and lore is great too. Learning about the different types/schools(?) was fun and I’m looking forward to try out all the different routes in the future!

Last thing, I love the innkeeper lady (I forgot her name asdfsksl sorry :sweat_smile:) from the beginning who’s like a mother figure to MC. Made my heart melt at her scenes. Hope we can meet her again someday. Somehow…


Hello, thank you so much for your kind words! I really enjoyed Nevermoore, so seeing such high praise from you really made my day T_T

As for Aunt Bess…

She’ll make a comeback sometime in Book I, so please look forward to that!


Omg, I’ll be looking forward to more of this! I throuroughly enjoyed this WIP! The writing, the characters, the magic. Just yess!! Great job on creating this masterpiece!! The vibes are immaculate :raised_hands:


Truly a masterpiece :relieved::ok_hand:t2:. When playing your game/reading your work, its so easy for me to get into the story. I was so focused that i think I never grunted so hard before when seing “play again” appeared :sweat_smile::sob::+1:t2:. Very well done :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:. Definitely will bookmark this one and looking forward on every update :hugs:


Your game is good but I feel you lack something to make your game better I just dont know what is it but keep it up btw I have a question, is your “Other Abilities” stat connected to your “Magical Abilities” stat? So you can make your magical spells better with the combination of your Charisma/Learning/Intrigue plus maybe you should put a definition about stats what it can do to better understand the stats.

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Hmm. Is it Aunt Bess who brings you back from the dead? She decided she was NOT going to lose another child, dammit! (And you have a LOT to catch up on…, such as: since when could she raise the dead? :smile:


aunt bess in her element


I mean didn’t she give us a book about necromancy when we left the inn? Wouldnt put it past her to voodoo us up out the ground.

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Hmm that is thought

Thank you so much for your kind words!! An update is on the way, scheduled for mid-March that will nearly double the game’s word count, so please keep an eye out for that. I’m glad you found the game entertaining :’)

There will be instances where you’ll have to clear both a Magical Abilities stat check as well as Other Abilities one to get one of the good outcomes, so they’re connected in that sense. There will also be instances where a Magical Abilities stat check is nested inside an Other Abilities one (and vice versa).

This is a planned feature for the demo after the next one. Thanks for the input!

I am deathly tempted to screw the whole plot and make this the canon :sob::sob::sob:. The adventures of the wrongfully executed archmage and their infuriated stepmom, who happens to be a secret necromancer? Absolutely badass concept.


Hell yeah, lol that step-mother is SO damn angry, she’ll bring hells to the earth…
And by this comment, I’m pretty sure that Aunt Bess isn’t the one that resurrects the dead MC…


Very, very, very unfortunately.


Tfw the white fang’s greatest threat is not a necromancer, nor rogue mages or bandits…but just a really really angry lady.


I really see her more as a dnd priest dual-wielding pans :joy: