A Mage Reborn (WIP) - Demo Updated April 15

Thank you : )
For me I just randomly listen to all sorts of music. If I like it, I’d remember it, it depends on my mood. The songs I chose represents the progressiveness dissonance and inner conflict my MC is having throughout the story(after being revived)
The Forgotten Odes I relate back to the overall tone of the story in the darkest times.
The Nights makes me reminisce of when MC and the White Fangs were still out, carefree before the turning point. A reminder and memories of days long gone and most likely never be the same.
Lastly Bang! is what my MC felt like when they set off on their mission (pre-revival)
I chose out of the songs I’ve already known, maybe I find something on Spotify or YouTube recommends a song at random. What I do go searching for is orchestral music. Sometimes lyrics are too much for me ^-^


The first thing I wanted to do once we woke up was contact Bess and let her know. I can’t imagine how much she has been suffering, and it’s not as complicated and fraught as contacting royals and a saintess from the “enemy” country :cry: I hope we get to contact our adopted mom soon!


songs for my MC:
This is when he figures out about the bomb and that he can only save them: Full metal alchemist brotherhood Again by natewantstobattle

The next song is when Ryu(my MC) Confronts his sister the 2nd time: I’m still standing by Taron Egerton

After that is the song when Ryu has to leave the innkeeper and continue on his journey: Imagine Dragons Birds - cover by Caleb Hyles

Then the song after he’s revived: Gone Away by CG5 (It’s directed more towards his own people. He feels for them but he will always choose Leon. And he knows they are likely going to do this no matter what he decides so this song is his thoughts and feelings on the matter)

The final song is for when Ryu starts traveling with the White Fangs and his experiences and feelings there as he bonds with them. It’s On the Road Again by Home Free. (Home fee is a purely vocal group with no instraments except in one song)


Your choices are amazing and on the point inded.It would be great,though,if we could really listen to those songs while playing those scenes in the game itself :pleading_face:

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This! And then if it clicks, it clicks.

Lol the song I shared was the one I already used to listen to.

If only COG/HG/IF dev would add that feature …

Hum, sure I replied here before, great story and love all the characters we have met except the Arcadians .

but my MC knew she would most likely die to save the people, she accepted it, now the Arcadians want her help to kill the Royal family, nope she would rather die than help the Arcadians do the exact same thing that was done to their ancestors.


How dare you make me cry like this!!


I think a song I heavily associate with my Leomancer MC(and maybe could work for most MCs) is Witch Hunt, a classic Vocaloid song. Here’s a popular English version of the song(its originally in Japanese) but you can just as easily find the song through its name on YouTube.
Witch Hunt - JubyPhonic Cover

It’s just so perfect? And it makes me so happy? Basically the story is about a young woman who falls in love with a young prince but their love ultimately ends in tragedy after the young woman is accused of being a witch and of enchanting the prince with a love spell by a nun(who I’ve heard is his little sister but idk for sure) so as punishment they burn her at the stake.
It’s a rather ambiguous song when you look into though(spoilers? for the song if you care); like did the young woman die or did she escape? Did people believe she was guilty or were they just leading a literal witch hunt against her for no reason? Was she actually a witch or something of an angel? Is the ‘witch’ who ‘tricked’ the prince the young woman or nun? It really reminds me so much of just the general sequence of events that takes place in AMR and like how no one really knows the truth about what really happened with the person they called and tried to burn as a witch. It’s such a good song too!
It’s taken me like weeks to finally post here again(I’m like a really anxious person) but I seriously can’t stop thinking about it and I really wanted to share my thoughts.


I think there might be an error on the demo, seems to be having a lot of trouble loading and changing pages… no other WIPs are giving me that problem


Dashingdon crashed


Ahh. well crap



Something to tide you over while the Wayhaven storm passes over us, hopefully!


Power shoulders. Crop top. Skin-tight black leggings. Billowing sleeves. Gold-enameled belt. The rope from Adrian’s fanart. Yusuha’s combat outfit is far from practical and takes forever to get into…but such are the sacrifices one must make to be the most dashing assassin in all of Nightsaber.

(The only thing he hates more than unnecessary bloodshed is Eli’s fashion sense. Trust and believe that he’ll have plenty to say about that!)

Yurui is up next!


OMG! I just read your demo today, and whew~ dying made me cry :joy:
Can’t wait to read the whole story! Its great!


Interesting method, using a whole book 1 to build up the world with player then allowing player to play in book 2.