A Mage Reborn (WIP) - Demo Updated April 15

i think it was only that have to recheck but okay its logical that the wound stop you in your action

I’ve already talked about how much I love the story and characters the last time I was here, and that opinion hasn’t changed a bit haha. For real this is honestly one of my fav wips out there! I know I say that with everything I read but still :sweat_smile:.

Anyways, I was able to catch up on the more recent updates. I binged 2 playthroughs in one night and cried (more like bawled) at the end on both times…Catch me having this story live rent free in my mind from now on lmao.

So excited for the future updates!


So apparently the statue gets our nose wrong??? Did anyone else think of Flynn Rider???image

But yeah I was planning on destroying it earlier because chaos and fun! Now it’s a warpath, I’m gonna destroy the hell out of it


Oh, my MC definitely has a grudge right now. Leon as a king so far makes me more react like the second person in this comic though (just switch the word gurl for boy). :laughing:

@Parivir said that she had a good track record before MC came along now that I think of it, maybe we should be flattered about that: MC broke her good work streak. She was a Vice Captain of the royal spies when the group came across her and was appointed to the head of the spies some time after. While I do not agree with how she goes about things and find her lacking as a spymaster in some regards, Ante was more than likely appointed to both those positions due to some level of experience and work ethic.

So she’s not may not be a inexperienced spy, but its more like she is shown to be a inexperienced spymaster (if that makes any sense)? At least, that’s how I’m kinda seeing it. :thinking:

We do know that he definitely changes after what happened to his friend/lover, so it might take some time for the old Leon to come back to the surface and break through the king persona (which may not be as simple as the sentence may make it sound).

Probably goes into the king and inexperienced category both, but I would also say that another part of the problem may have been that Leon was trying too much to be a king like Julius and didn’t really consider what price he’d personally have to pay for taking up his older brother’s mentality or even if that mentality would actually work for him, whose is a different person from Julius in general?

Probably as well as he did when he first got the letter that told him about the truth of MC’s innocence.

That’s part of the reason I made this comment in a past post :laughing::

Though right nose or not, the statue may have its days numbered with Kote’s return.

I personally like making nice characters with a catch: where they have a number of characteristics that make them arguably good people, but then they have a counter aspect of them that balances the niceness.

Like how my arguably nicer Mordred was the one to burn the face of the Duke’s son where my harsher Mordred had enough self control to simply sock the kid in the face. Or even just take a glance at Kote, who is a good person at heart, but is also the type whose wrath is the last thing anyone wants to trigger.

Though can’t lie, I do get a kick out of watching the more saint like, genuine characters having interactions with sarcastic or grumpy types because those types often just doesn’t know how to handle them. :laughing:


Can’t wait for the update, I marked it on my calendar.


I think the main paths are a little too grey for there to be a ‘good guy’ or a ‘villain’ side, but there is at least one route where you can be a proper villain! It won’t be as fleshed out as the main routes, though.

Most of these are things I’d rather keep to myself, because so many of the characters and issues are written to be deliberately gray & I don’t want people to think that one interpretation is more ‘valid’ or more ‘meant to be’ than another. :sob:

I will say at least that Yu is my favorite RO to write, just because a lot of their lines come to me instinctively. I don’t know yet how their romance path will actually measure up to Leon’s and Ilya’s since the vast majority of it hasn’t yet been written, though.

Oh, the initial logic here is that attempting to use your silver tongue to get out of a sticky situation is rather on-brand for Charming mages. But now that I think of it, it’s probably better attributed to Charisma rather than Charming. So that part will be removed. Thanks for the sugggestion!

I guess you’ll have to wait and see, wouldn’t you? :smiling_imp:

Sir/Ma’am/Friend, I’m gonna need you to stop figuring out his whole character arc light years before I get around to writing it, please :sweat_smile:


Ooh lol this is too true. Everyone (including me) trying to figure out these characters too much, but without the complete view on these characters


This story is one of the best i’ve ever read. It make me feel so sad for the MC, I can feel the hopelessness and dread when he’s in the dungeon and Ilya tried to help him.


Hey, I’m curious guys! Do you have any songs for your MCs? As in, songs you associate with them.
And well, @Parivir, do you have songs for the characters of the story?

EDIT: also guys, as rightly suggested by someone, if you add more songs and add links, could you put them under cut, so the vids don’t take a humongous amount of place?

I’ll share mine shortly, when I finish drawing my MC. Gonna post the song at the same time.


@Konoi mmm at the moment song wise leaning towards “im coming home” lol first song to come to mind but really might be something else or many that go with.


I’m still kinda building it and I do want to see some more events until I make more solid decisions on some songs. But the most solid song choice i have for Kote is Phoenix ft. Cailin Russo, Chrissy Costanza. No, it was not chosen just because of fire though that was part of it, can’t lie, but because music feels like it fits Kote and I kinda see Kote having a link with crows (partly due to the story of the Rainbow Crow).

Yeah, I imagine it is weird I bring up crows when the song talks about being like a Phoenix, but again, the reason for bring up another bird is due to the story of the Rainbow Crow. The basics of the tale is how a crow sacrificed its beautiful rainbow feathers and singing voice to bring the first fires to the lands below in order to save the other animals from an endless winter. Though losing much of how it used to be in order to help the other animals, (now with feathers completely scorched by the flames and its voice ruined from the smoke of the fire it carried back for many days), it also gain a kind of freedom due to its actions. The fire made its skin have a horrible taste, so few would want to hunt it and its lack of singing voice would also mean few would try to capture it as a pet. And if one looked closely enough, the shimmer of rainbow could still be seen in its black feathers and many would remember the selfless act it had done for everyone’s sake.

Kote may be very sore right now from how Leon and the kingdom treated him in the end, but it doesn’t change the fact that he had (in the past) more than once grasped the flames keep both parties safe. While he was scorned and treated as a demon in his last hour, Kote kinda ends up gaining a sort of freedom in his rebirth and comes to focus more on his personal needs. And though deeply burned by the people he saved and his former friend, underneath the wrath and pain still lies the kind, selfless man the White Fang members used to know.

Oops? :sweat_smile:

We may not have all the puzzles pieces to a number of the characters, but we do have enough to create some form of picture to make guesses on. And its fun to see how right or far off some theories end up being (or watch how exactly future events may end up playing out).


my disney nerd instantly thinking of Hellfire song from Hunchback of Notre Dame lmao…
That song was… fire


I’m going to laugh if @Parivir ends up coming back to a bunch of posts that has at least one song that has something to do something with fire. :rofl:


At last one of my MCs would be jamming this


Burned Alive by Evile from the Album, Enter The Grave is the song I imagine my angry MC think of when getting burned alive :smirk_cat::smile_cat::fire:


Mine probably would sing this to leon and ante, “die in a fire” from fnaf 3, or “play with fire”


Oh, music, sweet!
While I dont have any songs specifically for my mc, I’ve kept this one on repeat while reading:



While it was more a coincidence, I found it very fitting - it is sad, somber and also hopeful. Also there is line “don’t let your love transform into an anger” which fits my mc perfectly.

In fact lyrics fits really good, hell.

Wow so many amazing songs so far! Thank you for sharing guys!

It’s such a beautiful song! I never heard it - or even of it - before, but I’m glad I know it now!

Weeeell… that’s one way to see it :rofl:

Not really my jam, but it’s an interesting one, music and melody wise :open_mouth:

Oh, very cool song! SO opposed to my MC, as usual, but it’s really great! :two_hearts:

Ah, I know “Die in a Fire”! Again, totally opposed to my MC, but still a nice one! “Play with fire” though… You mean the one by Sam Tinnesz? :thinking:

Oh wow… that one… I don’t even… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It’s been a while since I’ve heard such a beautiful song, honestly! THANK YOU so much for sharing! I don’t understand everything - I’ll look up for a translation for what I’m missing later - but what I understand as it is incredible already!
EDIT: checked out the few words/sentences I didn’t get, and yep, definitely, great song! In hindsight, I guess it fits my MC to an extent too!

It’s so cool to see - or hear I guess :sweat_smile: - so many types of songs and lyrics for all of your MCs!

Okay then, I guess it's time for me to share mine, eh?

HAMMERFALL - And Yet I Smile (Fan Lyric Video) - YouTube

Incidentally, even being the true saint he is, Leith doesn’t smile a lot - at least on the outside. But that’s what makes his smiles even more precious. On the other hand, he’s an optimist to the core, and so, even if he doesn’t always express himself openly, he does smile on the inside.
Now, the rest of the song fits very well too, not only the part about smiling, eh! But I prefer to let you all think about it rather than start a loooong explanation! :rofl:

And, as promised, for those who want to see Leith and finally link a face to that sweetheart I’ve been talking about all this time…

Here he is:

I have hidden it for people who don’t like to see others’ MCs… like me :rofl:
His markings are mostly hidden under his bracers, but I did actually design the entire thing. It’s inspired by Berith’s sigil, one of the demons from the Lesser Key of Solomon, Ars Goetia. It was even slightly based on it (though well, it has been changed A LOT). Not only I’m very passionate about the subject, but also the main thing Berith does is to transmute metals into gold, one of the staples of alchemy, and Alchemy is Leith’s main school, so why the hell no! Especially considering I was told the design of the markings for each MC is up to their player.
That being said, sorry for the very simple shading! Lazyness, artblock and tiredness do not mix well when you have to draw, so yeah.

For those who check it up, I hope you like him! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Danny Schmidt This Too Shall Pass

Mischief Brew Olde Tyme Mem’ry

… my songs are uuhh… my mc is not okay…

this one!


[slaps my mc’s chest] this bad boy can fit so much resentment in it