A Mage Reborn (WIP) - Demo Updated April 15

Lol most people are thanking you for making them cry @Parivir, that’s an amazingly weird thing. This story had that much effect on people.


:joy::joy: I crossed the line . But i just couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to vent it out​:joy::joy:…Ill wait here even if the update comes next year.


Clearly we need more WIPs where MC is suffering, the audience demands it :joy:


:joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat: looks like it, though I think it’s the talk with Leon that made most people emotional than MC getting burned alive.


Yeah @Parivir, this story is, hands down, one of the best stories I’ve read so far. Great job, I’m looking forward to the next update.

Edit: Please PLEASE don’t have the MC need to go to school at ALL. I’m so sick of stories involving schools (cough cough lots of CoGs and Hosteds cough cough)


I’m sorry / you’re welcome, I think? :sob: It gets better, I promise. (marginally at least…)

Hi, sorry you feel that way! Ante is a character that’s deliberately designed to be read any number of ways, and certainly her being unfair/too heavily prejudiced towards MC is one of those ways. There aren’t really any grand reveals intended for her as the story progresses–the motivations behind her actions have all been laid out in the story. If you dislike her for it, you will have an in-game opportunity to act on that dislike!

Grateful for your anticipation! I’m aiming for a monthly release schedule, at least, so hopefully the wait won’t be so extreme.

May I recommend The Exile? I’m a sucker for fall-from-grace narratives (as this game will doubtlessly tell you), and that one hits all the buttons for me.

Aha, you’ll be glad to hear that there will be no school arc in this game. MC is fully matured as a spellcaster, and would therefore be an odd fit for an educational institution.

Thanks for taking a chance on the game!


I’m sensitive about fiction, so basically, if a game DOESN’T make me cry at least ONCE, I consider it a bad game. Yes, not joking.
But rarely games make me cry in early parts of the story. What makes this game so exceptional is that it already did.
Which also guarantees it will be a good game since the me crying part is already checked :rofl:

Both, for me. I consider the entire part in the cell AND the execution to be kind of a whole.

I second that SO STRONGLY!
It’s one of my three favorite WIPs - along with this one and The Bastard of Camelot! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Eh :joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat: what I meant is a compliment and lol I don’t believe you that it gets better cause it’s not bad or worse to start with.

THAT’S IT. lol I’ll make this choice.:smiling_imp::smirk_cat::kissing_cat:

I agree with you on this too.

WoW, It’s rare for me to get emotional and cry biy AMR came close to that though.

I like the final conversation between Illya and MC.


A Mage Reborn Fangame: Sunblind

Ever wonder what happened to Leon, the week he was not seen?

Over the past couple of days, I worked together with @StarlitOpal to convert her brilliant fic leon is sad into a full fangame for your enjoyment! It is 3200 words long–roughly half the length of the Leaf End arc–and allows you to input your mage’s name, pronouns, and make choices according to their personality.

Click here to play the game!


WoW @Parivir this Sunblind short is from Leon is Sad fanfic is absolutely crazy, it’s very good.

This is as good as the main story.


Its an appropriate continuation of the main story. I wish there were something for Ilya mancers too.


Would you believe it if I said I was actually hoping (or dare I say suspecting) that you’d do something like that, considering how much you liked the fic!
I’m sooo glad I didn’t read it, with it not fitting my MC at ALL.

The first thing I do when checking ANY game, is to look at the stat screen… and oh god I love stat screens that change and “the headstone is empty” is SO dreadful and perfect.
I’m not exactly sure which stats were described with which words on the headstone, and I’m pretty sure I had the same switching issue with the emotional and reserved stat here as in the main game but eeeh, who cares. It’s a short thing, so it’s okay.
Really though, it was gorgeous.
And so sad.
But perfect.
I’m so happy I could actually enjoy it now!

I WILL be thorough and still report bugs though. Bear with me?
Some female pronouns still remain even if male was selected in one specific scene (well, maybe more, but not with the choices I made).
“If an obstacle seemed insurmountable, she would roll up her sleeves and try again in a different way with nary a word of complaint—he had seen her do it with everything from hard-to-remove stains to performing reconnaissance.”

EDIT: oh and also, can it be added to the original post for convenience?


That is exactly what I’ve wanted from weekday morning, a little bit of pain.
I love how you included hateful options and not just comfort ones.
Can’t wait for an update on a main game, thank you so much for this little piece!


This WIP, The Exile and I, Forgotten One are the trifecta of Suffered MC.


It’s interesting how I’d put Mind Blind in that suffering pack too, but it depends on how you play the MC, cause it’s purely emotional suffering depending on how the MC percieves things in that case.


okay this is fine
thank you dad for this food


Haaaa, it hurts but it hurts so good. Love it.

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Glad you caught that one! The way this stats screen was approached is something I’m rather proud of aha.

Well-noted! I’m editing the build as we speak.

Sure thing :slight_smile: Just as soon as I finish beta-ing.

I’m in lofty company, then. The Exile and I, the Forgotten One are two of my hardcore favorites on this site!


I have just realized a very sad thing after my first time diving into the code…

Alchemy is the only type of magic that can’t grant you one of the “good” outcomes during the encampement mission with the White Fangs. Aaand if I want to use my secondary magic type, Enchantement, then if I still play the way I want, I end up ONE point short from being able to use it… saaaad

Ahem, that’s not so important - I was just surprised when I realized it.


Sorry about that! If you choose to cast an enchantment spell against the Elyssian beast and to help Ilya, your enchantment should be high enough to clear the encampment stat check. I assume this goes against the way you want to play, which is unfortunate :frowning:

By the way, Sunblind should be good to go. OP is updated as well. Thanks again for the catch!