A Mage Reborn, Book Two (WIP) - UPDATED August 7th | Book One Released!

Apologies. I got too emotional about Saine that I couldn’t keep myself from partaking in the BBQ. I’ll avoid this topic altogether from now on to avoid making further spoilers, until the public demo gets updated…

If it gets updated.


I hope the public demo gets updated soon, so that we can openly talk about it because there are so many bombshells in it!
I do understand why Adam prioritizes the Patreon though, that is his source of income.


Response to the trauma and fire phobia talk. The mc spent half there life being tortured, locked inside a lab

After that I’d figure getting torched would be a walk in the park honestly

Also have we ever debated if the mc that we are even have memories of that…?


Fr. I’m sweating trying to not give into the temptation of clicking on those spoiler tags. :sob:


Just give in to temptation and click on them spoilers. Resistance is futile. :smiling_imp:


I understand if the author wants to take time before updating the public demo.

I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. I don’t mind if Saine and Ilya turns against mc.
I am all for that delicious angst.


Man, if Saine and Ilya did turn against them my mage might just crack, since Saine was like a brother to him and he loves Ilya, Leon’s betrayal almost broke him, those 2 turning on him might just send him down the insanity path lol.


Book 2 literally begins with the MC in agony from the fire while being resurrected, so I think it’s safe to say MC remembers.


Hi everyone, update within 24 hours! Posting for the sake of accountability. Update should be well over 100k words in length. It’s been a tough few months, but I hope to be able to return to consistent monthly updates moving forward. Thank you for your patience all this time!


You OK, dude?


Hi Parivir how is your health? Hope you’re doing alright pal :grin: All the best for your next update :+1:


Sorry to hear you’ve had a difficult time recently, I hope things get/are better! Remember your health is most important, take all the time you need.


I am definitely not going to spend the next hours of my life coming to this thread to see if it has already updated. Nop. Not a chance.
Now more seriously, I hope you are feeling well. Take care of yourself.


We really need more neutral options :/…



Hi, everyone! The first public update for Book 2 (ver 2.0) is finally live!

This update contains roughly 298k words’ worth of content, which is 100k words over the previous build. (For perspective, this is around 2/3 of Book 1!) Some of the update is plot advancement for the Arcadia plotline, covering roughly half of the next big arc. But the first third of the update covers something entirely different, though perhaps the less said about it, the better.

Quite crucially, this update also features the start of the Arcadia cast’s romances. These scenes will likely see meaningful expansions in the future, as I have yet explored all the nuances I wished to, but they are extremely branchy as is, and so that’s a lower priority for now. The Yu-F polyamory route is still in the works; I’ve tried to squeeze it in to three different segments of Book 2 now, and it really hasn’t worked so far. It’s definitely getting added in at some point though. I just need to find the right trigger.

And on that note, I hope you enjoy the update! I will be back later to respond to queries and inputs (and do the Tumblr update, hopefully!)

Link is in the OP! Thank you for your patience and support!

PS, Thank you for your kind words and well wishes! COVID got me good for a while, and I lost access to my ADHD meds for a couple of different and compounding reasons. The former has passed, and the latter is being actively worked on; with any luck, I’ll be able to stay on top of the update schedule henceforth!


Thank you for all your hard work (though we won’t discuss you misnaming the F-Yu poly. We know you did that on purpose… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Well we talked about it for a bit but (spoilers, mabey?)

It was from a tumbler post I think but it was on the discussion of Thalia’s powers, the way the post went implied that the mage that was burned up wasn’t the mage that was resurrected because Thalia basically copy and pasted you but she can’t do that to ash so she had to of taken a mage who was a bit more whole.

This may have changed tho, it was only a tumbler post and it was a while ago so this may not be the case anymore.


Ahh I literally just got done rereading the first book (cried YET AGAIN at the ending with everyone learning the truth😩). Can’t wait to dive right into the update!
Hope the situation with your meds sorts itself out swiftly, that sucks :frowning:


But if he’s not the same mage who was burned, how does he have memories of being burned alive? If he were a more complete mage, the most logical thing would be that he was one prior to when he killed the saint, since there he almost burnt his magic circuit. But clearly, this is not the case since when they analyzed the mage’s magic circuit, it was implied that it was after he used the phantasm, unless Thalia lied in that dialogue, but I don’t see the point of doing so, not to mention that the mage himself has memories of this.

Finally some pro Arcardian scenes