A Mage Reborn, Book Two (WIP) - UPDATED August 7th | Book One Released!

Was it ever stated that the MC was the only who could produce them? By how casually the MC used one back during the Moonvein arc, I assumed it was a well known spell.

Its very high level alchemy and forbidden by the powers that be that even knowing how to make could be considered suspicious exspecially for those like ante for instance.

Most people have no knowledge of it even ever existing only people high up the food chain even have a chance of knowing by this point in time or academics.

From what i recall of things.

The recipe for the truth serum was thought to be lost after Param and Salantira raided and destroyed Arcadia. But Thaubal? had a copy in his lab basement. So, in theory, the only people who knew the recipe would be Thaubal, Eli, Sister, and the Mage. And that’s only if you have a high enough alchemy stat. Three dead and one on death’s doorstep.

I agree that they probably wouldn’t have let the Mage brew it anyway. Someone would create an excuse as to why the Mage was lying anyway. I also doubt that the truth serum could bypass the collar curse that easily. The Mage wasn’t deliberately withholding an explanation to their actions, so the serum might not even work as intended.


It would also be very silly to give an accused murderer with extreme proficiency in alchemy access to an alchemy lab. What would stop them from making a bomb and just blasting their way out? What would stop them from putting some dye in some water and just saying it’s truth serum? What would stop them making an antidote to dose themselves with before the interrogation?

Truth serum’s only trustworthy if you can trust the person making it and a murderer facing the death penalty would have every reason to sabotage or subvert it


Well anyone can test the serum before giving it to the mage and find out if it’s real or not, what would have stopped him from escaping was the bad condition he was in after almost burning his magic circuit, but Leon had already decided from the beginning that the mage was a traitor and killed the saint for a reason only he knows apparently, neither ilya nor his own brother could make him see reason so nothing was going to change his mind at this point.

Of course I am not saying that it is a good idea to put the mage in a laboratory but I am giving you reasons why it was a viable option. But then again it wouldn’t have mattered if there was a real choice or not, Leon had already made up his mind to condemn the mage when not even ilya or his brother convinced him otherwise.


Anyone knows what’s up with the patreon? I want to access their patreon for the patreon wip but im not familiar with the platform and i keep being told that i am unable to join their patreon.

Based on the Discord, Adam has suspended the Patreon as he hasn’t been able to write much, so he doesn’t want to charge for the Patreon.

Ah, so I wont be able to join it at all? Darn, i was really looking forwards to seeing all the extra content. Any idea if there is a set open date? The patreon looks active so im hoping itll open again

The suspension should end after 30d of January, so there is that.


The problem with the mage creating, a truth serum would mean that the magical bindings that stop their magic from occurring would have to be removed, and that would give them the ability to use whatever other magical knowledge they have to escape. Plus, nothing stops them from making something like an explosive potion or some thing else that they could use before anyone else can stop them.


Wooo cant wait, thanks!

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