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Doesn’t it require a parting ritual which kills the person in the end?


About the Salantir court, including the Duke, I think is it mentioned that after years of being brainwashed with Mireil’s alchemy drug (I think it’s called “Palmerra” if I recall correctly), their brains are already damaged beyond repair and they are now pretty much mindless zombies or thralls. Perhaps the Salantir commoners are confused about everything, and with their entire royal court now being pretty much out of commission due to brain damage (and without Sister to command them), I imagine that Salantira is in a very vulnerable position. I guess we’ll learn more as the story develops.

About the Duke and the MC’s relationship, it was clear that the Duke wanted to be a father figure for the MC, but we can thank Sister for tearing that away due to her brainwashing and damaging the Duke’s brain with her drug for years. So yeah, I don’t think the MC is eager to find the Duke again anytime soon.

No. Raegusa/Earthsworn is far from being the perfect phantasma for the MC. If I’m not mistaken, after returning to Arcadia from the Aulain mission, there’s mention that Earthsworn’s power takes even heavier tolls on the MC’s mana ducts than that of one of the first four ill-fitting phantasmas. Not to mention that during the fight with the evil twins in Aulain, when asked by F and Yu about their newfound power, the MC has the option to reply them with something along the lines of “Something I’ll dearly pay for in the long run, I bet.”


Perhaps not. The reason Kugen Oyuna died shortly after parting with her phantasma Oiral was because she has lived for many hundreds of years which is far beyond her natural lifespan, and she has managed to live for so long thanks to Oiral’s nearly infinite mana supply that keeps her undead body alive. So when Oyuna parts with Oiral and is no longer sustained by Oiral’s mana, her body withers and expires as it should have hundreds of years ago.


Now is our time to strike! We’re Silantar nobility, right? We can make a play for the throne! Who’s gonna stop us?


It would be neat if that turns out to be an option.


mercenary to court mage to zombie slave to monarch of a country. Talk about a promotion!


After all they been through they damn deserve that promotion!


First decree: we use guillotines instead of pyres for executions, except for a special few (cough Ante cough)
Second decree: statues in honor of the current and former saintess respectively (you know, to honor her sacrifice and as an apology for the whole incident)


So was Raegusa’s parting ritual from Augur/the Dynast different? I assumed that parting rituals were the norm because it’s shown twice as a surefire way of extracting a phantasma from a person. It’s kind of weird to emphasize the process twice for two different phantasma, but I guess we’ll see.


“The new monarch is ordering statues of their wife built in every city.”


Definitely. The Dynast didn’t have have time to perform the parting ritual when he was killed, and Raegusa was only saved from being lost by the grace of Lady Dynast casting a certain Glyph spell (I forgot the name) on Lord Dynast upon his death, at the price of the Dynast’s soul being torturously earthbound until a powerful mage like the MC finds him.

As for Augur, he was adamant about dying with his sister at the age of 90 for some reason, and he performed the parting ritual to ensure Raegusa won’t be lost after he has killed himself.


Then I’m gonna subscribe to the theory that there’s probably only one way to extract phantasma and it’s more trouble than it’s worth to strip MC of them. Plus, there’s only a few people who can wield one with the right training. The mage is the only one capable of playing host to at least five at the same time and maybe using two of them in a battle.

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But if MC is a goody two shoes who always help everyone they can even to the detriment of their own body and don’t take no for an answer, like in the case of the moonvein, shouldn’t they at least wonder in passing how is the Duke? After all, they spent years in his court, and maybe there are some of their friends left who are not dead/brain-damaged. After all MC and Eli (and Sister but not so much) were rebuilding their lives there, there must have been some people in Salantria they still care about. Even more so if you max alchemy on your MC since they use Palmerra themselves and could maybe come up with some at least partial treatment of Palmerra aftereffects. I don’t mean MC have to throw everything and rush to Salantia, they are not in a position to do that in book 2, but to at least think about it, show that they actually care. There is that fireworks scene after all, so I’m hoping for more of MC’s past to resurface.

Duude, that country is done if that’s the case. The ruling class in a vegetative state is practically an invitation to be invaded by everyone. And it’s been that way for a year since MC died. Man, they are done, just done, ready for the taking by Arcadia.

That is actually a very good point. Not only nobility but also raised by the Duke himself. And I see no reason why Tahlia would not support such an endeavor. Especially if she can take over a country with no losses to her personnel. Man, now it seems like a waste now to use MC just as some hired killer.


The MC did say that Sister had brainwashed, and had command over, the entire Salantira Court, so I don’t think MC and Eli has any friends left in there. Eli even said the two of them were lucky they found out about Sister’s evil scheme at all.

But I agree. I also hope that MCs who have excellent alchemy skill will have the option to create a cure to reverse Palmerra induced brain damage to help cure the Salantir nobles if we so choose.

I bet that’s Tahlia’s wet dream. :joy:

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That’s what I was wondering. If Salantira is being made to pay for the damages done to Param and everyone was basically under thrall, WHO is gonna pay and HOW?

That’s probably why it’s taking Param a while to rebuild and why this is the perfect opportunity for Arcadia, Yotai, OR the other continent empires to strike.


If you play the demo with the Archangel’s route just before Jiasei, you learn a little bit of the chaos going on in Salantira.
Adam has also said on Tumblr that we’ll get a more thorough look at Salantira and Param in book 3!


“Hey Leon, I’m responding to your request for healers in- Hey what’s with that face?”
Leon, visibly both remorseful and concerned:
“Your lover’s back from the dead, they’re having a statue of you built after they took over Salantira.”


Isn’t that kind of late tho? Even if we don’t go so Salantria and Param in book 2, we are still in a world post-war. Whichever place we go to would be affected one way or another by what happened between those two kingdoms. It would be nice to have even random people we pass along mention some food shortages or merchants complaining about losing their suppliers since the war. Just some little things like that here and there would serve as a connetcing tissue between books, untill the story takes us for a deeper dive in that issue. So we know that events are taking place all around and that the world didn’t pause until main character has time to get nvolved.


amr nation, i have a hypothetical i would like to pose that will not stop bouncing around in my brain: do you guys think that if the mc had said “I cannot take this anymore, I have to stop” wrt their phantasma during the war that leon would have had their back?

in this scenario, if the army is phantasma-less and the campaign starts to sputter out and the whispers ante is pushing that mc doesn’t have params interest at heart start to get louder, do you think that we head for a similar result as in-game after the death of the saintess? or do you think that it was the unique pressures of the situation, not a fault of leon’s actual faith/love of mc, that lead to him making the choices he did?

one of the most interesting parts of this hypothetical to me is that i don’t think the mage would have ever actually backed out; i think across p much all playthroughs they would have died first which is. troubling!


These are my personal opinions, and I can’t speak for everyone.

Maybe Leon would be frustrated, but I think he would have respected the MC’s wishes.

Even after everything the MC has done to help Param win the war, the Parami were still quick to call for the MC’s death when they learned that the MC has killed the Saintess. So, in your hypothetical scenario, I think it may have ended even worse for the MC.

As for Leon, it was both the pressures of the situation (the Church wanted to take the matter into their own hands) as well as his lack of faith in the MC that led him to make the choices he made.

Which is why the sting of betrayal from Leon and the people of Param hurts that much more.


As far as I am concerned Leon has failed his test of character.

He will have to face the consequences.