A Mage Reborn, Book Two (WIP) - UPDATED August 7th | Book One Released!

I didn’t expect the wip to be so long, d*mn i can’t wait for the full release im really in love thank you for making such a good game @parivir im literally going to cry if this game didn’t continue


actually i not shour if it will since they not updated it since february 15th.

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Author have said that they are planning to start working on it after first book’s release so no need to loose hope yet :+1:


A significant amount of book two is in the current demo. Writing takes time, and a few months is nothing on the scale


a few month? :sweat_smile:,you must be kidding me were in 2022 i would say it been more then a few months i cant even remember when it was updated to february 15th i mean heck it could be any february it mighta been in february 2020 or febuary 2021.

No, it was last updated the February of this year.
If you go here, Upcoming Hosted Games Releases — 2022
you can see it’s in the list of upcoming games and should be out in August.


oh yea the writing is very small but i think i can make it out.

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it’s been a while since we discussed the treacherous King

haven’t played the demo in two months, but I still want to facepalm him with a steel chair


I keep telling myself this, but deep down I know that if the author ever does an Enemies to Lovers™ route I will be playing instantly (after throwing the chair, of course)

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I guess you could say he puts on sunglasses burned his bridges with us.


I could literally hear this video and I haven’t even clicked on it


Hi everyone, it’s been a while!

I really really apologize for the longer-than-intended absence, as real life has been a little crazy over the past few months. Long story short, I was involved in an auto accident early into the break, which resulted in the need for extended bedrest and my motorbike (aka my primary means of transportation) getting totaled. This all happened during semester finals week, to boot, and so even though I’ve since made a full recovery, I’ve had to spend a significant amount of time getting my school life together after the accident.

But that’s (mostly) over and done with now! I’m in the thick of semester break currently, and I’ve had quite a bit of time to stew over ideas for AMR over the past few months. It will likely be a slow start since I haven’t written anything in a long time now, but I hope to be able to put out somewhat consistent updates from here on out. I’ll also be traveling into the depths of my askbox over the next few days, as well as reblogging the wonderful wonderful fanworks that have come in during the break.

Also of particular interest is that Book 1 of AMR is currently slated for release in early August! I’m behind the editing curve right now and so that may see some delays yet, but having that on the horizon is exciting all the same. Most of you will have seen a snippet of the cover art on AMR’s Steam page (which feels!!! unreal to say) for quite some time now, but here it is in full:

This artwork was commissioned from Riizart / Yangpeiv! To describe the brief shortly, it features two possible MCs currently engaged in combat–one with vengeance on the mind and the other with much more ambiguous/conflicted intentions. I feel it captures quite well the splintering paths that AMR as a series will have, and I’m very very happy with how it came out. :smiley:

Thank you very much for your patience with me! I’m excited to embark on this next leg of AMR’s journey, and I hope you are too. :slight_smile:


good to hear from you author, hope you’ve recovered well, feel free to prioritize irl stuff, us fans will wait patiently :+1: :smile:


That art is incredible. I don’t tend to truck with anime style art often but that’s a masterwork. Well sought.


Forsake all reason, choose total violence.


We do what needs to be done for the motherland.


Wait, wait. So, book one is coming in august, yes?

I saw someone mention that anything after the execution is book 2(?)

Does that mean, when the game goes up for sale its only gonna cover up to the execution?

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The mc robes must be from during their brief courtier phase because normally the mc doesn’t have things that nice…although the metal boots seem a bit impractical. :sweat_smile:

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Yes at this time

Yes anything after execution is part of book 2.

No idea on this one and has me curious to see how it transitions from one to other but the answer I suspect is yes.