A Lot of People Have Good Ideas

I’ve just been reading people’s story ideas or WIP’s and it makes me happy to see such a creative writing community. Keep up the good work folks!

I agree there are many promising projects at the moment. People are nearly always helpful and the suggestions and questions are a god send. I am proud to consider myself amongst such a community of fellow creatives :slight_smile:

Oh my god Rainsford is your avatar the FOXHOUND LOGO that’s is the coolest

I’m totally geeking out about it

I am proud to say I am among the original metal gear fans. If you can remember 8 bit snake, you know what I’m talking about.

Remember 8 bit snake your talking to a guy who recognized an ant sized foxhound I have comic books with adds in it for the first metal gear hell I even have a Todd McFarland solid snake action figure
You sir just gained some cool points