A light in the darkness, volume 1

This is my second Series, also for those who saw my post about character descriptions, this is the book I was speaking of.

After a fight with your parents, you go to sleep with the last thought on your mind being that your going to fix relations when you wake up the next day.

Only problem is that when you do wake up, let’s just say things don’t go quite as planned.

Will you be able to get home again? Will you even want to get home again? What will your reaction be to aspects of your own self that you did not know you had? All questions that will have answers here.

There are 4, and will only be 4, romance options. That being said, this is a romance focused game, and you will, by virtue of the mechanics have to choose a romance path to in book 1, though how you go about it afterwards, is currently up for debate.

Also, for anyone wondering, the options that lock you in will be clearly marked.

Updates should be ruffly every month or so to 6 weeks unless something big comes up, not counting stuff like typo fixes, or slight alterations. Though, if enough people ask that I record every little thing, I can do that easily enough as well. Other than that, Updates will be posted in the title, in this format:

A light in the darkness. Updated 5/01/2021.

Here is the link to play:


I hope you all enjoy!


@ArchivistAlpha096 Found this:
startup line 427: Non-existent variable ‘input_text’

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I hate to be that guy, but if your plan is to publish this game under Hosted Games then I would recommend finding someone to edit and check your English grammar and spelling, as there are rather large mistakes through your demo as well as in your description above.
That being said I’m interested where this is going and what might happen once you wake up. Though Artemis is a bit of a perv as Allin? keeps on saying (I think its Artemis) and kinda deserves to be punched


I’ll have a look, thought I fixed all the spelling in the demo. As far as Artemis? Yeah, she Kind of is, though there’s a very very good reason why she is the way she is right now.

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Not sure what to make out of it with the description so far but I’ll give it a go

I strongly agree on that. Even with an interesting premise, some of the readers would be confused with the grammar, language and general flow of the story and I am, sadly, one of them. I’m really interested in this game and I don’t want you to trow away your work, because I think it should be polished but not in any way abandoned. I wish you luck with working on it…


It’s an interesting demo and like @Starkness said you need someone to proofread and edit grammer and spellings. That description alone has do many mistakes. It just makes readers lose their interest cause they have to stop everytime there’s a confusing grammer/spelling mistake.


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