A Lack of Empathy


That scene was so confusing to me. Most of the free time scenes didn’t make sense to me, the main character never does anything recreational. They seemed to me to be in this constant quest for their idea of self improvement rather than a normal person. That really rubbed me the wrong way.


I suppose the problem is more that it’s difficult to evoke empathy when I can’t see aspects of myself in the character


The most confusing thing to me was when there was a scene when MC can choose a book. And there was fucking MATHEMATICS AND HIGH LOGIC. And then you meet someone who is reading that book and ask you “Is it good?”…WHAT?
And I guess this is sorta fake choice…but really?
Could you imagine someone sitting on the bench in the park on the nice day reading MATHEMATICS AND HIGH LOGIC?


I agree that it’s hard to get behind your MC when there are no “appropriate” choices, definitely breaks immersion. As a writer I find that I’m having trouble locating the sweet spot: enough customization that most people can play with their desired personalities/beliefs without making the MC a blank slate who never says anything w/o player input. We’ll see how it goes I guess :woman_shrugging:


I have never really had any Empathy for anything really.


I understand what you mean ive always had a hard time caring for any fictional character or if i read some thing terrible on the news its just like oh ok then i forget about it two seconds later


I think it isn’t so much that you lack empathy, just that characters aren’t often built that way. I feel like in most media authors are more focused on making either well liked characters or ideal characters. If you try to make a character likeable they probably aren’t going to be liked. And if you try to make a character unlikeable, people will probably end up liking them. Unlikeable characters don’t need to be built into any sort of special mold or live up to expectations. They are allowed to struggle, make mistakes, be annoying, even be evil at times. And the average person is going to generally have more in common with that character than the character showered with gifts and always at peak awesome. While bad things might happen to that likeable character, the story never frames it as being that character’s fault.

Like a parent showing off one of their children, talking about how great they are and all their accomplishments while their other kid desperately struggles and clamors for attention. Who are you going to empathize with more?

When it comes to Love at Elevation, I think the MC is kind of self absorbed. Many of the times, after doing a good deed they were more worried about how it reflected on their life rather than the person they were helping. But it’s all about perspective and because the story framed this character as this otherworldly person living their idealistic dreams, I didn’t like them much. The best moments for me were when they were worried about clothes on a date or something because at least I understood that.


This is one area that I will actually give credit to the author trying to show multiple levels of the city. Boulder does have the reputation (some of it deserved) of trying to be an uber-liberal spot, which has often put it at odds with more conservative parts of the state. I mean, the whole ‘Republic of Boulder’ slogan was around when I was a kid. (By this, I live in Colorado, but this also doesn’t mean I speak for everyone in the state).

So tying it into the topic, I actually do like that the author did try to show some of the dark parts of Boulder that is often glossed over…and how many residents can have a lack of empathy for it.

Of course, a HG can’t encompass everything, and focusing on a regional area can definitely have some people feeling left out or uninterested.


Funny you should mention that one because that was the book I chose. I could see myself or some of my friends sitting on a park bench reading that book, but then mathematics was one of my majors and many of my friends majored in either mathematics or very mathy fields like physics, comp sci and engineering. We may be atypical however.


In my opinion it is not really relaxing book. If I were one to buy such book I wouldn’t be sitting on the bench in sunny day but sitting with pen and copybook writing something down. Because I would never buy this book if it’s not required from me to learn something from it.
Asking “Is it any good?” about mathematics is a bit silly and I wouldn’t take the matter of a question seriously unlike how it is mentioned in the game.


I recommend putting specific comments and feedback about games in the appropriate thread to keep the conversation in one place.


It’s not just mathematics, but also higher logic, and logic has a great deal of utility when applied to our self concepts and personal worldviews.


I mean sometimes the piece of media just completely misses the mark and you feel the opposite of what it quite obviously wants you to feel.

Like the ending bit of watch dogs when sad music plays once the mission is done because someone died. I just remember talking to my friends about it and we all basically said “nah i was actually quite happy she died. No idea why sad music played it was a bit jarring. especially since i hated the character”.

Wonder if its lack of empathy or bad writing on the teams part (though in the case of Watch Dogs its most certainly very bad writing). Then again my friends and I cried or got teary eyed quite often with some shows, games or media. I know I get teary eyed when reading the dragoon saga of cataphrak. Or what we got of it so far. So… doubt its empathy.

Would say its more like writers expecting people to care a lot more than they do.