A.I. Love You (short)



Depends on if it’s based on unique text presented or duplicated text presented.


I believe it’s total unique text.


Is it? Shit!

Hmmm. I haven’t done a wordcount on just presented text.

EDIT: Put on a podcast, opened a word document, copied everything over, and took out all of the code stuff.

It is way over!

I’ll have to make a second truncated version. It’ll probably require gargling the AI’s speech-to-text function.


Check their website to be sure, but I think it has to be under 1,000 total words shown to the player through all paths combined.


Yes pretty sure that’s the case as well, 1000 words without code and repeated text. In saying that, their normal submissions can be much longer (about 5000 I think) you could contact them when submissions reopen and submit it then if cutting it back is going to wreck the game.

Btw great work on the choicescript interface! Looks amazing.



The version that’ll go in the contest looks like this:



Whether it is a regular submission or a contest one, I think it has good odds either way.


Just been informed that the project apparently isn’t compiling with conclusion.txt.

why not?!

Seriously, why isn’t it including this one file? WTF?


Is it listed as a scene in your startup?




Was this story at all inspired by “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury? Because that was the first thing that came to mind for me. Then again, the only similarities are the AI-controlled house and the melancholic mood. I thought it was going to go in that direction but it didn’t, which is probably for the better…


It wasn’t, but I’m gonna pounce on that novel. Sounds like something I’d be into.


@hustlertwo and @jacic update on the wordcount situation!

I decided to make the AI’s speech-to-text parser malfunctioning and also remove the extra bonus stuff that triggers when you look at the painting and when you give enough unparseable commands. Those three things triplehandedly reduced my wordcount from 2600 to 950!

This is what the “cut” version looks like: https://dashingdon.com/play/will/ai-love-you-cut-version/mygame/

I … actually kind of like it. It’s not better or worse, just different. It sacrifices a lot of the characterisation of Alex and the AI, but it also does a good job of emphasising the difficulty of human-to-computer communication in a way that the original version doesn’t do, which is cool.

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