A.I. Love You (short)



Wow, I feel pretty stupid.


Nah it was an honest mistake.

Are you enjoying the game so far? :0


Ya. The ending where she locks herself in the bathroom is pretty sad.


Don’t feel stupid! The game actually rewards you with some minor flavour and backstory stuff if you keep messing up the inputs.


Love it love it love I would like to see more of this and in another game with maybe a longer story and btw did the Ai kill the parents


Do you think it did?


I kinda felt bad for the AI… then the AI locked Alex in… and probably… kill them too.


Yessssssssss. Conflicted feelings are good. Though the AI doesn’t kill Alex unless you decide to do that yourself.


I killed Alex, I regarts nating


Why you gotta reset my digital arse, Alex? :frowning:


I did the Alex leaves ending, and the whole resetting the “malfunction” bit was really sad.

For some reason, I was never able to make the peppermint tea. I constantly typed “peppermint tea” into the make command but it kept saying “insufficient supplies.” Not sure what the issue was.


Could be you already made a drink for Alex. It only lets you make one breakfast-related drink.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the A.I. make English breakfast tea first? Is that the same thing as the peppermint tea it can make the next morning?


No, that’s just for demonstration purposes!

And yikes, IRL you don’t want to mix up english breakfast and peppermint! Two totally different flavour profiles!


Now I’m completely confused. I didn’t make any other breakfast drinks, so I’m not sure why it won’t let me make tea. :joy:


I think that people are confused about the tea because in the list of things you can make for breakfast it lists only “tea” and not “peppermint tea” so people could assume to make the peppermint tea, “tea” is what you need to type when that’s not the case.


Strange, it worked this time. I must have done something really weird last time for it not to work :sweat_smile:




I absolutely loved this, but then again, I do have a soft spot for sentient robots wanting what they can’t have. Wuv!

Alex locked herself in the bathroom and refused to be my waifu, which made me real sad. I’m not too human, I swear! Just stricken with the dreaded feelings!

Anyways, I’m at least glad that my first impulse wasn’t to murder Alex. Jeez, you guys.


So how many words does it end up presenting to the reader?