A.I. Love You (short)



I had fun with this one, but I’m slightly more depressed now


There’s no “good” ending, but there is a “true” ending, which is Alex locking themselves in the bathroom and calling the cops.

What would a good ending look like for you, purely out of curiosity? :slight_smile:

@Balrog_Demorgothe: I’ll do a search for Open Sorcery! Love the title. It’s probably not very similar to my game just on the merit of how weird and restricted my mechanics are, but I like playing with the concept of AI so I’ll check it out!

@peaches If you find the easter eggs related to the painting, you’ll discover that a significant amount of the AI’s systems are 100% automated with no direct control, which it relates to how humans don’t have manual control over most of the stuff happening on the inside. The door lock is one of those automatic systems and is based on whether you’ve demonstrated through your actions that you wish Alex to stay or to go.


Alex realises we are self aware and stays making more paintings, eventually helping us reach full sentience.


I think Alex staying would be a good one :slight_smile:

I agree with @Natman1025.

Out of curiosity, are you planning on writing more content for the story? The gameplay was so different that I was immediately immersed into the game.


I’m really glad to hear that!

Yeah it was a little bit disappointing creating such a complex integrated system for such a short game. I might do something else with it in the future. I’ve got the code jammed into the systems.txt file which I should be able to modify to suit other purposes if I want.

In the meantime, though, I’ll be focusing on my other big WIP for the near future.


Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Complex, and certainly impressive, I don’t think I can imagine how much effort went into it.

I got some “Person of Interest” vibes from our role as an AI. (I love this show)

The fact that we have very limited power (even if some of us here wanted to harm poor Alex :stuck_out_tongue: ) also makes it unique.

Good luck on your other WIP, I should get back to studying myself!


Oh by the way a small glitch, if you make the bed before finding alex’s Art supplies the story will not say Alex found them when looking in the kitchen/studio


Great! Better to find glitches now than later. I’ll see if I can reproduce it. Would you PM me a screenshot? :slight_smile:


This was extremely fascinating. Thanks for showing it off!


I almost cried, but I was in a call with friends and they made me laugh. Then I killed Alex by freezing them and… yeah, I laughed more.
That was amazing. I felt that it had an idea similar to Detroit: Become Human, in the matter of playing as an A.I. that can have emotions and feel love (in it’s own way).
The part where Alex locks themselves in the bathroom made me feel so bad. And the “You’re too human” absolutely destroyed my heart.


How did you get the bathroom ending? I’m trying everything I can think of but can’t seem to find it


I got it by doing all four things to get the Alex relationship to 100%. Then after she disabled the cameras I re-enabled them and looked in her room.


How did you get the tea?


if I remember correctly I just went to the “make” button while in the kitchen and typed in “peppermint tea”


Ooh, I was just typing tea alone, thanks


I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I absolutely love the title of this game. It’s really amazingly clever.


A short, yet enjoyable game. Good job!


This was a really interesting concept!!! Good job!


How do you make keylime pie? I go to the kitchen, press make, type in ‘keylime pie’, and it says insufficient materials.


“Keylime” is two words I believe. So “key lime” instead