A Hero's Journey

Thanks-- in the CSIDE editor sometimes I type out full sentences but look back at the screen and realise half of it isn’t there.

And guys I’ve almost finished the prologue (which sounds like little, but each intro is like 100% different, which means the next part (meeting companions, hiring recruits and buying armour) should be easier!)

I’ve kinda thought out a rudimentary combat system and shizzle, I’m just going to straight up copy and paste from my notes:

General combat and levelling

*comment weak enemy health = 75, normal = 125, strong = 175, boss = 350+
Starting health = 100
Health = 100 * ((Strength + Brute Force) /2 )
Damage = (Strength + Brute Force) (and if crit then 2.5x damage)
*comment if gentle maxed out (100) 50% critchance, max 100% chance
Crit = 1/100 chance, * (gentle/2 + finesse/2)
Magic Damage = (HighMag OR LowMag) (and if crit then 2x damage)
Crit = 1/100
hit if: rand(1-30) + (gentle + finesse)/2 > enemy dexterity + rand(1-30)
else miss
Magic hit if rand(1-15) + (magic +highmag + lowmag)/2 > rand(1-15) + (enemymagic + enemydecterity)/2
Dodge if (no damage taken): rand(1-30) + dexterity > rand(1-30) + enemygentle + enemyfinesse
Magical Dodge if: rand(1-15) + (magic + dexterity)/2 > rand(1-15) + (enemyhigmag + enemylowmag + enemymagic)/2
AI choose enemy
if ‘smart’
enemy = enemy with: lowest health(lowest or second lowest); greatest magic; greatest strength

if normal
enemy = lowest health (rand_lowest or secondlowest)

if dumb
enemy = rand(amount of enemies)

*All teammaates are ‘smart’ by default because 1) I’m lazy and 2) Average mercenaries die

*Each level up (should take (roughly) 1 win, 5 wins, 10 wins, 15 wins, 20 wins, 25 wins, 35 wins, 45, 55, 65, 75, 90, 105, 120, 150)
1 win, +4, +5, +5, +5, +5, +10, +10, etc. etc.
Level 15 = Highest level, but will add some stuff to make it not-100% boring.
Each level up can add 5 points to Strength, Magic, Charm or Knowledge, +5 to brute, precise, dexterity, thieving, high, low magic.
Armour increases ‘health’ (separate armour bar), but some can decrease dexterity and magic.
Weapons increase brute force or gentle, shields increase armour and dex (don’t ask) and offhand weapons increase precise force and dexterity.

And I’ve finished the prologue (more like brief background creator) just need to update the link, will work on the recruiting people and buying things part of the game.

Oh hey this isn’t closed!

Anyway, update will be posted later today, sorry for delay but have made multiple massive revisions to combat because I reallllllllly need to get this stuff balanced before I write combat scenes and we can’t win or can’t lose.

Should finish the ‘intro’ part (pre-adventure) and I can start doing the ‘hire people and equipment’ and such part of the game



Though I do have to wonder, how will a Bard fight or is that path not open yet?

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I uh… forgot I added a bard role!

I was thinking they could be support characters, (with direct damage stuff being added at a higher level), but instead of healing just increase damage of allies, decrease enemies’ attack) whilst having a weak (smash enemy with the lute)

However I hope the Bard’s 3rd level path(s) (only one as of yet) can help greatly increase the effectiveness of our teammates, so it isn’t like at the beginning you are super weak and at the end our allies are way underpowered

There has been a minor delay-- long story short using CSIDE on my phone to edit on-the-go has completely #rekt my indentation in choice branches and such, but I’ve fixed it quite fast (fuelled by pure annoyance) and will upload the finished intro before I get any sleep.

Also, I get my GCSE results in 3 days!

EDIT: Latest version up. I’ve done a very rough check so you can see some new content, but very rough as tired

A little late to this WiP, but oh well, better late than never.

The different background paths to take does promise a lot of replayability. One thing I would suggest is making the character interactions a little more… natural (is that the right word?). For example, the MC’s father seems too unperturbed to learn that his eldest son, presumed to be dead in a terrible accident long ago, is still alive. He gives only a ‘rueful grin’, but I would think any father would be more affected by such a news, even if it is possible that his son is now indulging in less-than-noble pursuits. Unless of course, the father is not the type of person to express a lot of emotions, in which case it might help to establish that trait of his earlier. At times, interactions that do not really pull the reader in can make the story feel rushed and the characters too lifeless.

Also, here's a bug I found if I choose ' a rambling wizard' as the source of the voice calling my name:

All the best for future updates, and your GCSE results!

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Truth be told, I’m on Summer holiday and in theory have tons of time to work on my game.

In reality the first weeks I did this like 3 week residential, am lazy, etc. so rushed the family part in order to push an update, however I shall certainly add some more father dialogue (I wanted his character to be a stereotypical apathetic father, so whilst he looks after you he’'s more like a robot or something-- the not-too-secret-secret is he blames himself for not being able to save his family)

After we complete our mission’s (or fail terribly)I hope to add more intraction’s with background people, but I’ll add some for stuff for the family route!
And thanks for reporting that bug! I now promise not to edit on my phone haha

That’s great to hear. I’ll certainly be on the lookout for new updates, and do take your time in writing the story the way you want to, rushing through stuff never works out well for a writer anyways. Best wishes!

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I have received my GCSE results and they were pretty good (3 9’s, 3 8’s 3 7’s and 1 6-- Spanish hates me!) and now I have to choose which school to do at A levels and how many I take (I was thinking 4, parents think 3)

To solve these problems, I have completely ignored them and spent a looong while today and yesterday trying to implement an inventory/ shop system and adapt it to my game, and due to my amazingness I have already updated it!

There isn’t really a place to put the shop yet, so I just stuck it on the end of the Wizards route, and given ya tons of gold to play around and have fun (and tell me if something has gone wrong)

I love coding. It’s amazing. And choicescript is pretty good with subroutines inside subroutines and such

I’m slightly busy so will keep short, am writing intro to hireable merc’s/ companions, any sort of stuff (relationship dynamics, how they interact with each other, stuff they do/ quirks) you guys would be interested in seeing or want?

Or rather, in any game you’ve played where you go on quests on others, what kinda personalities and people did you want to be available but weren’t

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Hey I’m back from India have some changes I’ll mention once I’ve left the 8th and final airport


Hey here’s the report of changes:
I’m focusing more upon the game starting in 3 days (After final mock for now)

Combat will be made slightly simpler, but still having class/ skill based options (e.g. healing, encouragement)

Combat will still be “random”, but instead of having it complete random I’ll probably make a few presets

Too lazy to add different difficulties, especially with balancing, so will add a cheat menu of sorts later.

Will keep character to character interaction the core of the game, with optional side quests based upon who you take with you

Probably other stuff too.

Ask away if you think anything should be added or from the outset there are any bigly problems

60 like update, am writing the scene introducing the different possible companions. This’ll outline their basic personalities and aims

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Hey guys, I’ve just realised I haven’t actually put up my latest version yet, it includes a new shopkeeper (recurring character) and let’s you trial the shop the system, so I’ll upload that now!

Also, I have pretty much finished the shop, inventory and level up system (although I do want special passive skills for each class, e.g.bards can ignore charm checks)

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Hey, no big updates posted but I’ve pretty much finished all the interactions and hiring scenes and inital shop character, I shall update the link soon.


Can’t waittt

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Haha sorry guys, got A level exams, need that straight A*'s if I want a chance to get into Cambrdige!

I have now a general plan for how the story will develop though, such as what scenes and people we’ll meet, so no worries about flaws my previous method (effectively make stuff up as you go along) had.