A Hero's Journey

I’ve begun work on my new game A Hero’s Journey. In it, you play a wizard/ bard/ guard/ thief.

To play the demo, go here:



As of right now, it’s not much, but a few key things I wanted to touch upon:

Would you guys be interested in being a Guard who secretly works for the Thieves Guild (or vice- versa)

I’m planning on having a part where you can hire some recruits, 2 you have to have accompany you, and you can pick 2 more (e.g. if a [CLASS] you’ll get Bob and Jeff always, can pick 2 between Geoff, Jim, Jimbob and [Specific Class helper guy])… so teams of 5, including you.

Also, I’m expecting to finish this short- medium (like maybe 200-300K (including code) word) game in a year or so, probably before, since I’m a student and all that jazz.

Current Progress: 12%

Startup: Set background, main skills, etc. [10% of total game]
The 10% is split into Noble background [DONE], Wizard background [DONE], Orphanage/ Weird abandoned child place [DONE] and the Family Home background [DONE], at 2% each (other 2% will be **general startup stuff [DONE])

Then there is a bit dedicated to meeting and possibly recruiting all the different peeps, which is literally the only thing I’m focusing on, no worries.

Next is creating and testing the combat system

You’ll either fight a wizard, defend family home, defend land (&fight political rival) or fight magical bandits and/or guards, depending on background.

Can buy some cool items, get some cool items for free, and hire mercenaries (who will die, even the main 2 guys will hopefully not be game-immortal, and you can die even if all your meat shields esteemed companions are alive.

On romance-- there’ll be some romance but nothing too much, safe for all ages


Ah thanks!

Then it’ll feel prettttty much like YA, but I want it to give you the option for the ol’ “We just met and I love you so much” feel like in Romeo and Juliet, but also a feel of “We just met and we’re going to die over each other because love is selfish and superficial,” also like in Romeo and Juliet!

Plus, I’ll have a lot of people die.


Yes. And yes.

That is always a plus in my book.


Hey I’ve got like 10-ish likes now, so nows a good time for a quick update:

I’ve been working on it mainly on weekends, since i’m a student (like… GCSE student, not a level) however I’ve done most mock exams and sizzle so I’ll be able to update more.

And the link will be put of sorta soonish. I’ll just finish the opening of the Noble branch first. It’s at like 6500 words (but that’s on CSIDE, and not sure if that includes code) and I’mma change my estimate (for now) to 100-120k words (excluding code)

I want it done before the end of the he summer holiday next year, and any suggestions are welcome. Although i’m guessing it’ll be slightly easier to do once you’ve actually y know, seen my game.

Also, please don’t take my atrocious speeling/ word choice here as indication of the quality of the hehe game since I’m on my phone right now, and try to check my game sounds uh… ‘game-ish’


Double post purely because there’s actually a link up.
2 main things, 1) I’m kinda ill so I’ve added less this time, 2) Tell me features you want, what you do or don’t like already, what I spend too much time on, what I seem to rush over… etc.

Thanks for readin’

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hhhhhh !! I really like this! I just played the noble and wizard branches and they were equally a lot of fun! (I rEaLLY like playing as nobility in any game.) I like that there are so many backgrounds to choose from. It reminds me of when I would go back and replay all of the different beginnings of DA:O lol.

Some Thingies

This was in the noble path uhhhh

idk if this is supposed to be backwards but it made me giggle either way

I was playing as a girl in the wizard path, but hadn’t chosen a gender yet.

!! watch me get emotionally attached and cry over all my dead friends !!

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Hey thanks I’ll fix these problemos!

The damsels-in-distress one is on purpose, the others most likely the result of mistyping or evil copy and pasting :sweat_smile:

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This is an interesting demo. I’ve only played through the wizard background but I’m looking forward to what you can do with your character.

Side note: what do you have planned for the MC?


Pretty sure the space before the comma is not meant to be there.

While playing a nonbinary MC.

That would be pretty cool. Would other classes be able to work for the guild too or is this strictly a dynamic between thief and guard?

Good luck with the game!


There’s going to be 4 guilds, Assassins, Thieves, Guards and Wizards.

In a shorter version, Assassins think thIves are thugs and cowards, think Wizards are pretentious and elitist, thieves think guards are people enforcing a class divide and bad, think assassins are cold hearted, uncaring. Wizards dislike assassins, don’t care much for thieves, consider them a minor annoyance.

Wizards and Guards often work together, but this displeases people (like, “Why do they get bodyguards just because they’really wizards” or “oh so the guards can use magical light orbs but I spend money on lanterns everday”)

For thieves the guild is basically like an unorganised Parliament, with multiple “heads” controlling different areas, Assassins shall be more like an organised crime/ mafia esque thing, yet still very brutal and has internal disagreements.
Guards is more like a police station, rarely any disagreements really (although there’ll be a few moles) and more like a community.
Wizards are generally alone, but take on apprentices, have rivals, have alliances but in their community being too social is negative, like a sign of needing to rely on other over own skill.

You can sorta multiguild, but stuff like guard and wizard will be easier than, say, Assassin and wizard


Also I hope you have the entire startup done by the end of this weekend, and start working on a few characters I’ll add (need to have rougly 8 in total, with 2 always there and pick from remaining 3 (two can always pick, 1 dependant on background )

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Hey bepole. I’m aboot to add another update. I’ve got GCSE mocks and shizzle so slower (wayyy slower) than usual, but (hopefully) luckily for you guys I barely celebrate christmas and am super ready to do the ol’ writing.

Goto commands still feel like cheating, though.

…EDIT: May not be able to update it today, due to saving issues, but I’ve changed the beginning (as in, added something before it) since I disliked starting with the voice of a random Guard.

New Opening

The most effective way to make a man listen is a bomb on his doorstep: the quickest a knife in his throat.

Luckily for you, the Guards are not renowned for their effectiveness or speed, so you heard the booming voice before the boom at your door.


Hey here’s something else I’mma put in the game. Tell me if its good, bad, ugly, etc.

Yet the world goes on, and as you emptied the pockets of some of the more befuddled nobles, the city emptied its pockets to you too, revealing clumps of life and death, danger and murder before which was before whispered, distant consequences now the lint that surrounds you in the pocket of poverty in which you reside.

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Totally not to BUMP this thread to the top (okay mayyyyybe) but 1) I am working on this, on average pretty much every other day. And 2) wanted some opinions

For example, I want an option to have a thief who is a spy/ mole for the guards, or vice-versa.

But this option normally will only present itself if you do really well, however I was wondering what you peeps would think if I made it so if you absolutely sucked you could do it too.

For example,

  1. save all the people → famous → option to work for thieves, too
  2. let all people die/ royally mess up → thieves thinking you don’t want to be a guard/ anti- constabulary → option to work for thieves

And also for thieves.

And any suggestions about missions that a Wizard or homeless orpHan can do? I have some ideas but they’really not as awesome as the others I’ve got thought out.

Oh and uh I’ll probably add R/O’s, but nothing to R-y because I have parents and friends and yeah I probably don’t want all that.
And it’d be weird to make a game with adult games that under normal circumstances I’d need parental supervision to play :sweat_smile:


lmaooo I know that feeling when I’m writing Oval Office and I don’t want my mum to see certain scenes :joy::joy:

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I’m unsure if this is a good, honest method of game promotion but BUMP.

Okay, no updates (uploaded I mean, I’ve almost finished all the openings) but I need help on how to add a sort of godmode (or even whether it’s wanted) in a better-than-what-I-have-now way.

I’ll update super soon so yeah I’ll edit this to something big and bold like:

Helloo! So, I was trying to play through the squeaky voice route, and it seems like it doesn’t work?

This happens when you try to play again. I actually like it so far, even though I only played through the squeaky voice route, but I’m about to go back in and try for the others!!

I also love the punny names you gave out, I had to pick “Justin Tyme” :joy:

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I actually haven’t finished that yet-- my bad, however I am literally working on it as we speak.

Effectively some guards will attack your squatting house, some magical hippies will the out-squat you and you have to get rid of them (somehow) but the last part won’t be in the opening.

Thanks for reading, I intend to make it even betterer and funnier, but for now the start of the first 2 paths should work…

You guys might be like “Wow this guy has done barely any work” and you’d be right. Again.

But I’m sure my loyal fans (aka my mum and friends who’ve openly declared they’ll pirate it instead) will be happy that I’ve kinda resumed writing, and have designed some teammates.

2 will be mandatory, and you can choose 3 more. As I’m lazy, I’ll copy and paste it (and give em stats later)
I’ve also started to develop a combat system, just gimme a sec to make it more efficient and refine it.

Team mates:


Mercenaries: (for money)

        Ra'Kath & Tojin (Optional)
			Ra'Kath— female orc, roughly 25, playful and protective of close friends but reserved/ professional on first meeting them. Name means "Death" (because daughter of an orc leader, massacred opposing tribe then ran away) in Orcish but says it means "Runt" (fake backstory— that they were born smaller and abandoned by tribe to die.Very strong, a brawler character, but can be encouraged to become a cleric. Playersexual, romanceable

			Tojin (called Toj-y) is more serious and logical, but loves creating and experimenting. Found Ra'Kath as a child, and after a small fight where he threw a bag of sleeping powder and she didn't eat him they became friends Mercenary for money, as they come from a poor family.
			Low-magic but focuses on 'real' science (energy manipulation) than the more common superstitious knowledge of the other practitioners. Wants enough money to start private school. Playersexual, romanceable

		Karrisinta (mandatory)
			Or, much to her anger, Kary. Is friends with Ra'Kath and Tojin, but is more practical. Uses high magic mainly, slightly good at swordplay due to practising as a child (comes from noble family). Wants to reclaim position as nobility as they were cast out as 1) They are illegitimate and 2) Their father wanted a male heir. Playersexual, romanceable

Guild-attatched people 
	Garth (Mandatory)
		Guard. Experienced fighter, high attack and defence, more professional and against Assassins and Thieves, however can be convinced to be kinder/ more considerate to them. Pretty normal, gay but will only date MC if approached (or relationship above 80 or something) Also, human.

	Sargen (optional)
		Dwarf guard, on a month suspension due to fighting. Is quick to anger but an emotional, caring person. High damage beserker style fighting. Straight, but asexual. Loves magic but is very bad at controlling/ doing it (e.g. fight started from setting someone's moustache on fire)
	Hunter (Optional)
		Thief (ex-assassin) who talks little. Good at hunting, spying, etc. After 5 years as an assassin realised not everyone who has a contract on them deservers one, and escaped from neighbouring city. Wants to destroy the entire guild system and put in place a democracy.
		Elf High Wizard. Does it more to make the world a better place than for money, but isn't *that* naive and so also wants money to gain enough power to make change. Wizard, practices rituals and is a total nerd of all things magic.

Also I realise it’s mostly just me on this thread, but I need help. I’ve written this:

"Good. Listen to what I say, do what I tell you to do, and hopefully all of us can gain something from this.

Except the magical criminals, but what we want you to do; who we want you do it to; where we need you to do it… and so on.

This makes no sense. But I think I skipped a word or accidentally deleted a word between “but” and “what”, so what should I do to make this make sense?

“But I tell you what we want you to do”
work? or I’ll or we’ll or we. Whatever pronoun makes the most sense in context.

“but you do what we want you to do; to who we want you to do it; where we need you to do it… and so on.”
might also work