A good xbox game


looking for a assassin creed type game with no sexual content atall


Thief, Dishonored, My house


are those game names!!!


@hyperguy As far as I know, the first 2 are.


they sound unique anyways i have heard good things about the darksiders is it good game?


I dunno, what kind of games do you like? If you like hack-n-slash in the vein of God of War, then you’d probably like it. Personally, I prefer RPGs, which is probably why I’m more of a PC gamer.


i like assassins creed type games… the ones with violence but some peaceful moments so i played the darksiders demo but it was all violence i din’t really like it but i was wondering if they just added too much action in the demo to make it more interesting


and was wondering if walking dead survival instincts is a good game too people say it suck but it seems cool


Hm… off the top of my head, have you tried the Bioshock series? The new one apparently is getting amazing reviews. I heard the new Tomb Raider is pretty good. The Uncharted series, Half-life series, and… that’s all I can think of right now.


does bio shock infinite have any sexual content?


None that I’m aware.



he’s after x-box games God of War and Unchartered are Playstation.


Dishonored is great. Tenchu Z is fun too. Both are assassin games.



Im a game nerd, DarkSiders also has puzzles and everything and little towns where you help NPCs it’s not all action.

I would stay VERY VERY far away from Dead Walking Survival instincts the game is pretty lame and it’s funny, it’s a horrible game when they have so many good things going for it. Also the ending is a huge slap in the face. I would stick to The Dead Walking Game by Telltale games

And Bioshosck Infinite I dont think has nudity or anything but it has other things like racism galore, slavery, that stuff the people your fighting against pretty horrible people. I remember my little brother wanted to get Bioshock and he got it and then I was watching him play and Im not into Bioshock really but I was just watching then he just happens upon this scene that is just hella racist, but it isnt there just to be racist it kinda tells you why your enemies are racist and fits with the story to make it more realistic and also gives you a reason to dislike your enemies, but I heard it’s a really amazing game, that wont disappoint though but to me ive seen half of the game and I honestly dont get the attraction but it’s one of those things I could see others enjoying.

I would recommend Far Cry 3 it’s a pretty badass game but there is a sex scene or two but it’s brief and your in first person mode XD first person sex scene.


Maby fifa or mass effect or starwars kotor or lotr war in the norths


mass effect dishonored far cry Bioshock are adult games legally guys like the Pegi in europe all are +16 or +18 I play many games out of my age when I was young my father look more about the content real that what put in the cover but I now some parents only see that so play games like skylanders Lego franchise and pixar Disney games brave toy story are far worse that all the games the others posting but are all publics like you requested


@2ton ok then i will buy darksiders i have heard it is kind of like legend of zelda so ok thnx guys


Yah I was going to say that but I didnt wanna have to explain why so I just left that part out


and darksider 2 is coming out right?


O.o @hyperguy Darksiders 2 has been out


oh :stuck_out_tongue: