A Gilded Throne (WIP)

Hello, and welcome to A Gilded Throne, a low fantasy WIP made up of romance and relationships, and where you play as a royal thrust into a palace of finery which you spent most of your life outside of.
A Gilded Throne is currently on hiatus.


The rebellion is quickly dismantled. However, they do not go without a fight.

The palace and half the capital are nearly burned to the ground in half a night. Many people die.

Among those, is the second born of the king, a mere newborn.


You, unaware of your birth, but very much alive; live well in a small village until the age of seventeen.

But uncovered letters and guilty persons bring you to the rebuilt capital, where your birth is revealed and your life is thrust under a ready guillotine.

Please note that there will be cursing, physical violence, and possibly sexual content, so please don’t read if those things make you uncomfortable.

  • Customize MC(non-binary inclusive), and decide their personality, features, opinions, and goals.
  • Choose how you adjust to the royal life.
  • Foil the plans of the queen; stay alive.
  • Build relationships; familial or romantic.[Four Romance Options; All gender selectable.]
  • Earn the respect of the nobles—or not.
  • Fight something much bigger than yourself.
Romance Options

Darian/Diana is your childhood best friend.

Physical Description: tall, almost lanky, if not for the slight muscle they have. Dark brown hair, nearly black, messy; comes down to the tips of the ears if male and nape of the neck if female. Brown eyes, almond colored, with long lashes and tan skin. D almost always has a smile on their face, teasing or no.

“I will give myself to you over and over again until there is nothing left to give.”


Odette/Odell is the servant assigned to you at the palace.

Physical Description: average height, not quite short and not quite tall. Shiny brown hair, straight, to their jaw paired with blunt bangs. Brown eyes, nearly black, with brown skin and a beauty mark under their left eye. O has sharp eyes, always seeing, sometimes more than necessary.

“The stars will sit in awe of our love, my darling.”


Zander/Zaina is from Xethia, staying in the palace in hopes to form a so called alliance with the king.

Physical Description: tall, built big, with wide shoulders. Black hair, straight, neatly done; close cut if male and always in a long braid if female. Dark blue eyes, with a sharp jaw and pale skin. Z always has perfect posture, tension filled and alert.

“You are meant to be despised, scorned, and shunned, but I cannot help but do the opposite.”


Delaney is the mysterious stranger you continue to run into.

Physical Description: average height; if male, short if female, easy to blend into crowds. Curly brown hair, falling into their eyes on occasion, and just covering their ears. Their eyes are green, when visible, and freckles cover their cheeks and nose. Delaney always appears at ease, leaning against something—or someone.

“I cannot be fixed, not completely, but hold my broken pieces and I’ll be as whole as you desire.”

Tumblr [Here, you can get frequent updates of how the process is going, and find out more about the characters, and the world!]

Author Note: The demo only includes the two prologues and interlude. More updates will come later!


Waiting for demo link.

I love your story so far, but I’m a little confused on who the main character is supposed to be. Are they a bastard or the first royal child who was stolen at birth ?


Cant wait to see what happens. Fun little story.

so far so good. i think there was a typo with toris’ pov on which u choose ur gender.

are we staying as a prince on the whole story? do/can we take over the throne? (honestly fine if we cant. this question is just here cause im curious.)

edit: so sorry lmao. i went through and properly read everything and it seems like all we have to worry about is trying to fit in the “typical royal” category and also not die. i am very glad to hear that honestly. also fuck the nobles.

seems like toris has a thing for marianne? also i feel like henry would be jealous of the pc and would end up in a rival situation with them

the king kinda seems like they really care for the pc. (not going for the bad father path? that seems like a nice change of pace) i cant wait to fullfil my dream of being an intimidating royal.


The demo was great. Personally I am excited to see what happens next. Keep up the good work!

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I’m a little confused after reading this, but… it seems pretty interesting. I will follow your WIP.

Please include the save system in the game.

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