A Giant's Tale (WIP) (Update 12/24/2018)



Woohoo always love to and update on WIP’s


Hey, just letting you know i found a pesky typo 'x’b

“They were cheep”


Hey umm i think I found bug or bugs. I forgot to screenshot the other

Great game by the way! I really like it

(EDITED: i think i found a lot of bug in here so maybe you should check it out)


Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed it.

What was the other error u found?


This one where I tried to speak to the man

This one also. I got this when I try to use projectile

I think that’s all(?) not sure. And great game by the way! I really like it :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks again! I think those are fixed!

I’m glad u like it!


Hey! love the game, just wanted to ask a question though, How much is gold worth in comparison to say US Dollars, and is it only gold or is there silver and copper (or any-other currency worth more or less then gold)? Because 100 gold for a ride seems pretty high, and also for a 2 bed tavern room. While you are the author and have 100% say in how much money is worth, it’s just that for me when viewing it to D&D gold value where you’d have to spend maybe 3-5 gold for the room and the ride combined, 200 gold for both seems like a lot.


That’s a great question!

To be honest with you, I really didn’t put that much thought into the currency system, but it’s supposed to go like this:

1 US Dollar = 100 Gold

I’m going to go back and change a lot of stuff anyway after I finish Chapter 4. So it’s most likely going to be different.


Status Update!

I’ve finally crossed the 100,000 benchmark! \ [ TvT ] /

I’m so happy right now. The third and final part of chapter three is going to be pretty short.

You’ll be learning more about the last of the RO’s introduce. Chapter 4 is where the plot kicks into high gear.

Right now the next update word count is 3,756. I hope to get it to five thousand at the least to 10,000 at the most. It all depends on what I keep or cut.

…I need to go to bed…


Status Update

The next update word count has risen to 6,646! It’s only going to get longer because of the branching choices.

If any one has any questions about the world or characters I’ll be happy to answer!

I’m kinda bored rn. :sleepy:

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*looks at the time of my last post


Well at least I’m finally off on break. There’s an update if anyone’s interested. A reminder that everything is subject to be rewritten.


me:seeing a notification earlier today :slightly_smiling_face:
seeing that it was locked :cry:
seeing another notification in the same day, and an update :grin:




Thanks for posting those errors. I should have fixed them by now.

Please post any other errors you see.



Thanks! I fixed it!


Can you get it from dashindon?