A Giant's Tale (WIP) (Update 10/2/2018)



Woohoo always love to and update on WIP’s


Hey, just letting you know i found a pesky typo 'x’b

“They were cheep”


Hey umm i think I found bug or bugs. I forgot to screenshot the other

Great game by the way! I really like it

(EDITED: i think i found a lot of bug in here so maybe you should check it out)


Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed it.

What was the other error u found?


This one where I tried to speak to the man

This one also. I got this when I try to use projectile

I think that’s all(?) not sure. And great game by the way! I really like it :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks again! I think those are fixed!

I’m glad u like it!


Hey! love the game, just wanted to ask a question though, How much is gold worth in comparison to say US Dollars, and is it only gold or is there silver and copper (or any-other currency worth more or less then gold)? Because 100 gold for a ride seems pretty high, and also for a 2 bed tavern room. While you are the author and have 100% say in how much money is worth, it’s just that for me when viewing it to D&D gold value where you’d have to spend maybe 3-5 gold for the room and the ride combined, 200 gold for both seems like a lot.


That’s a great question!

To be honest with you, I really didn’t put that much thought into the currency system, but it’s supposed to go like this:

1 US Dollar = 100 Gold

I’m going to go back and change a lot of stuff anyway after I finish Chapter 4. So it’s most likely going to be different.