A Giant's Tale (WIP) (Update 10/2/2018)




I currently have over 7,000 words for the part 2 of chapter 3, but I want to try and get it over 10,000 before I post another update.

I’m taking a break from writing until the weekend’s over, I have a wedding to go to with my parents. Hopefully I’ll be finished with this part of the chapter by the end of this month.

Hopefully all of the RO’s will be revealed by the end of this chapter.


I can’t help but love Carrie even though I’m the one who put a hole in her chest she stole my heart.


lol wow

just don’t try getting too friendly with any other npc tho. Who knows what Carrie might do.


I just tried clicking on the link and it says that the game is private and that I can’t access it without the full link… is this on purpose?


It says private game


Lol I never would’ve guessed i would start a Carrie love train.


Same. I tried opening twice, but it still says that I need to contact the author so I could play it


Oops, I’ll open it up again.

I was just testing out wht I’ve already written for part two of chapter three.


Oh. Thank you. I’d really like to see your work aye.


I was thinking about posting what I already have, but the perfectionist inside of me forcing me at gunpoint to change it.

I don’t want to die soo…


when I pick to talk to the man that was eating the sheep this comes up.


And when I pick to shoot the same thing happen to but the number say 16 and 17 instead.


That will be fixed shortly!

Thanks for the notice


Well I expected to update before August was over…then I realized how much I had to write before chapter 3 would be finaly finished.

So what I’m saying is that this part is going to take a while to write, adding on college classes and It’s only going to take longer.

From now one I’m going to be writing whenever I can. I might even just post small updates.

What do you guys think?

  • Post what you already have
  • Wait until the whole part is complete

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Status Update!

So this demo’s word count has spike to just over 80,000 words, and I’m not even done with chapter 3 yet. Chapter 3 will probably be the largest chapter in this story. I think I’ll have to take what I haven’t written yet and push it to chapter four. I don’t want this to feel super long

As for the rest of the story, I am aiming to 200,000 words atleast, it might go over but that’s the benchmark I’m putting in place.

I need to learn how to cut down on words…


I’m just happy you’re sticking with it. I’d hate to see my Carrie romance, I mean this book go unfinished. It’d really be a shame.


I don’t plan on leaving this story behind, I just put a lot on my plate. And don’t worry about Carrie,you’ll be seeing more of her as it goes along. :wink:


Another Update

The demo is now 97,608 words with code and 93,774 without code.

I’m going to private the game on dashingdon for a while, just so I can make sure that everything is in order. Hopefully I will be able to update soon.


Short Update!

I’m currently writing the last parts of the second half of the chapter. Hopefully I can open the demo soon this week, if not the next.

The word count without code is approximately 94,750 words.


Major Update

Demo is live :sweat_smile:

I really should be more happy about this than I actuallt am rn. The perfectionist side of me is screaming to make more edits to the chapter, but I’m just going to leave it up to u guys to critique.

It’s not perfect by a long shot I’mprobablygoingtomakealotofchangestothedemointhefuture but I hope that you all can get some enjoyment out of this. So…yeah…Enjoy!!!

If any of u were hoping to see more of Casey in this update, be prepared to be dissapointed. You won’t see her until after chapter 4 :wink:

[Edit] Almost forgot!

Word Count with command lines: 100,622
Word Count without command lines: 96,724

…I’m going to bed…