A Giant Step [WIP] Sci-fi space opera (prologue+early chapter1)

Hello community,

I’m currently doing a project on my free time, called A Giant Step. It is set at the dawn of the XXIII century where you’re appointed president of the newly created Earth Federation which regroups every country in the world who decided to united after a period of massive unrest and relentless wars overdwindling ressources.

They instead initiated a project, constructing an habitat over Earth capable of sustaining 25k people in space in order to establish a solid foothold in space and ensure our survival beyond mother Earth.

Game includes :
Extended prologue (edited 13/05/2018) is about 4k words and includes your introduction speech as president as well as witnessing the launch of the last batch of colonists towards the habitat alongside (or not) of your new assistant (M/F but fixed names).
The beginning of chapter 1 (edited 21/05/2018), set in the Earth Federation temporary headquarters where you’ll discuss and plan ahead with your assistant and the expansion of your team.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/go/2680 (edited 21/05/2018)

Feedback is of course more than welcome :smiley:
Suggestions are welcomed as well, but no promises!
If you detect typos, report them please (I’m not native to English)


Great demo! Short but sweet I want to be with krista!!:grin::joy::rofl:


Thank you Chopper :smiley:
Glad you like her, for now Jean/Christa are clones of each other (no differences in attitude or actions) I think I’ll put personalities in them and if I can, it would reflect your attitude and overall actions pretty well.


very fun game what can we do\

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Thank you Jake :smiley:
As of now, you’re limited to the prologue (about 3k words) as stated in the description above.

I’ll update a chapter about the expansion of the habitat with the specialization of your choice within the coming weeks.

4 path will be available :
-industry : asteroid/deep space mining
-science : science department with 0G lab
-diplomacy : Earth Federation Congress wing (for future negotiations and treaties)
-military : the formation of the first space corps (think space engineers/marines)

Just thoughts for now, but it’s getting clearer by the day.
I’ll probably write a mini-chapter with your assistant on the condition you’re nice with him/her for starters :wink:

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Can we have an option to say we dont the care for the speech thing without being rude.?


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Hey Hearts,
That certainly can be made, you mean a polite answer like.
“I’m not here for the speeches” if you have a suggestion I’m listening :slight_smile:

That way you can refuse without being savage on your assistant’s heart (pun intended).

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yup something like “i dont really like speeches” or a sigh or something like that? i though that cuz there is an option, when you arive to make the speech and there are some paparazzi? and you can just run through them. Like mc is shy or just wants everything to be over as soon as possible?


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Thanks for your input Hearts, I’ll be sure to have a neutral option shy-ish when I’ll re-work on the prologue and the following chapter :smiley:

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@Hearts I integrated your suggestion to the prologue along with some other ideas I had.
Have fun discovering them :smiley:

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It was a great demo…loved it❤.But there was a tiny name error…

One NPC(don’t know what to call her Krista or Christa)

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Thank you Toufiq and thanks for the typo :smiley:
It has been corrected and updated!

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