A gamebook bio about Aethelflaed of Mercia

In The Last Kingdom proud Queen Aethelflaed is beautifully portrayed as she rules single-handedly Mercia fighting Danes and Irish invaders with her friend, the fictional badass hero Uthred. In Chronincon Apocalyptica she appears as the last owner of mythical Excalibur.
What about a gamebook about her historical life, with that mixture of Strategy and Rpg that made great Stronghold: a Hero’s Fate?
The Player would be her (gender locked obviously) and would have to hone her leadership, economy and strategy skills, fighting in the difficult times of the Heathen Army and foundingh buhrs and towns.
Every achievement of the queen could be accompained by detailed historical facts.
I’m really thinking about start to draft such a book. Would you guys like this idea? What about historical approach?

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