A Dragon's Wish | WIP July 8, 2023 | 4k words

Welcome to A Dragon's Wish, a story in which you, a humble country bumpkin obsessed with dragons, are suddenly thrust into a world of adventure and politics when you are chosen by a wild dragon to be the partner of her unhatched child.

Raise a dragon and stumble through your new station in life as you choose who you will ally and partner yourself with. Will you choose to trust the right people to have your back? And when war with the wild dragons beckons, who will you side with? Will you be the hero of dragons or their doom?

Story Background

Dragons are powerful sentient beings and the pride of the Sorean Kingdom.

If you earn a wild dragon’s favor, you may get gifted with a dragon egg.

A long, long time ago, the leader of the wild dragons, only known as the White King, gave an egg to a chosen human who would go on to become the first King of Sorean with his dragon partner at his side.

Nowadays, the monarchy is long dead and the kingdom is in the control of the five main noble families and the Order of the Hoard.

The kingdom’s dragons are now almost all the product of breeding. There are only eight dragons with partners in the kingdom in total. Six in the Order, two owned by nobles.

That is, until you are gifted a dragon egg by a wild dragon you helped as a child.

Act 1

This is the Act in which you are introduced to the lore and world of Sorean and get your dragon egg.

Act 2

This Act has three different branches, depending on how you choose to support yourself while raising a dragon.

-In one route, you become a member of the Order of the Hoard.

-In another, you depend on the generosity of the main noble families, as you are given a minor noble title just by hatching a dragon.

-In the last route, you decide to depend on no one but yourself.

Act 3

-War has broken out as the nobles try to subjugate and tame wild dragons to amass more power. You must decide who you will side with once and for all.


Grayson- (Male) The leader of the Order of the Hoard.
-Dragon: Nora (Female)
Friendly and down to earth, yet serious about his responsibilities. He is always kind to you.
30 Years Old
Tall and well built, red hair, green eyes, pale skin and freckles.

Ramone- (Male) A member of the Order.
Jovial and helpful, Ramone is always happy to work with his fellow Order members and take care of the dragons.
24 Years Old
Average height and well built, shaved black hair, bright blue eyes, and dark skin.

Ellis- (Female) A member of the Order.
-Dragon: Razz (Male)
Wicked and playful, Ellis is the definition of cool… until you learn her dragon’s full name.
23 Years Old
Average height and slender, long blonde hair, gray eyes, and lightly tanned skin.

Brenna- (Female) Lady of the Florian noble family.
-Dragon: Elya (Female)
Seemingly stoic and unapproachable, Brenna is someone that is the picture perfect Head of a noble family. As you get to know her, though, you learn of her family’s elders pushing her into that image and attempts to control her.
32 Years Old
Average height and well built, brown hair, purple eyes, dark tan skin.

Rhys- (Male) Lord of the Valence noble family.
-Dragon: Fennick (Male)
Claimed the Lordship from his elder brother by secretly hatching his dragon. Ambitious and driven, Rhys could be a good guy… if only he would be less vicious.
26 Years Old
Average height and slender, black hair, gold eyes, pale skin.

Fern- (Female) Heiress of the Astier noble fanily.
Timid and shy, Fern always looks like she has something she wants to tell you but just can’t get it out. Pressured by her father all the time to be the perfect heiress, she struggles. Especially since her father has so little regard for her he offers her hand in marriage to you immediately for a dragon in the Astier family.
20 Years Old
Short and slim, long gray hair, light green eyes, pale skin.

Cyrus- (Male) A thief.
Cyrus is mysterious… Or he’s just kind of a jerk? At least when you first get to know him he’s seemingly cutthroat and apathetic. But as you get closer to the loner thief you learn of his past and real personality.
27 Years Old
Average and slim, silver hair, blue eyes, pale skin.

This is very much a WIP.
The descriptions for the ROs, for an example, are very basic and don’t really give many details because I haven’t even written them yet. They’re just ideas at this point.
It is going to be a LONG project.

Please, if you are at all interested, give it a chance and leave a comment. I’m looking for any type of errors and constructive criticism is much appreciated. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about the story as well.

This is a passion project of mine that I’ve been starting and stopping for two years now. I finally decided a few days ago to sit down and rewrite it from the start.



Interesting wip about dragons and nobles. I can’t wait for more


I can’t continue after the first choice :thinking:. The game looks interesting, I hope to learn more about the factions, although I think I prefer not to depend on anyone

You really can’t get past the pet question? It shows no errors for me. Both options work and go to the next page.
Is there any error code or something?


Before I tried three times and could not continue. Now it works correctly :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

Weird it played just fine for me. Ah well. I’m obviously gonna try all paths but going solo is probably the one I want to do the most. Too bad there’s only one ro for it. I understand we kept to ourselves doing this path but it feels unfair. If there was maybe one more I wouldn’t mind there being less.

I’ll take your words in heavy consideration. The solo route is my favorite and also the one I was writing mostly for my enjoyment. I could probably add another RO… Let me think on it!


Thanks for considering it. Even through it’s just the prologue right now u introduced the world and the lore about dragons well. It was easy to understand and wasn’t too much information at once. What inspired u start this wip? Was for just for fun or something u read or watched?


Thank you!
And as for my reasons, to be honest I just love dragons. I read all kinds of books about dragons as a kid. And I was disappointed by the lack of dragons in choice games. Choice of Dragon and Dragon Racer were the only ones I could really find. So I came up with my own!


So true. Dragons are lacking here sadly. I kind of wish there was more. Good luck with your own story


Very interesting concept you have here

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@serafino was checking stats, found this:

choicescript_stats line 14: invalid indent, expected at least one row

choicescript_stats line 17: invalid indent, expected at least one row

Thanks for the info! To be honest I haven’t messed with the stats much yet. I’ll work on it.


Hello, I loved the story but I just had a few questions

Are you gonna be able to communicate throught a mental link or are the dragons gonna have a language you can learn like a dragon racer?

Are their gonna be specific stats for the different things the dragons are capable of (i:e Flying, Running, Fire breath or such)

Do you plan on keeping all of the ROs for a specific route or is it subject to change in the future?

To answer your questions in order:

Are you gonna be able to communicate throught a mental link or are the dragons gonna have a language you can learn like a dragon racer?

I’ll put a spoiler warning for this one. If your relationship with your dragon reaches a high enough percent, you will be able to hear your dragon’s projected thoughts. As for other dragons, they can also communicate to you through a mental link if you earn their trust.

Are their gonna be specific stats for the different things the dragons are capable of (i:e Flying, Running, Fire breath or such)

To be honest I haven’t decided how many stats your dragon will have, or if they will have any. Stats are the biggest part of choicescript I’m still fumbling with. Your stats will be used for game mechanics though.

Do you plan on keeping all of the ROs for a specific route or is it subject to change in the future?

Yes, this is one feature that will probably not be changed at all. It is specifically made because your lack of interactions with other characters in the routes would lead to a romance being flimsy and unrealistic. I am HEAVILY considering adding one more RO to the rogue route. I have even half constructed her character.

Thank you for reading the first chapter and asking questions!


Sounds good and interesting Hated when it ended

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The only complaint i have, is how short the pages are, which kinda breaks the immersion for me since everything goes so fast. Other than that interesting story.

Your opinion has been noted!
I had read a comment from someone once saying they actually disliked long pages in choice games so I assumed (perhaps falsely) that that was a common opinion.
Thank you for giving your opinion!


To be fair, it would look a little sparse on something larger than a phone screen, but the complaints about too much text confined to a single page are usually related to multiple large paragraphs on that single page on said phone screen.

A visual example for what I mean is generating 50 word paragraphs of filler text (lorem ipsum, if you like), and having around four, or five of these 50 word paragraphs on a single page before a page break. The visual is about normal on a PC screen, but would massively stretch the page on any smaller device.

How you format your WIP is completely up to you, but having taken a look to see it myself, I also think you can get away with a little more per page if you wanted to. :wink:


This was interesting! The demo was a little short, but I really liked the setting and characters from what I’ve seen so far. I also liked how the world is being gradually introduced, as it adds to the MC’s character of being a country bumpkin that wouldn’t know about everything that’s not connected to the village. I do have to agree about the pages being a little sparse, though, as it breaks up the flow of the narrative.

Looking forward to the rogue route! :smiling_face: