A Dog's Life (WIP)


Got an error when I tried to ask about humans


Error when I tried to talk to the female dog at the shelter.

Quicktest or Randomtest would help catch these.


So my laptop is severely fucked up, I cant do anything. I can barely get past the bios drive.

I cant work on the game until I get this fixed, so it might b a week or so. Really sorry guys, blame Windows 10 & the fall creators update


So this game will no longer b worked on for the time being. I can’t afford shipping my laptop in for repairs, let alone parts (up to $300, plus $80 shipping).
The game is not being abandoned, but I cannot work on it until I can somehow make money


So its going to be about a year before I can continue working on this. Husband wont let me send my laptop in until I’m out of school, says we can’t afford it til I can make money.

Hoping I can make some tips & send it in sooner


It’s okay. I understand. But I can’t wait for you to come back


I’ll reply every once in awhile to keep this open. I’ll let everyone know when the game’s up, but I also don’t want to start a new thread.


I love this. This is making me feel stuff. Lol I’m getting some wicked “Fox and the Hound” level feels right now


So im able to use my personal laptop again, but it may be some time before an update or I can work on it. School is keep me much busier than I expected, but i graduate next march so its not lile it’ll be 2 years or more before any updates or anything.

Thinking about adding “exotic” species (such as maned wolves, dholes, & dingo’s) where you wouod start out as someones (either legally or illegally) bred animal & yiu end up escaping


Okay :slightly_smiling_face: Sounds interesting


So i was able to work a bit today, & here’s what I’ll add:

Exotic Canids (from the canid family), where you start out n a sanctuary, 1 starts elsewhete though). They are listed below:
Dox (dog fox)
African Wild Dog
Maned Wolf
Huskal (specially bred by humans, Jackel-wolf. This breed will b very tricky to do, so i may take it out)

These breeds can be recognized by trained professionals, which none of the familes are but if you are any of these breeds, it is a very slim chance of beinf a service, firehouse, police, or therapy dog. They will think you are too wild looking & ignore you.
However, exotic breeds will have a massive advantage over other dogs/hybrids since they are built for the wild


Ok so no update yet but I have an idea of how to start the exotic species.

You will start out n a sanctuary/conservation center but adter a storm you end up getting outside the fence & seperated from your family/pack & get found by humans who dont realize ur not a dog.
Dox will be different, nkt sure what to do yet


No update to Dashingdon yet, but update to my personal work.

Dingo’s and Dox’s will have a different start than the other exotic breeds due to the info I have managed to find. Still unsure if I am doing Huskal’s yet. I have just began researching Jackel’s.

& if anyone has suggestions on how their mother scenes can go (especially Dingo’s & Dox’s), please respond ^^


hey, just wanted to throw my support behind this, sounds interesting and is love to play the full game.

Canine social structure wouldn’t be my best area unfortunately, just want to through my support for your work out there.


I can’t wait to see these other exotic species! Thank you for your hard work as well :slightly_smiling_face:


So I’m not adding Huskal’s, I could not find any info besides the name & that there Jackal-Wolf hybrids.

Dingo’s are starting off as an exotic pet, where your mother is a dingo but your dad is some kind of dog (randomized). You escape before something bad happens (one of those “had a license to keep you but it expired now I have to get rid of you” kind of things).
Dox’s, I have no idea yet. I may even take them out entirely unless I can find a way to start them.
Maned Wolves, African Wild Dogs, and Jackal’s all start off in a conservation zoo (because their endangered & humans are trying to bring the population up). The first day is more or less your interaction with humans, who are taking you outside for the first time (you start in an observation room), and the second a big storm starts. Similar to the wolves, when there’s thunder you will bolt & end up running through a big whole in the fence that formed when a tree fell over. You will wander for a day or two before being found in the same park where coyotes start.

The exotic species cannot be the following:
Show Dog (Dingo & Dox will not be taken by the Beltran’s, others might)

Exotic Species have the following bonuses:
Bonus to the special path (the last one, not recommended for some people)
Bonus as a stray, life is slightly easier and you gain skills faster
Beginning is much harder but gain almost twice the skills other pups do

Exotic’s (except the Dingo & Dox) cannot breed with dogs, so you never have puppies.
There will be a chance to care for someone else’s puppies when you are 5 years old though, so you can still have a semi-family/pack.

Around age 4-6 (depending on species), there is a good chance that you will be recognized as an exotic species, captured, and sent back to the conservation zoo or even to your natural wild habitat (this will end the game but it’s a good ending).


Ooo! This sounds extremely exciting! :smile:


So nothing new uploaded yet, been extremely busy. But thought I’d introduce some of the main events (which are subject to change, but these events are big. It doesn’t matter where you live or your breed, these events affect everyone.)

Pup: Shelter (duh)
Age 2-2.5: Large fire, from a bomb. Police dogs will find the bomb, rescue dogs will rescue people, therapy dogs will help calm children &/or elders, pets will very, & strays will vary according to current location
Age 5: sickness. THIS MAY AFFECT YOUR LIFESPAN! Possible sickness (randomized): cancer, kidney problems, hip/leg issues, or minor sickness that will not affect you very much, may be others
Age 9 (if alive): Show your age! Your stats will adjust to show your age (so reduces strength, increases intelligance, just as examples, this age will be different for breeds that do not have a lifespan of 10+ years)

Death: According to your breed, each dog will begin to get a countdown timer (basically picks a random number), if the specific number for death is picked, you have died of old age! Some breeds will see this as early as year 6, some may not see it until they are 11.
Death (cont): Multiple ways to die. Poison (or chocolate), hit by a car, fight, euthanization, ect. Will possibly reveal entire death list later on


Great thing. Amazing stuff . Pitbull is a medium breed. Not large. There show breed called American Staffordshire terrier is a large breed or mix crosses. I didn’t try any other breed. As after you have pitbull you don’t want any other brees. You respect them so much when you have them


Pit bulls are medium to large, but I set them as large in the game. I am not changing that, especially as most pits seem to be getting larger or you at least see the large ones more often. & while i understand there are those who adore pits, it may be nice to try the game as a different breed as unfortunately each breed has limits on certain activities, pits included.

I have been unable to work on the game due to legal issues (not related to this) but can start up again. I am still working on the mother scenes for the exotic breeds, and will upload when ready.

I have also fixed a few bugs in the shelter scene that would stop you from progressing. Will upload that scene (& that one alone) now.