A Dog's Life (WIP)


Part of the Shelter scene is done! Just the very beginning, up to the first morning (which is only partially finished).

Overview of the first 2 Shelter weeks:
Wk1- every morning, you can respond the humans waking you up and refreshing your water and food. This is only for the first week.
You will also begin being leash trained, as well as basic commands. You can ignore all of this if you wish, just choose to ignore or fight it.
This week will start establishing how you react to humans in general, so start deciding now on how you will act with humans later (lots of stat gains & boost during the first week, literally almost every chose comes with a stat boost/change)

Wk2- how you interact with dogs. 2 strays, 2 pets, makes friends with them and even more boost & changes for your stats. Will also continue leash training & basic commands (impossible to be leash trained or learn more than 1 command in 1 week, so this week will determine if you are leash trained and how many tricks you learn)
Also almost every choice will have gains/boost. If you don’t get leash trained and want to be a pet, don’t worry. You’ll be leash trained very quickly when adopted.

Wk3 through Wk5- choosing your potential home, chances to escpape (will go more in detail later)
Wk6- you will either escape or be sent to another human out of state, you will not stay at the shelter past the 3rd day of wk6 (more detail later)


Got this when I chose to talk to the other dogs.



Sorry about that!


Got that after I chose to talk to the female.


There’s a bug when you choose not to fight the leash.


Please either describe the bug, or screenshot it.


It was a wrong choice bug.


Little more descriptive? Like, bad label or something? I can check it myself, but you need to describe what exactly is says when reporting a bug


It was a bad label, if I recall correctly.


Instead of trying to recall, please play through again & either screenshot it or immediately post about what the exact error is



Now you can react to Sit Training! & a new thing, Name Training! Name training exist only within the first week, & it is literally just learning when a human says your name. Works similar to Sit Training, except much shorter & you will know your name by the end of the first week, most likely by the 4th day.

A new place you will visit every day while in the shelter (so basically the first 2 weeks). The play room!
Interact with toys & possibly humans, gaining stat boost with every choice!

The Shelter is intended to go very slowly the first week, speed up the 2nd week, & then the next 3 weeks will pass by in a blur (& how you want to get out & potential branches affect Shelter length as well)


shelter line 337: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

another one
shelter line 410: Non-existent variable ‘lrnsit’


Okay…that’s weird. line 337 is fine, but line 410 has been fixed. Not sure what happened there. Try it again.


now it gives me this
shelter line 443: Invalid expression at char 15, expected no more tokens, found: CLOSE_PARENTHESIS [)]


XD when you go to report a bug but then someone reports it



Ok, really starting to doubt my computer. The lrnsit was changed to trksit before you guys posted these latest bugs.

Uploaded fixed file, try it again


It worked :slight_smile:


The error was gone the next time I played.


This looking great! I can’t wait to see what’s next!