A Dog's Life Pt 1



Just posting to keep this thread from locking. Still working A Dragons Life, but my family was evicted & currently traveling across the country to our new home


That is horrible news. I hope all works out soon!


That is horrible. I hope everything goes well


Sorry to hear this, take your time and best wishes for all that is to come.


My writers block is over!!! I am working on A Dog’s Life again, while A Dragon’s Life is paused


Your writer no longer hates the clock


Yay! So happy! :smile:


Glad to see this game being worked on again!


So right now I am working, but I’m reading through what I’ve finished already and fixing little mistakes. Changing some words, adding little bits here and there, nothing major. Won’t take me all day at least, and I got past the Healer part I was stuck on at least.

Anything specific you guys want to see coming up in the shelter? That isn’t already planned and/or added already I mean.


I’m going to guess we’re going to have a lot of opportunities to increase our stats in the shelter throughout the weeks, like agility or strength, along with intelligence as our dog character learns new tricks?

As for what I’m curious to see? Honestly, I kinda want to know what’s up with Jury; little fluffball seems twice as vicious as some of the bigger dogs there…honestly kind of wondering if he’s gonna snap and attack either one of the people, or one of the dogs at some point.


In the Shelter: Commands, Behavior training, & starting in week 3 you will interact with other dogs

As for Jury, he’s a Shiba mix whose humans purposely broke both his legs when he was a pup. He’s seen the darkest side of humans (he’s about 3 years old, been from abusive home to abusive home) and hates humans with a passion. He is actually a mate choice later on, but it’s kind of hard to befriend him & learn his history.


Something new (this was discovered in A Dragon’s Life, I am bringing it over):

Scars & Injuries, built like an inventory. Dogs can comment on these, as may humans. There are a lot, because dogs fight & get injured and especially for strays, may not get to healer (vet) in time!


Ooh! I like that idea! Hmm, maybe scars can have different effects depending on your path? Like as a stray it could be a sign of “hey! I have tons of scars! I’m a badass that needs respect!” but if you’re say, a show dog, it’s more detrimental.

As for expectations? Really, I am very interested in more new character interactions and events besides the stats stuff. Nothing really specific, I just really like how you wrote the characters and any alone time spent getting to know them is appreciated. Really, that’s all I am going to ask for for now ;D


So just uploaded the new files!!! Changes, additions, ect listed below

What’s New:
Day 1 Week 2 is about to begin, but the choices on Day 7 Week 1 are not finished (only one choice was finished)
List of different specializations on each scene start now. They explain what you will need to work on & a vague idea of what you will do
3 new families (not added in officially, but mentioned in the Therapy start scene)

Wording, a bit of grammer, ect


Will there be a save option soon? I don’t mind replaying it, but I would like a save option so I can pick an different choice.


@hexfur I’m confused, the description says there are 30 coat colors to choose from, but the coat colors seem to be random. Am I missing the option to choose my coat and eye colors?


I believe you can only customize your dog yourself if it’s a mutt, everything else is randomized for you.


I really like the description of what skills and abilities you’ll need for certain jobs. Really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:


New families for Service Dogs:

Linda: A young woman in her 20’s, she has braces on her legs and has trouble walking. She also lives alone and has never had a dog before. Occasionally has a sister who visits, but is alone for the most part. She needs a dog with the following skills: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Draft Pulling, and Service.
Aaron: A man in his 30’s with two children (aged 5 & 9), he’s struggling to be a single father while dealing with severe arthritis, epilipsy, and living half the time in a wheel chair due to a severe leg injury recieved when he was young. Had a dog when he was younger but not since then. He needs a dog with the following traits: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Sight, Hearing, Herding, and Service.
Jade: A child, aged 6 years old, with autism, who needs a friend. Her older brothers, 6, 9, and 15, all love her but sometimes do not know what to do. This is where you come in. You must comfort her, play with her, be her best friend and help keep her calm at all times. She needs a dog with the following traits: Strength, Intelligence, Guarding, Herding, Therapy, and Service.

Scars Full List:
Facial Scar
Torn Right & Left Eye
Torn Right & Left Ears (takes place of Shredded or Torn ears that were coming later)
Ripped Tail
Crushed B Right & Left and F Right & Left Paws
Crushed B Right & Left and F Right & Left Legs
Belly Scar
Back Scar
Flank Scar
Chest Scar
L & R Blind (if both L & R Blind, becomes just Blind)
L & R Deaf (if both L & R Deaf, becomes just Deaf)

Wounds Full List:
Front & Back Leg
F Right & Left and B Right & Left Paw

Wounds are temporary. They will either heal on their own or with help from other dogs, humans, or a vet. Each wound will drain your health and possibly stamina for a certain length of time. Some wounds also prevent escape through certain choices, prevent certain fighting moves, have a lasting impact in convo’s, and sometimes lead to scars. (Ex: Head wound bleeds too long without treatment, suddenly you have a facial scar. Or sometimes a Head Wound can lead to a Torn Eye or even Blindness)
Torn Eyes do not automatically mean you are blind


*barking intensifes

Interesting Scar/wound system. :thinking: