A Dog's Life Pt 1



Ok so for Purebreds there are 3 different starts.
Mutts have 4 starts
Wilds & Exotics have only 1 each (Wolfdog technically has 2 but it depends on if your LC or HC)

No one starts in the shelter. Ever. You always start with your mother (or in one motherscenes case, a puppy mill)

@howlin_drak that issue has technically been fixed, just not uploaded. I’ll see if I can’t upload today


But what triggers the different starts within the same type? Is it random?

I swear one of my Borzoi demo playthroughs put me in the shelter first. There was a lot of agitated dogs around and I remember it saying the mattress(?) where we sleep was all dirty and stinky, the tray(?) beneath us being taken to be washed. One of the dogs, I think it was the German Shepard, even managed to escape briefly before getting captured… oh well, maybe it has been fixed on the revised version?


That was the puppy mill you started in.

& it is randomized. No way to choose which start you have. I used a temp variable then randomized it


So I was able to do a massive update & upload!

Shelter goes through Days 1-5 of week 1 (day 6 is started but has no content)
Week 3 day 1 has a preview
Entire list of Summer scenes (though there is no content)
Seasons are new! You start in Spring, Summer starts when you leave the shelter
Behavior Training & your reaction to the human & the leash in the morning is set on Day 1 of the first 2 weeks & is set for the rest of the rest of week
Command training is on every even numbered day in week 1, possibility of learning Sit in week 1!
Slash, Kiki, & Jury are characters you really want to keep an eye on. Especially Jury!
Some bug fixes & spelling errors have been fixed

I am having an issue with one of the mixmom scenes. If you start with your mother in the shed, it somehow led to the Dingo scene when you play-fight your sister (& for some reason does not go back to the start of fight like its supposed to, same mechanic as the wolf/wolfdog puppy fight, no idea how its going wrong). If you have that issue, please let me know because the mother scenes are not linked in any way & it should not be doing that. I tried to fix it however, but am not sure if I was successful.


Just a little suggestion - you may want to update the title or even the main post stating when was the demo last updated, just to keep people informed.


I love the update, thank you so much for this! But I do have a couple of questions, if you play as a wolf, half wolf, coyote, or half coyote, will there be be a ending where you can return back to the wild and reunite with your sibling? My other question is, the woman who takes our character on walks, would it be possible for her to adopt us as well? She seems really nice, but I understand if that’s not possible. My last question is, I was looking at the relationship chart and I clicked the Police Department, under dogs what do the letters mean? For example, Jekyll (GS) What does the GS mean? And what do the other letters mean?


I think the letters are abbreviations for their breeds:
GS - German Shepherd
DBM - Doberman
RW - Rottweiler
IW - Irish Wolfhound
PB - Pitbull
AK - Akita


@Saprook u r correct. If a dog is purebred, their breed is listed n abbreviations next to them

@Ant_Merf I will not reveal anything about ur sister yet except u will meet her again.
The woman who takes u on walks is unable to adopt u (she does live n th apartments coming up & has 2 pets already, that’s y she works at the shelter though, so she can help more pets).


Would any of the families give the dog MC the raw food diet? I can see the Rhode’s probably doing it.


I’m not sure just yet. I haven’t focused on any of the families besides the basics of what they want


Thank you for answering my questions. And thank you Saprook as well


I was thinking, if we play as a wolf or HC wolf dog will the other characters at some point talk about it or do they just assume the MC is really weird looking mutt?


So wolves & HC woldogs are noticable at certain times by other dogs, but not so much by humans.
It will make you look more wild (so a higher feral stat), & for some dogs that is a bit…unsettling. some dogs (mainly pets) will be uneasy w u around them as u embody the wild, the unknown, a tameless fear they have an instinct to be afraid of.
Dogs will instinctively know that ur a wolf or part wolf (unless u r LC, then it wont b as noticable & they may make a small comment here or there)


Alright thank you for the clarification. Love this WIP btw


How hard is it going to be to earn abilities and skills in this game?


Fairly easy to be honest. Well, until u start working on Working Skills (draft pulling l, guarding, ect)
Then it’s easy to learn but u need a ton to actually do anything


I am having terrible writers block at the moment and can’t really get past the current WIP from the shelter scene, so I am taking a few days break from writing.
However, I do have plans for the rest of the shelter & game, so ask anything you want to know. I will let everyone know when I’m back to working


Take all the time you need. After all you can’t rush greatness


It’ s alright! Understandable :smiley:
Loving it already too! Honestly the only nitpicks I have are some typos and tht’s about it. I’m very surprised at how much characterization you’ve already given to some of these characters, I am already attached! Anyways, just keep enjoying what you do, you’ll be inspired again eventually :slight_smile:

Also I love how you handled the Wolfsnout retrievers! Nice :smiley:


For the time being, while I try to get past this writers block, I have made a new game! (This one isn’t big like A Dog’s Life, just for fun).

Here’s the link: A Dragon’s Life