A Dislike Button?!

Sock-puppets have been used on forums where there is no monetary gain? Talk about being sad etc., though I know people create ‘new accounts’ to troll. Just didn’t think they’d go to the trouble of also down-voting an entire person’s post history.

As much as it sucks for authors trying to get by and despite disagreeing with it rather fervently, I can at least understand the reasons for it when it comes to leaving bad reviews etc. for authors. But when there is nothing to be gained from it, other than some potentially odd satisfaction derived from irritating another person for whatever reason? I don’t understand it and likely never will. Well, I guess I do understand it, but the thought process behind it is quite alien to me.

CoG and the choice gaming world is today, where MMO games were in the mid 1990’s. If CoG games hit the mass market the way MMO games did in the early 2000’s you will see an exploding community. As a person that saw and experienced the best and worse of communities, the difference between experiences is mind-shattering. (Picture the purple-exploding heads (cookies to those who get that reference)).

There are people who “SWAT” others in gaming and risk federal terrorist charges. So you shouldn’t be surprised there are things done short of that. (I’m not saying you personally). Maybe one day I’ll write a CoG story about some things I’ve seen.

On today’s community we are forming friendships, both personal and professional that can last a long time. I still interact with people I known a decade or more in gaming. I hope to be forming those relationships here too. So many authors here are awesome and inspiring.

Sometimes it is a lack of maturity and sometimes it is a total lack of reality (I knew someone who believed that the “people on the internet were all made-up people and everything done to them is just like doing those things to game characters.”) She was banned from several communities several times for the things she did.

This community does a really good job at policing itself but if there is a huge growth explosion, there are dangers that community leaders can be trapped by.

The thought process is alien to a lot of us; but I’ve seen too much not to know it doesn’t exist. There are some people in this community that are involved with the Paradox Interactive community. Those that were a part of that community a decade ago can tell you how different things are now. This is a good community but as the company has grown and their community sprawls from Reddit to Facebook, it has changed.


As an example: I had a community member who went through every post I made in a particular thread from Feb.5th to present and down-vote it. 10 negative ratings; did this person disagree with every word I wrote or did he/she just wish to smear me?


Yeah, I know of swatting. Just wasn’t sure how common place it was. In case there’s anyone that doesn’t know about it, let’s imagine there’s someone that has a vendetta against another person for whatever reason. They might find their contact details, ring up the police and send them 'round there, under the pretense that the person they dislike is holding a gun to someone’s head. A rather dangerous situation to put it lightly, depending on the coppers and circumstances. I think it’s mostly been game developers/CEOs or something targeted? People that are known in the game industry anyway. And then there are the death threats over small, insignificant things like changing a gun’s stats in CoD.

I’m not really a sociable person, but I have also found one or two good friends online which surprised me.

I think we’re niche, so it’s doubtful it’ll happen in my view. The sales would be nice for authors/CoG, but as ever, there’s a conflict between earning good money and . . . well, not wanting to get big because of the problems it causes. Harassment etc. Not being able to preserve the community.

Personally, I hope to never get famous, though I do definitely need the money. Just enough to live on would be nice.

I think being divorced from reality is indeed a problem for some, but not all as I imagine part of it is venting after a bad day. You can see this when people seem to think their opinion equals fact and such, without realising many things are subjective. And by seeing some of the outrageous things people come out with.

I’m glad you mentioned Paradox. In the initial post before I edited it, I was thinking of them when I mentioned not understanding people who sit and complain for weeks on end about something they seemingly dislike/hate when the alternative is to simply not buy or leave one - two posts only. I’m talking about the DLC for their games, and I’ve not bought any for Crusader Kings 2. I just chose not to, rather than complain. A more recent example is all of the complaining about Total War: Warhammer recently and the game isn’t even out yet. And then there are the Telltale games too. (Plus the Choicescript titles for ‘being an html file’.)

I wonder why they did it . . . Actually, a personal example. People have probably seen me say I have a few stories published. I’m on Facebook and there’s someone who used to impersonate me, someone from school. They also impersonate others. Anyway, I eventually got the account shut down that was impersonating me, and later I find them posting on a post I left about one of my short stories, claiming I’d plagiarised and such because it was impossible I could write a good story on my own. Of course, they were impersonating another person I knew from school. I must admit I did lose my cool a bit then, not because of them dogging my story, but because they’d previously posed as me when contacting my cousin and had also been posing as me for years. I think I got it shut down 2 - 4 years ago . . . and I’m 30 now, so yeah . . . it’s hardly like they’d been posing as me for a day as a joke.

Lots of odd people out there and despite it being possible that they exist here, implementing a dislike system would potentially encourage this kind of behavior more because people can be asshats without any real consequences. Not that they can’t do it now, as mentioned, but they’d have even more reason to be an asshat as they can be one by simply clicking a button rather than having to type up a post. So yeah, hope CoG don’t get too popular.


Hi All –

We use Discourse for our forum software. We’re in the business of making interactive fictions, not forum software. Even if we wanted to create a Dislike button–which, while I understand the impulse, I ultimately don’t want–we ourselves couldn’t do it.