A Dislike Button?!

I was wondering maybe if CoG would implement a “Dis-Like” feature, just like the “Like” button…except it doesn’t show who disliked that certain comment/reply.

I think it would be way more convenient than just saying that you don’t agree with that comment/reply.

I don’t really know if this would cause some strife of some sorts, but I just thought it would be a neat feature to add.

Lemme know what you guys think and your opinions about adding a “Dis-Like” button.


It sounds like a good idea because with 1 post about x, we can see how many people agree and disagree with it.

I don’t know, it seems a little bit…mean? Especially without any following clarification for why people dislike some posts. Sure if it’s a scenario where somebody asks for opinions okay, but nobody stops people to dislike things for random reasons and that just seems a little bit mean.


I think it also good idea. Hey yahoo has that like and dislike thingy.

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A dislike seems unnecessary. Liking something is pretty straight forward, but if for some reason you disagree with something I think it would be better to comment why and get a healthy discussion going.


I don’t think it’d be a big problem here at all, especially compared to elsewhere, but a dislike button can unofrtunately lead to trolling/non-sensical downvotes. Seen it happen on Telltale’s forums and on Amazon’s forums. (It’s the reason there’s no dislike option on Telltale’s forums anymore)

Of course, down-votes aren’t a big deal and should be ignored unless they cause a post to be hidden, but it’s just irritating, you know? And if people really do dislike something, I think it’d be best to say why as has been mentioned.


In my opinion, a Dislike button could be useful for some things.
For example, an Author asks for an opinion from the community and there would be the possibility to add a ‘Dislike’ button for only this post. Then the others could say ‘Yes, I totally agree’ and give a like or ‘Nah, sounds weird, I don’t like that’ and gives a dislike respectively.

It might help other people with what the community thinks about the specific question by only giving likes or dislikes when instead they would probably need to write out in detail why it is not a good idea and some would not like that as much as others.

Just my humble little opinion here :smiley:

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I dislike the idea of a dislike button. If there was one here I would have used it. :wink:

In all seriousness, no form of forum I have ever haunted have benefited from a dislike button. Indeed, many of them have started out with one only to remove it on a later date. To me, that says something. :relaxed:


A dislike button would be counter productive to the open community feel the CoG forums represent. At the end of the day everyone is entitled to an opinion even if we disagree with it. Disliking a post won’t change minds and will more likely result in someone that makes an honest mistake that gets a lot of dislikes which discourages them from a project.


I think it’s better for the hide spoiler to be easily accessed than a dislike button.

A dislike button isn’t really helpful for the forum I think it’s better to explain why you disliked an idea rather than just tapping a dislike button and not bothering to explain why .


While I can see the proposed value of a dislike button, I don’t believe that it would be very helpful. I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally have had very little trouble gauging the opinions of people on this forum through the means already available.

  • In cases where people want an actual “yay or nay” response from the community about an idea they have, the voting system has always been effective. In fact, the voting system is even more effective because it allows for more options than the black and white, “like or dislike”.

  • In the case of controversial topics, a quick glance towards the comments with the most likes, or a brief scan over what people are writing is already an easy way of figuring out which arguments are most strongly supported.

  • More importantly, due to the open atmosphere of this community, people are completely willing to share their opinion of whether or not they agree with you, and why they feel that way. I think that is the most important thing. As a community of writers, it is vital that we offer not only criticism to one another, but constructive criticism. A dislike button, much less an anonymous dislike button, provides people an option around having to actually speak their opinions clearly and openly.

So while its convenient, I feel that an anonymous dislike button is also toxic to a community that thrives off of having an open and honest atmosphere where people are encouraged to thoroughly critique each other’s work/share their opinions.


Even Paradox have modified their ‘dislike’ button to ‘respectfully disagree’ and I still don’t think it is being used correctly there.

That’s just the way people are, they’ll thumb it down in your face as it is the easier option to take. Even I’ve done it at times where I cannot be bothered to reply to a particularly daft post.

Best to leave it imho, let anything that falls out of bounds get swept up by the moderators, and leave civil disagreements to actual posts than a single ‘click’ / I’m done route.


While this is a good idea in theory, these “dislike” systems are almost always used to drown out dissenting opinion. It should not be implemented here in any way, shape or form.

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Even though most CoG forum members are both mature and thoughtful, I still think a dislike button would make “drive by criticisms” too tempting and easy. If you’re going to disagree with a thread/comment, take a couple minutes to offer a robust (and constructive) response. Think of it as writing practice!


A dislike button is Too easy. If you don’t like something for valid reasons. State so. But if it’s just not your thing sat nothing. Why put time and energy toward negativity without constructive feedback.

A like is akin to a nudge forward. A dislike is like strapping a weight to someone’s ankle. It is painfully easy to let yourself get pulled down by what’s wrong. It’s not as easy to keep trying.

So for me… I don’t see how a dislike button would help. Considering if I saw a bunch of dislikes on my projects I’d find it that much harder to keep working on it knowing how many people just don’t like it.

So stick to the bright side folks.
Much luv.


I find that (unless someone is talking trash against a WiP), if you like a post (respectfully) disagreeing with someone else’s is a way to dislike without major disturbance.

Example: I liked @Eric_Moser’s post, which disagreed with the original topic, thus feeling that my “respectful disagreement” was “heard” without having to type something. Which I did anyway because I’m bored. :sleeping:


The last thing we need is to turn this forum into Reddit.

One dislike for this idea. :grinning:


This site is one of the few sites I think really doesn’t need a dislike button, people come on here to share ideas and such but with a dislike button you could really dash someone’s dreams/hopes. CoG is one of the places where the typed disagreement or lack of a response works well enough for a creator to get the idea.


The hiding feature is why we have flagging right?

Plus talk about constructive vs. destructive criticism. If people were allowed to dislike something they would feel less obligated to to give a reason. Me personally, if a bunch of people suddenly went on my WIP and disliked it I would not feel good, rather I would feel like I have been wasting my time. Compared to if some people went on and said “I don’t like your WIP because _.” I would know what could be fixed and would give me a sense of direction, a goal to work towards instead of the “I don’t like this” from the dislike button. Although there will be some people who don’t tell me what they dislike I would bet there would be a few telling me rather than using the dislike button.

Also I would much rather they spend their time modifying the forum to add the spoiler system in.

If someone wants to know if people want something or not and get no feed back they could simply add in a poll one answer being “yes” and the other “no”.


On paper it is a great feature but put into practice, no matter the community, I’ve seen the feature abused.

Even if the button does not “down-vote” the post as in some communities, I’ve seen sock-puppets made exclusively to go through another user’s entire post history and down-vote them. “Down-vote” popularity wars are a possibility and other unintentional consequences happen.

This feature, no matter its implementation will change the community - and I don’t really want this particular community to change the way that down-voting fosters.