A 'Demon' styled game?


I’m curious to know how people would react to a more sinister game, revolving around the player being a demon or some sort of horrible creature. The idea I have is playing as a ‘Demon’ who wants to eradicate sadness by bringing smiles to peoples faces. This would include: befriending unsuspecting children and becoming their ‘Imaginary Friend’ whilst plotting ways to fool their parents into not looking at the subject matter; forcing deals and promising foolish people into making pacts with you in order to make their lives happier; or, well, the possibilities are endless.

Once they smile, then they are yours to control, take and devour.

It would be set in the modern day, where the adults disbelieve in demons and monsters, whilst the children are naive to such beings. You won’t be invincible however, and if spotted you could easily meet your demise. It will all be about patience and the right tactics to get your victims to smile at your presence.

Obviously the narration may seem off putting to some, as when playing a demon you’re going to enjoy performing some actions and believe they are truly good. I’m just wondering if anyone would play such a game, and if not, what would need to be included for you to gain interest?


Muhahahaha! Sounds great!


That sounds cool!


So what type of demon? What sort of powers? Sounds awesome though.


Still in the works. I might have multiple options for demons, each with different abilities and forms. As for a title, I just thought of one:

S.A.D (Smiles Are Dead)


I was wondering what sad was.


Yep, just decided I’ll have that as the title for definite. Oh if only I could make these games as quickly as I think of them xD


If that was possible i would be a world famous author right now and be in the guinnes book of world records!


Sounds great!.. How hard would it be to make someone smile?


I’ll make everyone smile I’ll order 1 ton of joker toxin.




@Dark_Stalker i think that’s considered cheating. Now using a feather and tickling the victim, totally legal

Also i like the idea. We need more evilness in CoG


But we’re demons how is anything considered cheating?


You can’t cheat if there are no rules >:)


You can only devour them if you make them happy, though. xD


They’d be laughing who laughs when they are not happy?


You know that feeling?
When you have those prickly things on the back of your neck?
And the little hairs on your arms stand up?
And you feel a feather tickling you in your armpit or on the bottoms of your feet?
That’s them!


Many people laugh if they’re nervous or if they’ve just suffered a great and sudden tragedy xD or if they’re just insane…


I can’t smile without being happy, the smile just makes me happy


Wow. That sounds awesome. *-* I’d play it. I also like the title: S.A.D