A Comedy of Manors - Updated July 4th, 2021

Love the game, the characters are all very interesting, the whole manor makeover has me hooked up, and MC is completely head over heels for T! I’m all in to help T take care of the kid :pleading_face: (where do I sign the papers lmao)

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I’m going to be typing this as I play the demo, so it’s gonna come off a bit… uh, staggered:

  • damn you, I could’ve travelled by train and ferry and you stick me in an aeroplane? On a more serious note, a choice picking your in-flight movie might be another chance to define the personality stats.
  • on POV choice: while not COMPLETELY OBVIOUS that it’s a POV choice, I think it’s clear enough. What isn’t is if going to Sebastian’s POV replaces any sequence on your character (i.e., if it’s just extra content in the same playthrough or alternative content). One of the games I’ve played recently, Wayhaven Chronicles,

  • “along” here is just one word; “long” on it’s own is an adjective
  • I can’t tell if you’re punning the authors names here, but if you aren’t…(also, when picking an old favourite at the library, you have FrankenTstein)
  • Perhaps it’s just me, but I think putting a “Bertie chuckles” between two sentences of the MC in the same line makes it a bit confusing. I think it’d be clearer if it was something like “[MC line], you say, eliciting a chuckle from Bertie. [MC line].”
  • Gonna venture that that ALEX is not supposed to be there?
  • Crafting screen (I love the crafting mechanic, btw): it should say how much of the raw materials I have. “1 hour crafting strawberry jam uses 7 pounds of strawberries” is not of much use if I don’t know how many pounds of strawberries I have.
  • I don’t think these choices are for this screen?
  • I think the descriptive “little” for the nose is ok.
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Thanks for taking the time to play my game and leave such a nice comment :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks so much for all this feedback! I’ll definitely go through the game and address these comments. Let me give you a quick clarification about–

–for the purposes of crafting, the MC basically has unlimited raw materials. In reality of course, there is a limit, but the limit is so high that it doesn’t matter. In practical terms, the MC would run out of hours long before they ran out of produce.

To give you a quick example using the strawberries, if MC used all 75 hours to make strawberry jam during the first crafting intermission, they would use 525 pounds of strawberries, but the farm is producing 700+ pounds of strawberries per week (total yield is randomly generated). The reason the game tells you that strawberry jam takes 7 pounds/hour is so that you can compare that to other recipes to decide if this is a good investment of your resources. Crafting is still in the baby stages, and I anticipate creating some sort of guide to help players figure it out before everything is said and done

Thanks again for taking the time to play my game and leave feedback!


I’m not sure I understand - if the resources are in practice infinite, then there is no “bad” investment of resources (other than time). Unless you want to go deeper into the economic simulation (which I’m not sure if it’s what you want), in which case we’d need to have the actual sell value for the raw materials and the processed product, so we can do the math on (in the case of the first crafting) whether it gets us more profit to invest the hours into increasing the value of the pickles or the strawberries.

P.S.: The Frankentstein typo (if it is a typo) shows up again, can’t recall where, but I think at that point code-wise it’s just a variable like [book_name] or something that refers to the original list or something.

EDIT: I almost forgot, since I have you here. Is poly a possibility in the romances? I never saw the contractor again, after theee… either meeting Ines or the secret passage exploration, and I was wondering if this was because all the romance options I picked with Gabrielle (also, there doesn’t seem to be a way to track romance levels other than manually, which I assume increase with every :heart: dialogue option you pick).


I do actually want to lean into the economic themes, but it’s more complicated than just money. Let me reiterate that the crafting mechanism is still in its infancy, I will try to explain what I envision.

How to find the cookbook in the stats menu (with pictures)
  • Press the “Show Stats” button
  • Choose “Other.”
  • Choose “View cookbook.”


Example recipe:

Strawberry Jam

  • A spread made with strawberries
  • One 1-hour batch uses 7 pounds of strawberries and yields 24 cups
  • Profitability: medium
  • Difficulty: easy


In the weeds

In order to proceed in ACOM, you have to earn various “points.” I’ll try not to just info dump, but here’s a short explanation of what kinds of points there are and how to get them. Feel free to ask questions!

  • Harvest points - you earn these by selling produce
  • Animal points - you earn these by selling eggs, milk, and animals
  • Renown points - you earn these by making a name for yourself (unlocks special opportunities)
  • Quest points - you earn these by completing “jobs” (year 2+)
  • Crafting points - you earn these by selling processed goods

When you are crafting things, you have to consider a few competing interests:

  • Time - you have a limited number of hours to devote to crafting
  • Profitability - how many crafting points an item earns
  • Difficulty - easier items have a higher yield, but often the more difficult items are also (usually) more profitable
  • Ingredients - some recipes require you to craft other items first
  • Renown (hidden) - a lot of items (especially the more difficult ones) unlock special opportunities

The reason there are “crafting points” instead of just cold hard money is because it allows me a certain amount of relativity. If I wanted to count dollars, I’d have to do more work to build an overarching economic infrastructure within the game, but with points, all I have to do is compare items to each other to figure out relative profitability. I can tell you more about that process if you have questions!

What I want to do with these points is create competing interests. Sometimes you might have to sacrifice something in order to achieve a goal. Here’s an example that will come up relatively soon within the game: Tony will offer to teach the MC how to make apple cider in exchange for an exclusive contract with their bar. There are pros and cons to doing this.

  • Pro: learning from Tony gives MC a permanently higher yield when making apple cider
  • Pro: MC gets a relationship boost with Tony
  • Pro: agreeing unlocks a scene with Tony
  • Pro: the apple cider MC makes with Tony doesn’t use any crafting hours
  • Con: MC will have to devote a minimum number of hours to making cider
  • Con: agreeing to sell exclusively to Tony will make it more difficult to create a well known brand (hint: this is a lost opportunity to earn renown points)
  • Con: selling exclusively to Tony is less profitable than selling to other buyers

It shouldn’t be hard to earn these points (and proceed within the game), but I do want these points to make you think about your choices. What I don’t want is to make players sit there with a calculator trying to math their way to success (in part because some of the system is randomized and can never be fully accounted for with a calculator!). And believe me when I say that the math is tedious and convoluted. I have a spreadsheet full of figures and notes explaining my own system to myself. For anyone who’s really curious, all the math will be, of course, in the code.

If you (or anyone else) want to see some of the behind the scenes calculations, let me know! I’m happy to share. The reason that I don’t want to make it super accessible is because I think for most players the numbers are more likely to be a stumbling block than a helpful tool.

I don’t like to say never, but it’s very unlikely I will be including a poly option–thanks for asking!

I can’t tell for certain if you’ve encountered a bug, but all the characters should show up from time to time in platonic contexts

This is something that I will be changing in the next update, and I’m pretty excited with what I’ve come up with!


Ah-ha, ok, if you get points also from selling produce directly, then I understand what the point of having the cost in strawberries is. I presume having more points in a particular category brings its own benefits, and not just overall points. E.g., having high harvest points has folks talking about your pickle (no, not like that) which might increase the income of selling your pickle (goddamn you, I already told you NOT LIKE THAT), whereas having a high total of points would have them talking about your estate in more general terms.

I presume that selling exclusively to Tony also has the pro of, well, not pissing Tony off by competing with them (I vaguely recall the mayor mentioning something like this, but I can’t recall if it was about the bar or the bakery - I presume it applies to both, and all other businesses, anyway).

I’m not surprised about poly - it sounds like hell to code and write. Like, if you have even just 3 characters you can poly with, that’s SEVEN permutations that you have to put in.

Thanks for the answers. Looking forward for moar content.

EDIT: A suggestion occurred to me: right now, your options regarding drinking (determined during the masters party) appear to be “alcohol bad” and “you’re responsible for half the tips of every bartender in town”. I don’t know how much work it would be to implement (because you’d have to create an extra corresponding scene whenever it came up), but I think an “I don’t usually drink, but this is a special occasion” option might be nice.

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