A Comedy of Manors - Updated July 4th, 2021

Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed the game :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you! :heart_eyes:

Thank you for your feedback! I’m sure you’re not dumb at all–many people have assumed, or at least hoped, that Alex is an RO. What I don’t want to do is write “Alex does not return your feelings” somewhere, so what I have opted to do is replace their romantic dialogue indicator. Originally it was a heart (:heart:), but now it will be a broken heart (:broken_heart:). I hope that will be a good hint of what to expect! Thank you again for taking the time to read and leave feedback :blush:


There’s a bug in the part where I thanked Sebastian when I visited their house.

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Thanks for taking the time to play and leave feedback! The reason you’re encountering that bug is because I added a new variable to an earlier scene that doesn’t have a value if you don’t go back and play. That unfortunately means your save files from before the recent update are :skull:


This one quickly becomes one of my favs WIP. I love the humors and each LIs are different. My fav scene is definitely the battle of peonies. It was hilarious!

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I found a minor glitch in continuity.

At the festival, right after the pie-eating contest, I got the following text:

“Pss,” you hiss at Charlie. When she turns to look at you, you thrust the bouquet into her hands. “Give it to Judy!”

“Wh-what!” She flushes beet red, her cheeks more saturated than the pie filling still hanging from her hair. “I can’t!”

“And why not?”

“What if she doesn’t—”

“She does!”

There’s no more time for argument. Judy reappears, pie-eyed at the Charlie’s high color, an unvoiced question on her lips.

You nudge Charlie, and her arm shoots forward.

“Here!” she squeaks.

Judy takes the bouquet and averts her eyes. Charlie shoots you a look of equal parts despair and accusation.

“They’re lovely,” Judy mumbles with a small peek at Charlie, whose shoulders relax by a millimeter.

“You’re welcome,” she says, another nervous look in your direction.

As the three of you set out, Judy leans in close to you and says in sotto voce, “These look suspiciously like the ones you were carrying earlier.”

You look at her wide eyed. “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.”

She smirks at you and looks away.

The thing is, I had turned down buying any flowers back at the flower vendor, yet the text still plays as though I’d been carrying around a bouquet the whole time. It’s a pretty minor glitch in continuity but still, figured I might as well mention it.

Still loving the story!

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Thank you for taking the time to read it and comment! I’m glad you’re enjoying the humor :clown_face: I enjoyed writing the peony show scene, and it’s good to know that you enjoyed playing it

Thanks for pointing this out! I have fixed the code, and I’ll upload the new files next time I update. I’m glad you’re enjoying the game :heart:


I’m working on a scene right now where the MC can choose between getting lunch with Bertie or Tony. Both characters will have platonic and romantic versions.

Your MC might not be interested in spending time with either of these characters. My question is, would you want the option to skip this scene? If you choose to skip, there won’t be any alternative content. You will simply move on to the next part of the game. There is a similar option to turn down Ines’ invitation to tea earlier in the game.

Scenes like this, in which the player chooses between two characters (regardless of their romantic inclinations) will be increasingly common, which means that if you choose to skip all the content that doesn’t include your preferred RO, you will miss a significant portion of the game.

I know when all 4 ROs are on the table, you will prioritize the one you are romancing (duh!). That’s why these scenes will include only 2 ROs instead of all 4. I want to encourage you to interact with (and hopefully befriend) several characters. But I’m conflicted: I don’t want to force you to spend time with a character that doesn’t interest you. On the other hand, that’s why there’s a choice between 2!

There will also sometimes be one-on-one scenes with characters. These scenes will be a little different though. In order to get to these scenes, you will have to meet certain conditions (friendship or romance scores and/or previous choices). I feel less conflicted about these choices since the MC will have to indicate a certain affinity with the character in order to see that scene. Still, would you want the option to turn down these invitations?

TL;DR: would you want the option to decline an invitation from one of the characters even if there is no alternative content?

  • Yes, I would want to be able to skip these scenes even if there’s no alternative content
  • No, I don’t want to be given the option to skip if there’s no alternative content
  • I don’t have a strong opinion
  • I’ll tell you what I think in the comments

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My decision may not yield to the results of the poll, but I’d still love to hear your thoughts!

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In tony’s Pov (the first one) he says that maybe he would ask for mc’s number when he already gave his and after Mc give flowers to the RO’s (all of 'em) the next page says that I let the moment pass by without givin it.


I think Tony’s Pov is a little weird, rushed even, he just takes the tip Mc gave and says he will think abt them (I don’t need a large description here but it isn’t something I couldn’t guess myself) even Rashid Pov (the character that seems the most “shallow/simple/one-track-mind tipe of person” of them all) feels rushed somehow, like I caught a throwaway thought without planing to, and I just think the Pov’s could bring more from their view on the story than that

They each seem to have something more going on than what shows, but their Pov’s don’t even hint at it, stuck on their surface everyday thoughts, they bring nothing new.

I do hope the Povs could be reviewed even if it’s a optional feature after all they still should be considered part of the story.

Please don’t take any of this with an intention to attack you personally bc they are nothing but suggestions and a personal opinion from someone who do love your story despite my complains and that will still hold this story dear even if you change nothing :heart::heart:


Thank you for pointing this out–I think I’ve addressed the problem, and I’ll upload the fix next time I update the game

Thank you for your feedback! The POVs in general don’t seem to be working very well in the piece, whether it’s the shift (awkward and confusing) or the content (shallow). I think you’re right that these scenes could make valuable contributions to the story, but they aren’t. Removing them might be the best decision. Now that the story is well over 100,000 words, I feel much less attached to a couple thousand haha. I could continue to tinker with these scenes to make them better, but ultimately I think my efforts are better spent elsewhere. Your comment was the push I needed to move on and focus on something else, so thank you!

@Lea_Boucher I know you’ve deleted your post, but I just wanted to reassure you that I don’t think you were being entitled! I asked for feedback, and you gave me your opinion–I appreciate that. I was already leaning toward not including the option to skip these scenes, and since the poll seems to be supporting what I already wanted to do, I’ll admit I’m not feeling very motivated to go against my inclinations.

I don’t want to say that this issue is definitively settled though–as I continue to write, I may find that this doesn’t work as well as I wanted it to. If I later decide to allow the player to skip, I will keep your feedback in mind, though I won’t make any promises since even “tiny” amounts of writing add up over time. One thing I won’t do is award the player with a relationship point for these micro-scenes. Like I said, I want to encourage players to explore other relationships and befriend as many characters as possible, even if I concede and do allow players to skip these encounters. Thank you for your feedback regardless! It gives me food for thought :kissing_heart:


I WAS SPOTTED :sweat: damn this one day deletion hahaha. Aww thank you for the reassurance, your comments are always kind and I’m glad that it wasn’t taken the wrong way at all.

I completely understand about the relationship point not being added in, and you don’t need to promise anybody anything. Just go with your gut! Whatever flows, flows. We’re here for the ride. Thank you for taking my feedback on board and best of luck with the next steps that you’re taking! I can’t wait to reunite with grumpy French pastry man and his Nan.


Anyone else find R to be thoroughly unlikeable as a character? Their introductory scene just made me extremely uncomfortable and set off serious red flags in my brain, making me immediately want to leave. I don’t mind usually characters who are a bit flirty or playful, but I find this one to be way too much in this case; lady, the heavy-handed on-the-nose initial flirt didn’t interest me, why would you think I would suddenly then respond to your extremely unsubtle innuendo? Back off!

I have tried going down their romance path (purely out of curiosity, as I had tried the other characters’ routes first), and they seem alright if you’re overtly responsive to their overtures, but if you’re shy they come across as really pushy. The worst of this is in the scene at the carousel. They give across this whole ‘petulant man/woman-child who doesn’t understand boundaries or how to take no for an answer’ when asking for a kiss.

Compare this with Tony (who’s also flirty), for example, who from my playthroughs is way more respectful and doesn’t lay it on too thick if you’re not interested - and even if you are interested, I don’t get the feeling that they’re looking simply to screw my brains out (it’s more, “hey, I really want to get to know you better because I like you as a person, so how about dinner/lunch sometime?”).

That’s the thing also - they’re just way too sensual/sexual for my liking (don’t get me wrong, I love sex, but even I find them to be way too in your face about it). They give me such a f-buddies vibe, which is nice if that’s what you want, but I want me some romance too. The other characters seem like I can interact with and simply be friends with them even if I’m not interested in them sexually or romantically, but R just seems like they’re waiting for me to change my mind and let them smooch me and/or take me to bed. Makes me feel like a piece of meat.

Honestly, this character gives me way too much anxiety and I would much rather let Alex or somebody else deal with them in future than have to personally interact with them again.

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Thanks for taking the time to play my game and leave feedback! Rash is not for everyone. It sounds like you have enjoyed Tony’s content a lot more, and I think they would be a better fit for your MC. R is in fact only interested in sex, which they are up front about if you spend time with them on Talverton Day.

There will only be one more compulsory scene with R in year one, but it’s too early for me to make a blanket statement about the rest of the game. However, there probably will be other sustained interactions with them (and all the other characters too). If the prospect of interacting with them gives you anxiety, then I don’t think my game is right for you.

In order to see the other scenes, you will have to make the active decision to play that content, either by choosing between a selection of characters or earning the friendship/romance points that unlock R’s additional content.

Whether you’re romancing them or not, R will always be flirty with an innuendo at the ready. It’s part of their personality. I don’t really plan to change their introduction scene since the purpose of that scene is for both the MC and Rash to test the waters, so to speak, and I want them at their most potent. My intent is that the friendly interactions that occur after this introduction are much more dialed back. I think I have achieved that, but if not, then I obviously need to make changes.

To other players, I would love to hear what you think of Rash and the MC’s interactions with them, friendly and romantic. Please feel free to leave a comment, direct message me, or send me an ask on tumblr


Rash swept my flustered MC off his feet. So I have no problem with how flirty they can be but, I can understand why people would have a problem with them.


I don’t have a problem with Rash’s personality. My MC is equally bold and flirty so they’re quite a match. Even if that was not the case I understand that he’s just like that, I know people like him.
But right now I’m intrigued more by Gabriel and Tony. It’s a bit early to say which one will be my first choice though.

And I’d like to thank you for creating such a good game and characters. Most of the time I have only one favourite RO and even when I replay I stick to him. Rarely there are 2 RO which I like and here are 3 paths that I’m sure I’ll play. I even consider trying Berie’s romance. :kissing_heart:
So many great and likable characters beside the ROs, I want to make friends with every one of them.

The only thing that bothers me is that many times you seem to reduce charisma when the MC is giving a sarcastic reply. I tend to play highly sarcastic and charismatic MC and it’s really strange for me how you made these personality traits opposites. :confused:


Thank you for your input!

Thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m glad you’re enjoying my little world :blush:

Let me assure you that these traits are not opposites! It is very possible to play as both charming and sarcastic, and I have done it in my playtests:
acom persomality stats

I’ve done a quick sweep of the scene files and found three instances in which a choice decreases charming/increases intimidating and decreases genuine/increases sarcastic, so I’ve included screenshots of those instances if you want to make sure to avoid them

Intimidating & Sarcastic

charm 2
charm 3

I only found one choice that increases charming/decreases intimidating and increases genuine/decreases sarcastic

Charming & Genuine

gen 1

I might have missed some, but in general it seems that there are very few choices that put charming and sarcastic at odds. If it’s really important to you to play a specific personality type, I recommend taking a peek at the code! It’s really easy. All you have to do is add “scenes” to the end of any dashingdon link and then click on the scene you want to view. Here’s the scene hub for ACOM.

If there are some choices that you think raise or lower stats in a weird or nonsensical way, please let me know!

I might have a short cut to help you! A good rule of thumb for ACOM–I obviously can’t speak for other writers and their games–is that the banter-y (i.e. sarcastic and charming) responses will have verbs like: joke, quip, retort, tease, and jest.

I can’t say that every single charming/sarcastic response uses one of those verbs, but I think it will help as a quick guide to picking them out. In general, I try to use body language and the verb in each #option to indicate the tone of the response. It’s not a perfect system, but hopefully this will help at least a bit!


Thanks for your kind reply :slight_smile: I think I didn’t said it well in my previous post because English is not my first language and it’s hard to translate exactly what I want to say in full.
I know they’re not really opposite traits, I actually read the code and noticed your examples. I think there were more, but that’s not important. I just found it strange at the time I was playing. Maybe I just imagined another meaning when reading some choices. I have this problem with some games - I read a choice and it sounds perfectly sarcastic to me so I click on it and then… surprise … the author meant it literally and I feel like an idiot :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Anyway it was really the only thing that bothered me throughout all 5 chapters and it’s not really a big thing. I can’t wait to find out more about everyone in this little town. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I actually quite like R! My MC’s also quite bold and flirty (and sarcastic at times), so it works out xD
(tbh, I like all the male ROs lol)

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I hadn’t been on COG for a while, and was happy to see this update!

Feedback wise – there was some weirdness with flowers at the carnival. My MC chose to buy flowers for lots of people, and had 5 left when she finished the farris wheel ride, lost Alex and Francis, and bumped into Tony. I had the option to give him a rose, took it, and then got BOTH the text of giving it to him and not. First I got the bit about giving it to him, but on the next page it said, “You glance between Tony and your roses and decide to let the opportunity pass.”

I know you were looking for feedback about this section, so I wanted to make sure to let you know!

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Thank you for letting me know! I think I have found the error that was causing this and corrected it, and I will upload the fix next time I release an update :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my game and leave a comment!

Based on some feedback from another reader, I’ve decided to remove the POV scenes. They rightly pointed out that the player doesn’t gain any substantial insight into these characters because the thoughts that the scenes reveal are pretty expected and easy to anticipate. I could invest more time and energy into making these scenes better, but I think the game would be better served using those resources to create new content!

G does in fact attend the festival! Their appearance there is conditional, so you didn’t meet those conditions in that playthrough (probably because you focused your attention on Bertie!). If you make an effort to romance or befriend G, it should be pretty easy to satisfy those conditions, but check out the section below for more details:

Meeting up with G at the Talverton Day festival

This is what the code looks like:

  *if (yr1_02_05_20_i != 0)
    *if ((g >2) or (g_rom >2))
        *gosub_scene mechanics_setup partner_g

And here’s what it means

  • *if (yr1_02_05_20_i != 0) → You can’t have a negative relationship with Ines (see explanation below)
  • *if ((g >2) or (g_rom >2)) → You need at least 3 friendship or romance points

When you meet Ines at the beginning of the game, you have an opportunity to make a bad, neutral, okay, or good first impression. Bad = 0, so if you make a bad first impression on Ines, then G won’t be interested in hanging out with you.

However, there are several opportunities to apologize to Ines for your behavior. As of right now, those opportunities include the following scenes: meeting Ines at the library, taking buckeyes to Ines, or giving Ines the bouquet of flowers. Apologizing to her will satisfy (yr1_02_05_20_i != 0)

Thank you again–I’m glad you’re enjoying the game :blush:


I’ve had this bookmarked for quite some time. Pretty happy that I finally got around to playing it!

I really like the casual tone of the series. It’s a nice break from games that have so much thick tension and high stakes. I think the characters are pretty cool, too – it’s nice that they’re all given their own little scenes to expand on their personalities.

About POV Switches

After getting the call from Sebastian in an earlier route, I chose to play his POV. While the choice to switch POVs weren’t very clear, I think that the message that came up before it helped to differentiate that.

I would suggest to just add something like [Play Sebastian’s POV] in the choice itself, but I’m not sure whether or not that’s less immersion-breaking than just a simple message before the choice.

However, in the following choices where you get to see the characters’ POV after meeting them, I had already figured out that that choice in particular was meant for switching POVs. A pretty neat inclusion, by the way!

Sebastian's First POV Switch, Specifically

It’s kinda weird to me that he googles the character’s first name only. If I were to Google the first name of my character, the first thing that pops up are news articles on the shenanigans of an Indonesian shaman. I doubt that searching up only the first name would yield useful results… Unless he’s looking for a shaman.

Some errors(?)

For this one, I’m not sure whether it’s an error or not. I’m playing as a cisgender female with male Bertie, and this was from his POV.


I went for Albert in my first run, but I’m interested in pursuing Gabriel later on. But I believe he doesn’t make an appearance in the festival? Does that mean that his romance route comes in a later update?

Anyway, that’s all for my thoughts on ACOM for now. I look forward to reading the rest of the story when it comes out :smiley:

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