7th February Hong Kong Blood Opera New Update

Massive changes again. This time I’ve redone the first chapter. The game “cuts to the chase” faster.

Three romances start in chapter 1. Baiyu, Donnie and Spin. These Arcs are romance primary, plot secondary and the new format is true to that. Players that pursue these arcs won’t have to wade through backstory and setup of all the other arcs anymore.

Other arcs are plot primary, romance secondary. In these arcs the plot gets “set up” in chapter 1 and their ROs start in chapter 2.

Lots of new romance scenes.

Flashbacks are consolidated into one sequence with pivotal choices. Players no longer experience all the flashbacks, only the flashbacks relevant to their choices.

Chapter 1 ends with the player making a decisive choice that will reverberate throughout the rest of the game.

The demo currently ends there. I’ve taken all other chapters offline while I tweak them.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/jollyspaniard/hkbo-closed-beta/mygame/
The demo has some replayability.


More Asian based WIPs! Yay! The criminal underworld theme is interesting, and from the summary there are a good mix of “black and white” paths for MC to go down.

As for feedback: some punctuation appears to be missing from the options, and is there something wrong with the stat page? Maybe it’s just my phone but it’s not loading…


Already better than a lot of demos on here. Keep it up.


Thanks for bringing up punctuation. I’m not sure whether options should be punctuated or not.

I’ve uploaded a basic stat chart. I haven’t included relationships or wound status but it shows you the primary stats.

In the interesting of evilness. I have one hidden stat called Tragic which is very important. High tragic scores will be communicated via the narrative.

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It’s really interesting special is trained I. A lot of stuff

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It’s fitting that it should be her. She was the one who saw you off the day you left Hong Kong seventeen years.

I think you missed a word on the end of that sentence.

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Thank you so much. I’ve fixed that.

Cheers for the feedback. It’s much appreciated.

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Found another missed word for you:

“An enigmatic man even to his own flesh and blood. Perhaps you’ll be find out more in the near future.”

She takes a long look at you. Her eyes feel like they’re boring into you tunnel digging robots.

Here too.

Now it’s the amusement park, Wonderland. Tt was just a


The dog stops to take a crap. That’s when gets to the point.

Missing word?

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Thank you for all of that. I’ve fixed those. I’m currently working on getting two more chapters debugged and uploaded but I’ll take another pass in a day or two when I have a fresh set of eyes.

Pls fix the error. I havent finish the demo yet :sob:

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I got an error when I chose my gender as female/chose to be called Ms. :frowning:

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also Mr Mx. just a few minutes, it was fine.

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Ouch, fix one problem and create another. I fixed it.

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right im still waiting here :joy:

there is another error at gun prodigy choice

Thank you. I fixed that and did a new randomtest, looks like it works ok now.

Finally, some Asian shit. I had just about given up on expecting this kind of thing. Thank goodness for this WIP!!!


The Mystery Baby Momma’s name changed from Black Fan to Black Nun over the course of the last scene.

Also, it seems a bit early to be falling for anyone, Baiyu in particular.


Great story with an authentic feel to the whole Asian action movie scene you said you were going for. I wouldn’t get too concerned with the typos til you are ready to put it in beta testing, but that is the only real issue I encountered. There will need to be a lot of proofreading done by the beta testers, but everything else looks amazing. I will be keeping an eye on this work and looking for its release. I, however never beta test as I feel it kind of ruins things for me. I will buy the final product though as the demo is just too good.


Reminds me of the game Sleeping Dogs with the whole Hong Kong Triads theme and avenging your family.