(7/12 UPDATE/REWRITTEN) Agents of Lucifer: Book 1 (WIP)

Welp. Here we go again, huh?

Alright, let’s try this one more time, shall we? This is a brand new thread to avoid, hopefully, some confusion. This is due to all the rewrites and everything. I felt this was a simpler route.
So! This version of Agents of Lucifer is what you’ll be getting when it’s all dolled up and polished. It will NOT be undergoing any more heavy rewrites or complete overhauls.

The plot is… mostly the same.

Click me for the plot.

(I am bad at summaries.) But, basically, your god-Hunter gets tossed into a group of agents under Lucifer to work a murder-mystery case. Put the pieces together. Try not to die. Budding friendships possible! Or, y’know, be a lone-wolf, that’s cool too.

Unlike before, the murder-mystery involves people who had gone missing from the nightclub Obelisk, only for one of them to be killed and you poor neighbor attacked! No more Gorgons, I’m afraid!

Make friends with your new teammates, be a stand-offish jerk, or shamelessly flirt.
Play as straight, gay, or bisexual!
Lament over a dirty apartment or bask in the pride of keeping it tidy.
How does your god-Hunter cope with the past?

Can you solve the mystery? Or will you be the killer’s next target?

The ROs

Min-Jun/Ji: the Supervisory Agent, a fancy title for “leader”. They’re the patient one who deeply loves otome games. As a male, Min-Jun is 6′5. As a female, Min-Ji is 6′0. They are the oldest of the group and have a long history with Lucifer.

Andrei/Anya Carthorne: Second oldest with a regal air about them. They’re considered stoic, but they prefer “emotionally reserved”. As a male, Andrei is 6′0. As a female, Anya is 5′8.

Maples: Names after their eye color, like maple syrup. Energetic, lively, a bit of a shameless flirt, Third oldest of the group! As a male, Maples is 5′7. As a female, 5′3.

Eugene/Eugenia “Gen” Ashwell: They’re the youngest of the group but the most physically aggressive. Tall and brooding and kind of rude. Filter? What’s that? As a male, Eugene is 6′6. As a female, Eugenia is 6′1. Gen is demi-sexual, meaning they aren’t comfortable with anything sexual without a deep emotional connection.

Included in the WIP is the updates page, if I remember to actually update it, and a list of content warnings, which I will most likely leave in the final version.

Let me know of any all bugs and what you guys think! This is…so overdue, :face_exhaling:I’m sorry.
Wanna play? Click this!

Chapters 8 and 9 now included!

Now included: A canonical short story featuring Lucifer and Raziel! Click here to play!

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It happens to the best of us! And I have Not committed my story yet!

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It was driving me crazy not uploading anything. I honestly hope it works because I haven’t touch choicescript in, like, 2 or 3 years- omg


So i far i like the changes, the mysterious voices in particular have me curious.
i think the only part i didnt like is jace, far too forceful for my tastes, other then that i enjoyed the rewrite

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I definitely understand not liking Jace! I’m glad you enjoy it so far ^.^

The pacing is a lot better than the original WIP so far. I’m enjoying the bit of world building we’re getting, which feels less forced. I’ve noticed a couple grammar issues (I’d have to track them down again) and that several of the choices for Jace refer to them as she. Overall, liking the new demo and looking forward to more

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I had a feeling there’d be pronoun issues because I missed spots to change into code or something. I’ll scour through, but definitely post where they are in the meantime!

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Hi! Loved the demo rewrite so far! I might find a typo(?)

Yup, that’s a typo! I shall fix that by tomorrow :grinning:, thank you.

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Don’t mind me, just sinking my claws into this rewritten darling csript. I loved the OG, i love this one. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

The gender pronouns are wrong in the choices also ¬a lot¬ has weird things around it.


I don’t know why it went all weird, because the em-dashes didn’t look like that in word. I noticed it in another spot but missed those, clearly! I shall have those fixed!
And I will need to see why the pronouns are wrong… Hopefully, I just forgot to code them somehow.


This is a great improvement over the OG! Also I can’t wait to meet Eugene/ia again, the bickering was top.

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@PrismaticSpace defintly different lol will take some getting use to after playing how many times i had the previous one. All in all i didnt encounter code issues just some slightly strange typos in particular around our neighbor i think it was. Will half to play again when i get a chance to try to find.

Interesting rewrite, looking forward to more of this story!

Updated files to fix the issues so far mentioned/found and minor edits!


Going to play it again

Hi! Chapter Three added! You sort of meet the ROs, but that isn’t official until the next chapter!


What was this supposed to be?

“She’s , and she isn’t even out of the door yet. This is going to be a hellishly long night, isn’t it?”. "

Found another one:

“All I can is how screwed I’ll be if I have to run.”

I think I magically deleted words somehow. It’s fixed!