5 of Swords (WIP)



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asgdfgjdsga I’m dumb. Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


beep beep! An update!
I’ve finally updated the changelog (see 1st post) and I’m happy to announce, that I’m finally done plotting the game! Woo, hundreds of years late! :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:
I tell you, uni is a pain in the ass, I need more free time argh
Anyways, I’m going through my script once more, trying to find any plot holes I overlooked and after that’s done, I’m going to reroll the prologue and the itty-bitty part of the 1st chapter.
Also, I’m considering a fourth RO? But I’m not sure yet. I’m a bit scared that they’d be a mix-up of the already existing ones… If you want to know more about them (let’s call them X for now) hit me up!


Hey more Ro’s Is always a good thing
And if this one happens to be angst filled mage… Well i just cant say no to that…


I actually considered this kind of character, but I’m still a bit torn. I guess I’ll just leave it at that - for now. There is still lots of time to add another RO later.
But actually… feel free to give me character ideas, maybe there’s gonna be the one that’d make me reconsider? :thinking:


Interesting read.very good


So, the new and better prologue is nearly finished. I only need to write one scene before we’re going to get back into chapter one. As you can see in the changelog I’ve been busy the past days. I added more details, fixed a few speeling errors and added three flashbacks - hopefully to help you get an idea of the concerning characters…
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the updated game! :slight_smile:


Hi guys :slight_smile:
The prologue is now finished. Yay!
The last scene took FOREVER :sleeping:
Now, onto chapter one…


Some typos :hugs:


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I think this one’s supposed to be grand?



Ps: really loved the game and progress so far :star_struck:


yay, I can’t wait to see what you got :smile:


Easy. You almost gave me a heart attack :joy:


What? :smiley: How? :see_no_evil:


Oh, thank you :dizzy_face: Sometimes I can’t read


I just replayed your demo today and it really looks good :o idk it was asked already but do you know on how many chapters your work will have?


About 9, including an epilogue :slight_smile:
Thank you!


god jfsnajfnds i’m so invested in this already. your writing is incredibly entertaining n i Love lysander :relieved:. thank you for making this!!


Bug Report: lessontwo line 483: Non-existent variable ‘eyecolour’


Hi I love the game so far but I needed to let you know that I might have found a bug but I might just be locked out of the option by a decision I made beforehand. Besides this little hiccup I love this so far Keep up the amazing work.



Thank you @thearchangle_mike and @Yesperatt_Vercenni
I should have fixed it now :slight_smile: