3D game demo: The Dungeon of Lamurloq (first-person POV dungeon crawler)

@OrginHunter Thanks, I’m happy you like it. BTW, I played bass in the song!
@ClaimedMinotaur yes, dashingdon is having issues the last few days.
@Alice-chan yes, I have coded before :slight_smile:

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Nice. Can’t wait to see the improved wall.

Hi @Szaal. @Loudbeat updated the asset in real time, and I just pushed them. Let me know what you think.



Did you also try the second theme? (Click 7 on the keyboard to enable it) The interesting thing there is that North/South is shaded differently from East/West (but there is no compass).

@ClaimedMinotaur Dashingdon seems back to normal. If the game still looks broken on your phone, could you send me a screenshot? (with and without “Desktop mode”)

The different tone on the wall was definitely my fault, but that straight vertical line, I don’t really see it, I’d probably messed up on some mask or something :thinking:

Oh, the 1-pixel brighter vertical line on the right? It’s probably part of the right wall. I probably cropped one extra pixel! :slight_smile:

It seems to be working now.

Without Desktop:

With Desktop:

Um, what sorcery is this, and why (HOW!) is it doing something? Is this a gif?
Screenshot 2020-08-02 at 15.16.57

@loudbeat Yes, the compass is gleaming

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It’s called compass, it aligns with the magnetic field around and it is commonly used to determine an approximate direction of the magnetic poles

You can have GIFs in CS?

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Yes! I made the frames, but actually I thought it would look worse because there were only 5, but somehow @choicehacker made it look amazing.

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Looks great. It’s done so well! @Aronjo


It is known if that feature is supported for publishing? I might want to add some gifs to my book now :thinking:

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@Charles_Parkes Cool!

You know, GIFs would make for some great horror moments if we can use them officially in CS :grin:


@Charles_Parkes yes, power to the GIF. They are also used for the title.
TheDungeon OfLamurloq

@Loudbeat was commenting that the maze was a little disorienting and we needed a way to show progress. That’s when we came up with the compass and the glare (kudos to @loudbeat to draw and render each idea in real time). It took some playing with timing to get a nice effect, I’m happy it’s doing the job.

For the second skin by @PlumBeast (in the game, click 7) instead we have different shading for North-South vs East-West. Let me have your thoughts.

By the way, the themes are created by carefully slicing and reassembling a few reference images. The whole maze, all configurations of open/closed gates, with all exits images, is rendered by combining less than 50 small images.

I was considering also some animation for the sky, or flickering torches in the maze, but we decided to start with this. I’m open to suggestions.

@ClaimedMinotaur the wrong rendering on mobile is revealing all my layout tricks!


This is amazing! I love what you’re doing, pushing at the limits of the format. It reminds me of this similar experiment in analogue gamebooks from a few decades back: https://www.projectaon.org/en/pdf/misc/Combat-Heroes-1-White-Warlord.pdf

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Damn! This is some pretty advanced stuff!

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We’re on the way to rebuilding Might & Magic in CS… :slight_smile:

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I was thinking of all the old AD&D licensed games made by Strategic Simulations way back in the 80s and 90s.

I still remember their sweet manuals. Those were the days.

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I was definitely getting a Castle Wolfenstein sense of deja vu. Showing my age.


Very nice. Game played flawlessly for me. Just love to see MORE interactive elements! :smile:

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