30 min writing challenge (Ended)


Being on the road all the time I miss being in a writing group. We sometimes just pick a picture at ramdom and write a story in 30 minutes. Then shared with each other. Was just wondering if anybody might be free and want to take up the challenge with me?


Sounds interesting. Personally, I’m busy often (though nowhere near as you) but I tend to have small 30-45min breaks between work school or whatever it is I’m doing. Count me in.


Figure give another 15 min to see if any others want to join in.


When it comes time will search for a random pic. Will post here. Write for 30 min then post. No editing allowed.


This sounds fun, count me in! (Although my schedule may change, I will try!)




Here is mine

He stood stiff and proud as you looked on. He was a member of the queens gaurd. You try to imagine a time when the people were free to live their lives, the mannequin was a cruel reminder of a past you can only dream of.

“Quick they are coming.” Shea whispered. You tear your eyes from the past to focus on the now. Gripping your weapon tightly and look out the broken window into the darkness.

Shea’s eye where enhanced so you had to wait several moments beforw you could pick out the enimies moved in the last waning light of the eving sun.

Your skin crawled as they moved forward. It was hard to decide if they we alithering or jerking along the ground, they gave a sicking hiss with occasional pops. Was that how they talked?

No one knows where they came from but what they wanted was to end all life. They devoured all living matter and left nothing behind but the twisted and snapped bones of whatever poor creature that was slowly absorbed by these night mares.

“How many?” Jack asked.

“Howly flake.” One of the others gaps.

The creepers as they become to be know where slow but never stopped and nearly impossible to kill.

“I thought aphla team was supposed to be backing us up!?” Shea said. You swallow hard before replying.

“They were over run last night. Alpha squad is gone.”

There room was silent and cold. You felt her hand on your shoulder as it shook. Placing your hand over hers you gove what little courage you had left.

"Is it time? Shae wgispets in your ear. Taking a deep breath you shake your head and slowly rise to your feet. The others join you. You desperately eant to run and hide, but where? There was no where left to run to. Today you will die and as you raise your weapon you wonder if your small group is the last of Humanity. Somewhere surely their are survivors out of the reach of the creepers. that is your fervent hope as you release a primal scream and start firing.

     The streets were lined with all sorts of unfortunate people.Some were stricken with the plague that had overcome their empire. Others were just beggars, accused for crimes they didn't commit, and for some, they did.
      The Plague Doctor walked the streets on a foggy evening. He despised how the poor had to lay and suffer while the wealthy aristocrats feasted on buffets that could feed countless men. Now it may be considered odd that the wealthy had yet to catch not even the slightest cough, yet the poor do. What if... The Plague Doctor shook his head. He had more important work to do.
     He walked to his office, just on the outskirts of town, and begun his work. The smell was practically filled to the brim with chemicals. He had worked tirelessly to find a cure to the plague, thoughtfully called "Eternal Plague". Pretty morbid. Anyway, he had travelled to all the neighboring lands, and they've never had such a plague! He'd assume that judging by the speed it overcame the empire, it'd have spread all the way to his home Grithen, all the way across the world of Ine! 
        He had been putting the thought aside yet the evidence was too overwhelming to be ignored. Perhaps this was all part of some nefarious plot! The population had been steadily rising, leaving less and less food for the Royals to eat every year. This could be why they had been stuffing themselves each day! The Plague Doctor couldn't keep this to himself, he had to spread the word of the Royal's treachery!
      He suddenly heard a sword be unsheathed, and before he could see what happened... everything turned black...

What do you think?


Nicely done (20 letters) :smile:


Yikes mine needs bad editing but this was fun. Will try this again soon, but hope more will be able to join us.


I hadn’t been able to write a short story in ages! Feels good to get back into it!


It felt good to just write without coding planned as well :wink: