2117: Highway Wars (Submitted, closed)


The Mad Max series has forever been damaged in my mind due to things that Mel Gibson did later in his career … for years, I loved the first for it being the “trend-setter” though.


Yeah, but I still like the first one, he was very cute in his younger days and of course I liked his outfit in the first the best. As well as the setting of the struggling and ultimately failing setting as opposed to the post-apocalyptic hellscapes of the later installments.


…how old are you… -.-
First one I saw was Thunderdome, then Road Warrior then the original. While I enjoyed Fury Road:man_shrugging: And it appears that there is The Wasteland in development now.


Interesting Game. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!


@Eiwynn, yes, I also find many things about him “a bit” difficult…

@FutbolDude21586, well, I saw it as a kid (not at the cinema, but on TV, years after it released, and we recorded it on video, back in the days when people had video recorders, and watched it over and over again)… but, I’m not so young anymore! And yes, it seems they are making a new one… searched for the trailer but couldn’t find it, though I found this fan-made on. Interesting how the images of the flyovers are exactly what I had in mind for the scenes when you arrive in Bilbao! (and obviously much of the rest is also the kind of images I had in mind for other parts of the game)


Thunderdome isn’t in last place? What is this madness?


Yeah how is Thunderdome rated better than Road Warrior? It’s my favorite after Fury Road.


Another update. Greatly expanded the scenes in the conquering part of the game. I’m not completely finished with it yet, but getting there. Also, starting debugging it and making it more visually appealing. Any comments on this part of the game would be greatly appreciated!


The defense of Burgos (that the right city?) after the first 2 waves of enemies, the MC can’t do anything (if they set up in defensive positions) until the boss fight.

Additionally, I had the same choices that previously allied AIDAN with my MC and I did not get that choice.


shakes her name. name should be head.
bridges have collaspes -> should be collasped

chicken should be plural… unless that is a massively fat chicken!

"Suddenly to your side one of the bikers appears…"
Rearrange the sentence -> Suddenly one of the bikers appears AT your side…
Add punctuation -> Suddenly, at your side, one of the bikers…


Corrected all the grammar stuff (thanks!), and will upload them later. However, I didn’t get what you were trying to say.

-“The defense of Burgos (that the right city?) after the first 2 waves of enemies, the MC can’t do anything (if they set up in defensive positions) until the boss fight.” What do you mean? What do you think your character should be able to do? (happy to modify this sequence, just, I’m not sure what it is you want to do, but if you let me know I’ll add an option for it)

-“I had the same choices that previously allied AIDAN with my MC and I did not get that choice.” Sorry, I didn’t understand… what choice didn’t you get?


So, I was working on this today, and I’ve now uploaded the “finished” version of the game (with all the endings I had planned, though things need to be tidied up a bit). I need to put the correct ending numbers in each part, and continue playtesting the final “conquering” part, which seems to still have some minor bugs here and there. But, the game is fully playable now! Any thoughts or requests are welcome, and I’m going to be doing my own proof-reading and checking (but, any bugs, grammar, comments welcome!)


Man, I hate to be that one guy that won’t shut up about one thing but will there be a cheat mode? Or at least a bonus to money and stats so that we can become the greatest worrior/warlord in the world?
Also when will it be released on Apple Store, google play, etc?


You can already cheat for money by saving and loading during the gambling at the beginning if you want to.


@Natman1025, thanks for reminding me about this. I just implemented difficulty settings (from very easy to almost impossible, which give you bonus or penalties to starting stats). This should help to ensure some replayability. If you play in Super Easy all your main stats should start at 70%, and you also start with 2000 dollars, which should be enough to buy everything you want to in the game. Let me know if you want any other changes, or you have suggestions regarding difficulty levels…

@Shoelip, well spotted! This is a known problem with Choicescript and random numbers… I could try to remove the possibility to cheat there, but I think it is interesting to leave it there for those with enough “cunning” to figure it out! :wink:


Otherwise, I’m starting to work on the achievements and tidy up the game (still some random bugs and stuff to finish).

But, what do you think of the game as it is now? If you were to rate it, what would you give it, and what would be the complaints? (you can give a rating and a complaint, multiple choices allowed…)

  • I’d give it a 5 star rating
  • I’d give it a 4 star rating
  • I’d give it a 3 star rating
  • I’d give it a 2 star rating
  • I’d give it a 1 star rating
  • Complaint: Game is too short
  • Complaint: Grammar needs to be improved
  • Complaint: Too many spelling mistakes
  • Complaint: There are still too many bugs
  • Complaint: Poor character development
  • Complaint: Too many inconsistencies in the game
  • Complaint: The flow of the game is illogical
  • Complaint: There are too many continuity errors
  • Complaint: There are not enough types of ending
  • Complaint: The game feels railroaded
  • Complaint: The range of choices given in certain situations is limited
  • Complaint: I just don’t like the story
  • Other: Please let me know!

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idk if this was intentional or not But when i choose very easy it starts with 2000 silver But once i choose my nickname and paid the 1000 it changes to 1000 not 3000


Thanks for that, it was a bug. It’ll be corrected in next update later today! I’m just polishing some of the grammar and tidying the game today. Can you let me know which continuity errors you’ve found, and which other choices you’d like to have? (I’ll try to implement as many as I can!)

Otherwise, I’ve just commissioned 10 new drawings for the inside of the game. Do you have any thoughts on which scenes you’d like being drawn? (please suggest as many as you like…)


Drawing the introductions of some of the significant characters seems like it might be worthwhile. Aside from that It’s kinda of confusing how the character interaction works. It seems like choice are blocked off based on your previous choices, but it’s not always clear why. They don’t seem to have much to do with previous interactions with the character for example. I think it’s got something to do with stats, but like I said, it’s quite confusing.

It feels like the navigator doesn’t really do much after leaving Magas. They’re the character you’ve spent the most time with in the game but they end up being the least interesting because aside from a few suggestions on what to do next they don’t seem to have much of a presence compared to other characters. This seems like it might be a consequence of how customizable they are. They are technically several different characters with distinct personalities fit into a single role in the story. I felt like Teresa, Maria, and even Zafira ended up making stronger impressions and making me want to know more about them just from the short amount of time you interact with them. Now of course there is the fact that they’re all semi-antagonistic while the navigator is pretty much squarely on your side the whole way through. I don’t think it’s just that though.

I’d always say it’d be cool to have more character development and choices for any character, but I know that’s all the more work writing stuff into the story and coding possible outcomes, and it seems as though you’re trying to wind things down now so that’s probably the exact opposite of what you want to do.


In Eddy’s gear shop, after buying the machine gun, the option to buy it is still there.

Also, in-game the title of the game is “Motorway Warrior”.


@Bugreporter thanks, I’ll correct that for next update

@Shoelip thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try to implement some dialogue options with those characters. You always raise good points!(basically at this point I’m struggling with writer fatigue, want to move onto next project, but need to resist and finish this one properly…)