2 sentence horror stories


So i’ve just finished this school project about writing a 2 sentence horror stories. I found great ones on the internet but i would like to see what COG can do so, write on :P:

“He wasn’t born blind. They just didn’t want him to see.”


That’s pretty creepy!


Don’t turn around. He’s right behind you.


Reminds me of awesome taglines for cheesy horror movies. I love those things!

“She wanted to be the perfect model. He wanted to make the perfect doll.”



Thanks hopefully i get an A


Lol yeah, they’re short but awesome


A man went to hell for one day with his wife and afterwords he started sobbing that his soul was gone and stayed with a she devil, the wife said that wasn’t hell that was my moms house.



HAHA, damn, one of the best


@darkstar2101 Well at least he gets along with his wife ok…

I recently watched a game theorist video about COD Ghosts which claimed that there was actually one thing about the odin space mission that wasn’t completely based on psychotic hyper nationalist racist fantasies. Guess which part that is was.


@CS_Closet Woah that is really creepy yet I love it.

“She didn’t have to run; he just wanted a toy to play with.”


The only good vampire? Is a staked one.


“It made the children laugh and play,” she had wept, over and over. Too late, beholding the horror and its minions, he realized she hadn’t meant it as a nursery rhyme.


It reamed the excess from the father’s severed cranium, then backed down his trachea, extending its limbs from the orifices. Much roomier.


One day you will look in the mirror and see some hand prints. You will try rubbing them off only to discover that they are at the other side of the mirror…


The man fell into a dreadful, restless sleep, unsettled by the portraits of mutilated men staring down at him. When he woke up the next morning, sunlight shined down from the windows all around the house.


My mother-in-law came to visit. She never left. (I know its cheesy but off the top of my head :wink:




A man ended up in a psych ward. Smashed the mirror; said he saw his wife’s murderer staring at him from the other side.

One I read on the internet some time ago: The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.


A noise from the closet woke a child from his sleep. He was about to get up and check it out but he took an arrow in the knee.


That second one is epic


That girl you bullied. Drowned last night.

You go to bed with a smile. You wake up with a smile.

You hear a knock at the door. It was the wrong door.