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I’ve begun work on my new game 1800’s (also this is my first game and I’m kinda new to cog so any constructive criticism is very appreciated) In it, you play a person living in the America’s during the late 1700’s and early 1900’s. Will you chose the soldiers walk of life and fight in the war of 1812, the American Indian wars,etc. Or will you be a slave trying to live your life long enough to escape. Or are you a politician how much will you change history. Or something as simple as a barber trying to live a normal life in these hard times. What era of this century did you grow up the Napoleonic wars,good feeling, Jacksonian nationalism, anti-slavery,the gold Rush, American manifest destiny,the industrial revolution,the migration to the old west, the gilded age,and progressive age, modern medicine,and America’s short part in WW1 ending the game.(tell me if I missed something)

Currently it’s just an interest check I’ll pack up if nobody cares I have different game ideas anyway done, and I plan on updating every week

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Regarding your story, it looks very ambitious. It might make sense to concentrate on only one of those storylines, at least to begin with. Good luck with the game. :smile:


its pretty cool concept, but i think it would take a lot of time to finish the game with a lot
of… i mean thats a lot different story line there (which is great :grinning:), unless its just a short story for each role or with not much of a different on each role, maybe it would be easier if you focus on less play role

but either way, i cant wait to play as a barber that stuck in the middle of battlefield :smiley:, it sound pretty bad ass :sunglasses:

sorry for my english ,trust me, i dont even know what am i talking abaut :grin:. sorry if my feedback not making any sense to you, im new around this community

I love the idea but are doing a titan of a project. The Amount of historical research just to get the early republic authentic alone could take a long time and I’m not talking few months. To properly show multiple perspectives you’re going to really have to go to the peoples heads of this era. So that’s gonna be a lot of reading alone accounts and letters and journals. That’s not even gotten into the social economic history or political. If you’re covering multiple join the perspectives social ,economic and gender dear God!! That’s not even touching on the indigenous tribes which then you need to treat us individual countries.

And you didn’t even touch up on the second great awakening that had huge impact on Americas cultural life even still today.

I love the idea I just don’t know how you’re going to pull it off. Unless you make it generational are you follow family is the new can get more of a snapshot of the different time periods.

oh geez I’m just myself finishing 21 books of Sharpe’s which is about Napoleonic war in Peninsula …I would suggest to read at least some of them to get that research done. ^^


Sharpe The Chuck Norse of the UK. Fantastic book series and the only TV show where Sean Bean doesn’t die.


It sounds like a really good idea, and an engaging one at that. However I recommend you pace yourself. Because I know my own story has so many possibilities like yours, in my new draft, and I’m really burned out rn. So I think it would be best if you chose specific path or even max 2, so you don’t quickly get bored or discourage that these 4 choices you have made could branch off into 20 different ways. Happy writing!


Sounds interesting I’ll be a soldier

Thanks for all the love but I’ll be visiting some family in Nigeria for a while in a little bit but until then I’ll try with everything in me to get a prologue out also if this goes well I’m thinking of doing another one similar but in different countries or one in the 20th century with WW1 the rise of fascism WW2 the cold war only ending at 2001 the year of the 9/11 attacks

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Brother don’t bite off more than you can chew. Honestly pick a period of history study it thirty 30 Years be it ten. To get yourself understanding. For example look at all the books about the Civil War there is tens of thousands. That was just the four year period. Honestly retrospect I’m really curious if anyone rain that many books about the period of disunity it’s a period of Chinese history that had a civil war lasting like 325 years.

I meant after this if it goes well
But thanks for the advice

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