1034 - alpha demo out now!


Alpha demo chapter is available at:

1034 is a whodunnit set in a fictionary medieval England. Backset against a war with an opposing nation, you play as an aristocratic knight tasked with bringing an end to the war and safeguarding the Kingdom from invasion. But the aging King is losing a grip of his Kingdom. His three sons are each eyeing up the throne, there are rumours of spies, witchcraft and deceit, and mysterious figures are afoot within the castle walls and outside them; you must find out who is trying to destroy the Kingdom and stop them…or will you seize the throne for yourself by dispatching your rivals? Influenced by Macbeth and King Lear, 1034 will see you command armies into battle, fight off assassins and immerse yourself in conspiracy. Save the Kingdom, or take it for yourself! Featuring swords, suicides, silver, serpents, shadows, spells and sinister things galore!


Based on The Scottish Play?

Sounds intriguing.


Will the characters speak strictly modern English, or do you intend to flavour their speech with a little taste of Godfrey of Cambrai - or Shakespeare, as it’s patterned to some degree after his works?


I intend to have references. I won’t try to recreate Shakespearian prose because I couldn’t do it justice.


Can’t wait to read it! If you were to choose a female character, would that come with certain limitations gender-role wise?


Hi Uniqueth, I’ll have a standard male/female option, but I’m not going to vastly change the story. The wars will be fought by men as they were, but you’ll still have the same opportunities to lead an army and engage in duels, as the protag. There’ll also be some varied and interesting female characters in there, you’ll have to wait and see for that.


It’s based on Leer, and I can play as a female. Yay! Do I get to pluck anyone’s eye out?


Oh this is awesome! Really intriguing! I’m looking forward to reading this. haha
I always like court intrigue. :spy:


UPDATE: Alpha Demo is available at https://dashingdon.com/play/synapse/1034—alpha-demo/mygame/

Okay, so due to the lack of interest at closed Alpha stage I’ve decided to just go ahead and release a demo chapter to the public. Hopefully you guys will find it interesting, enjoy! What I need at this stage is a mixture of support and some decent critical feedback so that I can get an idea of what directions I need to follow… themes, the writing style, too much text or too little? Not enough choices? Too many? Confused by the characters? Please let me know!


Though the ‘medieval warfare’ genre is becoming a cliche here in COG, your story is top-notch compared to your contemporaries.

Your story is easy to follow, the plot well-written and there’s not much mumbo-jumbos. Most of the writers in your genre focus too much on naming this castle, this kingdom, or this king and not much with actually developing them and making them interesting.

Kudos to you mate!


I enjoy it, though I think adding more detail would be nice. I noticed that most of your possessives lacked an apostrophe. Things like Edgar’s guest, for example.

Sir Pallanor and the Cael really fascinate me, I hope I can get to know them. I also think it might be nice to allow us to attend the party, like give us the choice to experience what happens. Let us talk to Pallanor and see him invite us to dance, or get to know the Princes and Princesses more, as well as bond with the king before he dies. I’d also love to have a chance to talk to Jentevorix.

All in all, I think this is a good start :slight_smile:


There is a lot of potential - as @Knightstrike indicates, you have your unique take on things.

It sounds like you have your firm direction on MC development and for the most part I think it is good that you do. One thing I’d recommend doing, is consider making some flavor text concessions to those that play a female. An example so you know where I am going with this:

Upon meeting the King, you offer a choice of standing or kneeling. Here, you can also offer a choice of curtsying, which is minor but would enhance those playing a female.

I did get a 404 error on the King’s deathbed scene.


Is thier supposed to be that error when you go in to the room with the prince


What he/she/it said.

Also, the language used is very easy to read and comprehend, even at 4.30 am


Will there options for the MC’s appearance?

I like the gender sensitivity, seems appropriate given the period the story’s set in. How the other’s react if you chose to be a woman gives it a more realistic experience.

It’d be more awesome if the player is made to identify their sexuality at the beginning of the story. Would be an opportunity to provide additional insight to how an MC perceives the other characters in play, how s/he feels when forced into playing gender roles written by society. Would s/he defy expectations, boldly proclaim their interests if it isn’t what’s expected or proper.

Or not. So, you’d like, provide options along the way if we’re attracted to the person.

I like how Sir what’s-his-name has a crush on the female MC, and how it’s subtly implied at the start.

So far, I love it and can’t wait to see how this goes.


Hi, thanks so much for the feedback thus far! I just wanted to clarify, there should be a 404 error at the death of the King. That’s the end of the demo chapter! :grin:


I love…no wait…LOVE Shakespeare, and Leer and MacBeth are special favorites. I have been excited for this game since I read the first description, and the demo has only sharpened my appetite.

Obviously there’s not much yet, but from the little taste we got I’m excited to know more about many of the characters. The king’s children in particular seem distinct and interesting.

If I had a criticism it would be the MC. I don’t feel like I know her that well yet. A few choices to customize her would go a long way. We don’t need everything right away, but a bit about her background, personality, or even appearance would help (me at least) slip into character a bit, and experience the story from the inside.


Oh and do you want typos here? Or in a private message?


I really like how you wrote this story and I love royalty games I will be QUEEN :slight_smile:


I love Macbeth and see the Macbeth-Ian influence in the woman that hails the MC. Very clever, I like it! I also love the atmosphere you’ve created and the characters seem very intriguing. Good luck!